How Geoff Johns Came to Be

I guess this was a little while back, but Newsarama had a fairly extensive interview with Geoff Johns, where he talked about how he got his start, and how he likes to write. The interview was exactly the kind I like to read, because it shows how you can get in and get work making comics. When you’re done with part one, you can read part two.

True story: A couple of years back when I first moved here, Johns was just starting to be known in the industry, and I sent out emails to any of the people in LA who work in comics, and Geoff was the only one who returned my letter with a call. Nothing ever came of it, but it was very considerate of him to do. Later, at a convention, I approached him and thanked him for getting back to me, as I did some of the others, and he was the only one who didn’t run away as quickly as possible. So he gets points from me.


  1. If i met him i wouldn’t know how to say his name, I would be like “Hello Mr.G-Off or i mean jeff or sorry Mr.Johns, im nervous, but thanks for making the flash cool before he died killing a superboy.”

  2. It wasn’t until college that I found out that you prounce “Geoff” as “Jeff” and not “Gee-off.”

    To this day I believe that a livetime of being called Gee-off is probably why Geoff Darrow was so surly at the con I saw him at like 15 years ago. That, or drawing all that crazy detail made him that way.

  3. Just to be clear, the definitive pronunciation is “Jeff”. It’s the British spelling, which I believe is the original way to do it.

    Someday, I plan to torture my kids by giving them Irish first names with far too many letters than are necessary in them. And they’ll like it dammit.

    Also, this story of him working in comics kicked me in my ass, and made me realize I’ve got to do some writing, because if he can do it, why can’t I?

    I’ve already got an idea for a pitch I’m going to flesh out tonight with some characters and plot.

  4. Josh, lets be serious with the indie comic scene the way it is your going to have to throw out old school ideas like charicters and plot and get much mor esotaric and vague, now all I need is an artist for my comic on anti-matter and quarks and my mini on taoism.

  5. Who said it was for an indie comic?

    It’s all about connections. (So if you know anyone….y’know, just call or something)