How Can You NOT Like Nova?

Coming off the heels of my excitement of getting the first issue of Marvel’s Annihlation storyline featuring one of my all time favorite characters, Nova, Erik Larsen talks about his history with Nova, who happens to be one of HIS favorite characters too.

It’s a good week for Nova.

I wonder what Larsen will think of Nova’s treatment in this new series, especially since it looks like he’s getting a new costume again. I have to say, reading Larsen’s column — aside from the fact that he actually got to write and draw Nova — I really felt like I was reading a column I wrote. Nova was like this little secret favorite character I had for years, after discovering him through the New Warriors and then digging into the back issues to learn more. I may pick up that Essentials book of the old stories to add to my library.


  1. I really want to know if there are any other Nova fans out there. We were shocked by the outpouring of love for Darkhawk, who I still don’t know. WIll Ron be justified again?

  2. I respect Nova as a character, but I only knew him as a New Warrior. When I started reading comics I collected four titles a month. Darkhawk, What if, Amazing Spider-Man, and New Warriors. There wasn’t a New Warrior that I didn’t like. I even liked Speedball. Does anyone remember the issue of New Warriors that had Nova and Namorita locking lips on the cover and a warning that said something like “Strong Sexual Content” or something like that? What was the deal with that warning?

  3. I’m mystified by all the Nova-love.

  4. Nova rules in many of the same ways Darkhawk ruled, he was the every-man with a cool costume and cool powers and he didn’t have it “Down” like Captain America or the Fantastic Four, he screwed up, he was learning etc.

    Viva la second tier Marvel characters!

  5. I have always been a teen-superhero fan. The reason for that being, I have been a teen for most of the time that I have been reading comics. The New Warriors, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Kyle Rayner,Spy Boy, and Young Justice are other titles that I have enjoyed because that teen/everyman theme. I always liked it when the New Warriors would be hanging out in their headquarters, after fighting the Thinker or Terrax, and they would be eating pizza like it was just a normal Friday night.

  6. I think you’d probably really like the classic 80s Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Titans book, Dave. For my money, among the best teen superhero books ever.

  7. Pittsurgh Comicon is coming up in April! I will have to add that Nova Essentials and that Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Titans to my list. Half of the comics on my list are ones that you guys have praised on your podcasts.

  8. I assume I don’t have to mention Invincible as the best current version of that type of hero, right?

  9. Well, I was thinking more of the teen super hero team book dynamic.

    But yes, Invincible is one of the best.

  10. The first Invincible trade was the first thing that I put on my Comicon list.

  11. Yeah, Invincible very much channels Nova.