Hey, remember that really good book? Civil… something?

Issue number 4 of Civil War is out this week!


And our friend Rich Johnston over at Comic Book Resources has some sage advice:

… “Civil War” #4, shipping this week. Which I understand has major newsworthy content.

If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go on the internet on Tuesday or Wednesday – and probably don’t read a newspaper either. Unplug yourself from all media contact until you walk into your local shop on New Comics Day. And put in earplugs until you leave as well, just in case people are talking about it.

Otherwise it’ll be Spider-Man unmasking all over again.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

(And in a wonderful bit of serendipity, Jimski sent a warning in another thread — so you’re all covered here)


  1. Well. I know this much: for months now– because that’s how much time passes between issues– I’ve been hearing about a fairly gruesome death coming at the end of a mystical hammer. So, if the news is that death… who is currently a partisan in the war whose death would make it to the front page of a newspaper?

    I can think of only one name, and yes, the headline news culture would make an even bigger deal of it than bad spinach and 6/6/06 combined. If my prediction comes true, I’m not getting within 100 miles of a TV pundit for the rest of the week.

  2. I’m really curious to see what happens. I mean, they can’t kill Cap, I’ve already read stories starring him in Amazing Spider-man and Fantastic Four set after CW #4, right? Also, he has a very successful ongoing. Also, he’s Captain America.

    (by the way – why did Marvel put out those issues of Amazing and FF before CW #4? That’s annoying)

    So who is it going to be? I’m puzzled. I was sure it would be Goliath, but I can’t imagine that will be big mainstream news.

    Why can’t it be Wednesday now?

  3. I think the death won’t be the big news. I’m guessing that someone noteworthy but not A-list will die, such as a Young Avenger, which although big news, isn’t to the scale we have been led to expect.

  4. Maybe Sue Richards?

    I’ve been thinking about it, and I have no idea. I am curious to see who dies, but it’ll be pretty interesting to see what the big news is.

    If I had to guess who dies, I’d say it’s Falcon.

  5. Based on Cable/Deadpool – its a man.
    But looking at Cap’s side of things, I can’t think of anyone being so big that it would be national news, unless it was Cap or maybe The Thing, but I can’t imagine they do that to either of them.

  6. If the whole Girlfriends in Refrigerators theory holds true, I’m predicting they’ll kill off …

    … Aunt May.

  7. There will be a death. Any avid reader of Cable/Deadpool (such as myself) would already know this, beause it was blown in the last issue.

    I’m going to agree with Jan and say it’ll be Sue. I mean…wasn’t there rumoured to be some huge event that ROCKS the Fantastic Four during Civil War?

    Maybe this will be it.

  8. I’d rather wait and read instead of speculate…

    Know what I’m longing for? The Ultimates next issue!!! Now that series does get me pumping for it outrageousness and cinematic action. If we dable with capes and all, make it all the way, that’s what I say! Mind you I’m much more of the Y the last guy / ex-mach kinda reader, the sheer scale and action of The Ultimates does make me laugh in a good way.

    Anyway, just want the whole CW to be over so I can go on with regular stories and all. I’m enjoying it, but sort of reading it cuz I have to, not cuz I wanna. And I hate all the “someone may die”! stuff, really. Like it would matter. We will forget him soon anyways. Just wish that Lindeloff guy got around to writing that Hulk/Wolverine thing, I was liking it. Get an intern to do it.

    Just ranting a bit y’know….

    See u at the funny racks!

  9. i’m gonna go out on a limb and say Mary Jane. this will devastate Pete and send him into a)a total self-destructive depression and he and Tony will go on a major league bender, or b)a Logan-esque rage in which he kicks Tony’s carbon fiber encrusted ass.

    just my guess.

    fucking brilliant show by the way.

  10. By the way, on the dead Mary Jane front, Marvel just released a preview this afternoon of their Dec solicitations to Newsarama and the Kaare Williams book was in it. Cover #1, our favorite Peter Parker clutching the MJ tombstone that everyone was speculating about 3 or 4 weeks ago.
    Oh yeah, and I hope it’s Jason Todd that Thor kills.

  11. Hmm! Hadn’t thought about poor ol’ May. She might just fit the profile I have in mind.

    Before, I wasn’t assuming that anyone of any real consequence would die in #4, and I wasn’t even considering that the series would have another “Yahoo News Top Headline” left in it. That’s what happens when you give Millar all the toys in the toybox, I guess.

    But if what Rich Johnston says is true– and there aren’t steep enough italics in the world for that clause– then there are really only a couple of characters who could make that kind of headline. The mainstream media knows by name roughly half a dozen Marvel characters, and the Hulk’s off-world. What more s***-stirring headline could there be, True Believer, than “Captain America Killed in Civil War”? In this day and age, I mean?

    Not that Steve Rogers surviving the entire Third Reich and 60 intervening years only to get killed by his friends wouldn’t be the lamest thing in the world, but… the headlines!

  12. My bet is MJ dies. Honestly, I have suspected that since before the unmasking, and I thought it was almost a sure-thing since Peter’s threat to Tony.

    If they kill Cap they are FREAKING INSANE. They wouldn’t, would they? How far back do we think this plan goes? Did they bring Bucky back in order to have him take over the Cap identity?

  13. MJ…I don’t think so. I mean, we’re all PRETTY SURE she will die, but I mean c’mon. Why would she be at that battle where Thor re-appeared? That doesn’t make sense.

    However, Cap’s death or at least ‘supposed death’ would probably be brutal. The cover, after all, is Thor smashing Cap’s Shield.

    Who knows??

  14. I wonder if they’ll put her up in the same house as Foggy…

    …Also, Thor smashes a lot of things. That’s what he’s for.

  15. We’re all going to be so disappointed when he just steps on Ant-Man.

  16. THE HULK is for Smashing. It’s in his freakin’ catch phrase!!

    Thor is for AWESOME Smashing.

  17. Why are people speculating that Cap dies? That’s just stupid.

    Also if you look at Civil War X-men #2 you see Cap post-fight, and a load of the rest of his team, so you can rule out a few people dying.

  18. Well so far in the post-CW4 comics we have seen someone in Cap’s costume. Remember Danny Rand seems to be tired of his yellow booties at the moment. And these people do where masks for a reason. And this group in particular is fighting for the right to wear masks. All I am saying is Cap’s death is still possible at this point.

    Oh wait…now I am remembering the last Amazing Spider-man. Nevermind.

  19. I could have sworn the last Amazing Spider-Man took place in the middle of that CW #3 fight, off to the side, and not after it. But it has been quite a while.

  20. I think it will be Daredevil (Danny Rand) that bites it. But since not everyone on in the Marvel U knows that Danny is filling in for Matt, the news will go out that Daredevil is dead. Freeing Matt up to persue his agenda in his own book.

  21. Matt said this earlier, and this cannot be stressed enough:

    Why can’t it be Wednesday now?

  22. I think it will be Daredevil (Danny Rand) that bites it. But since not everyone on in the Marvel U knows that Danny is filling in for Matt, the news will go out that Daredevil is dead. Freeing Matt up to persue his agenda in his own book.
    There is a new Iron Fist book being solicited. I’m already signed up for it. That will seriously piss me off. Also, Matt is back to being Daredevil now isn’t he?
    And on the Wednesday thing, I haven’t accomplished a thing at work in 2 days, I completely agree.

  23. We are assuming that this mainstream media level event is going to be the death. What if it is something else? Whatelse could it be?

    I am pretty sure the last Amazing Spider-man took place during the fight that the Fantastic Four also took place. Am I wrong?

    Isn’t there supposed to be a betrayal in this issue?

    This is trying me nuts, but I love thinking about this stuff!

  24. So now you’ve done it. I could have the answer right now, just by clicking the post right atop the home page. A nice, shiny, giftwrapped box with a tag reading “To: Jimski From: Pandora.”

    I hope you are proud of yourselves. Proud of putting me through this excruciating test of character.

    What?? May is killed… by Cap??

    (If that’s actually it, I’ll feel bad. And delighted.)

  25. Hey, or not! Whew.

  26. I rolled out of bed this morning and my first thought was, “Ooh! Civil War today!.”

    Then I realized it was only Tuesday.

    This is what my life has come to.

  27. Are we going to do the pathetic stories then?
    I know the guy who owns the shop I go to and I went there on my way home from work to see if they got a preview copy(usually happens) with their Tuesday backorder shipment from Diamond. They did not. I will find out tomorrow then I guess. Unless a spoiler comes out tonight …..

  28. I really, really don’t wanna be on the internet until Wedensday after school…but…I have nothing else to do!

    Thanks to iFanboy for posting the thread saying that the CW spoiler, and letting me know that it’s out there.

    Also, yes, Matt is back to being Daredevil. No, Iron Fist couldn’t bite it, and I don’t think we could rule ANYBODY out yet. ANYTHING could happen…

    In the words of iFanboy…”How long until Wedensday?”

  29. i’m guessing that the giant shocker isn’t whoever dies, rather i think it’s something that can be easily retconned as in the fantastic four disolving who knows…i’m guessing it has something to do with the fantastic four though (CW #4?), it’s been bubbling and has been alluded to in previous issues, such as the black panther reed richards chat in issue #3, i bet the big betrayal involves sue and reed duking it out…i’d like to see richards get bitch slapped, but whatever we got less than half a till we find out…that spoiler link is getting mighty tempting right about now…

  30. anybody know anything yet?
    feel free to post spoilers

  31. *****************************************************

    I don’t know if this is real or not and that is why
    I’m just going to post it as I found it exactly. All that I can say is if this is real it’s pretty crazy but the superhero death certainly could’ve been bigger. This is from the ComicBookResources.com forum:
    Oh, this is terrible. A clone of Thor, made by Reed Richards, kills one of the anti-regs. Sue Richards saves the remaining anti-regs from a savage bolt from Moilnor. The rest of the pro-side are in shock. The anti-side go via Cloak and Dagger teleportation. There is a funeral for Goliath, and some cryptic reference to Peter Parker acting strangely. Must have been a reference to the crack Peter made about ‘I didn’t sign up for this’

    Then the really weird revelation that the fifty states initiative may be policed by an army of clones, made by Reed, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark. This just gets more wacko every issue.

    If that wasn’t enough, Sue Richards is ashamed of Reed, and leaves him, taking Johnny Storm, to join Cap. Ben Grimm looks on, out a window, at them going. Although, I thought Ben talked about leaving for Europe in FF 539.

    Another great shocker of an issue. It just shakes you down to your feet. Phenomenal issue from Millar and McNiven.

    What is interesting, is that the anti-side left the wounded behind. These were captured and sent to the 42 facility prison.

    And Caps ranting was the most bitter I have ever heard him.
    Clone army, clone Thor, mommy and daddy breaking up. Holy Jesus I need to get to the comic book store

  32. I thought Grimm was going to Canada like any right-minded reactionary in this day and age. OH WAIT THEY’LL DEPORT YOU TO SYRIA.

  33. Actually it was the US that deported a Canadian to Syria, based on info from the RCMP.

  34. clearly paper money should be one color.

  35. ACHTUNG!

    I’m thinking that in order to avoid multiple discussion threads on the same topic, I’m going to say that all non-speculative Civil War #4 talk should go in the PoW thread, once the new PoW is posted.

    It’s going to be hard to wait, I admit, but otherwise we’re going to have people posting all over the place and it’s going to get really crazy.

    To sum up: Once you read the book, post over there, not over here.

  36. I am under media blackout until the end of the day when I get to the comic book store. That extends to this site, so I am not reading others posts today. However, I had a slow morning at work and wrote this. Enjoy fellow iFanboys.

    Disgruntled Fanboy: Oh man, I wish Civil War had the consistent schedule of 52.

    Enlightened Fanboy: What? Who wants Marvel’s Civil War to be like DC’s 52?
    If this crossover was going to be worth our time and money,
    We deserve the magnificent pencils of Steven McNiven.
    By the spirit of Kirby! Do not ask for a fill in artist.
    Fanboy, I am not collecting all of the variant covers.
    If you are buying this crossover, for a resell profit on eBay, you’re cool with me.
    This isn’t a Marvel vs. DC thing.
    That rivalry doesn’t have much weight anymore.
    But if it is dorky to get excited about comic books,
    Then I am the biggest dork there is.
    No, fellow fanboys, do not wish for a consistent six week schedule.
    On Kirby’s grave! I would not lose McNiven’s art
    For a crap alternative, which I believe a fill-in artist would deliver.
    Instead, put in on the internet,
    Anyone who is pissed off about the delay,
    You can drop the series. There are plenty of other comics that come out more often.
    I would not post on a message board with the fan
    That does not have the patience to let great art be made.
    This day is Wednesday, new comics day.
    The fanboy who can tolerate the long wait for this comic book,
    Will be rewarded when he pours over every awesome panel.
    And we will be psyched whenever anyone talks about Civil War.
    He that gets through this day and does not have the plot spoiled,
    Will go onto iFanboy.com and post about it with other comic book fans.
    He will post, “Holy Crap! Spider-man really unmasked to everyone!”
    Then will he bare his love of super heroes and show his geekieness.
    And say, “I am blown away by Mark Millar’s cliffhanger endings.”
    Bad crossovers get retconned; Let all go through a Crisis,
    But Civil War will echo through every future story arch,
    In the Marvel Universe. As familiar as mainstream pop-icons,
    Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-man,
    Daredevil and Falcon, Goliath and Thor,
    Will be talked about in every good comic book store.
    This crossover will a good collector give to his son.
    And future publisher wide crossovers will never go by
    From this series, until the collapse of the industry,
    But we fanboys will be remembered
    We dorky, we happy geeks, We Band of Brothers,
    For he today that buys this comic,
    Shall be my brother, Even if he is the biggest nerd there is.
    This day will make him a little cooler.
    And those readers who are too embarrassed to walk themselves into a comic book store,
    Will spite us but not admit that they ARE jealous, when their co-workers talk,
    About what happened, in Marvel’s Civil War!

  37. shades of Leelee Sobieski on the tonight show

  38. I love how minutes after the pro-reg heroes express regret for the death of BG, they go and sic a pack of total raving psychopaths on the survivors.

  39. I mean, it makes total sense. I know that when I’m sad about something… I always send a pack of raving lunatics to rub it in