Heroes – S03E18 – Exposed

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Exposed

Let’s give it up to Zeljko Ivanek as The Hunter who has brought a really great level of intensity and gravitas to Heroes. He also brought some top notch acting! Any scene between The Hunter and HRG, or The Hunter and Nathan usually features the best acting on the show. I’ve been a fan of Ivanek’s since Homicide and then Oz and just about everything else he’s done so I’m glad to see him here.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that including tonight there are four episode of Heroes left this season. Will they be the last four episodes of Heroes ever? We shall see. After stabilizing for most of season three, the numbers dropped down last week and Heroes had its lowest rated episode ever. Tonight will be an interesting test for the show.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. ok so I need everyones opinion….I’ve been busy so I haven’t yet watched the last 2 episodes…..should I do a Heroes marathon or just move on with my life?

  2. It’s been better this "volume" than it’s been since season 1, possibly ever.

  3. whos ready??

  4. hello boys


  5. rofl fish character

  6. Estoy Aqui!!

  7. hello boutux are you ready for tonight?? i like the hunter btw

  8. I’m watching a live-stream on the web!  Whoo!

  9. @boutux Ma’am

  10. i hate hunter. he annoys me that must mean he’s doing a good job lol

  11. @gobo totally agree

  12. i think the rebel is wireless from season 1

  13. Any other guesses on Rebel?

  14. Micah?  Yeah.

  15. Definitely Micah.

  16. didnt she die or get sucked into the main frame in the graphic novel. then didnt she die or get deleted or smtng later on? wireless is gone.


  17. I agree I think it’s Micah.

  18. oh it will be cool to have michar back. i hope its him

  19. rofl claire…"we’re having sex"

  20. lmao. gasp claire-bear having sex with aquaman wannabe?

  21. Who is Wireless?

  22. I wish Luke would die.  Horribly.

  23. You should have worn your seatbelt.

  24. Big Jim’s Franks? Sylar really wants some weiners.

  25. i have a mancrush on sylar

  26. @ chow She was part of a ARG from Season 1

  27. "These are not the fugitives we’re looking for. Move along."

  28. I sort of like this version of Peter’s powers.

  29. Love the mind control stink eye!

  30. wireless was mainly a character of the graphic novel. her was hana and she could surf the net with her mind. she only appeared in 1/ 2 epis in season 1.

  31. this is really awesome. i wonder who rebel is and matt is just plain awesome

  32. Jedi mind tricks all around.

  33. Wish he had flipped them off

  34. Geez… that kid with Sylar is like the Jarjar Binks of Heroes.  Somebody shut him up, please.

  35. i’m so loving parkman this season. gonna is the pussy-whipped loser of season1 and 2. he is a badass.

  36. Need to read both GN’s. Bought and gathering dust at present.

  37. I love Parkman’s smirj at the camera.

  38. I like Claire’s mom not being totally dumb and oblivious.

  39. Good episode so far!  I enjoyed the Jedi Mind Trick infiltration.

  40. I liked Parkman in seasons 1 & 2.  I’m not entirely crazy for pseudo-unhinged Matt.  I’m all for evil Peter though

  41. @Devastron: I agree, it’s a nice enhancement to her character.  Mrs. HRG being totally oblivious all the time was kinda silly.

  42. Yeah, I could never see wha tHRG saw in her.  Nice to make her a little smart.

  43. it’s the dog he’s realy in love with

  44. they need to give lyle a more significant role. make him bad or smtng cuz mommy and daddy love claire more

  45. Mrs. Bennett a Dep Lep fan.  HA!

  46. Lyle needs the ability to get hurt easily and never stay healthy.

  47. i like claires mom a lot i decided shes badass

  48. fleetwood mac

  49. LOVE black and white!!

  50. Nice – Fleetwood Mac

  51. Kid…Sylar?

  52. This scene would be better with a honky tonk version of Cat’s Cradle.

  53. awww little sylar….he lost his car…

  54. Idea for Heroes spinoff: The Adventures of Lil’ Gabriel Gray.

  55. Is Sylar using that one power he got early this season, the "learn stuff from objects" thing? I was sure they’d NEVER bring that up again.

  56. He’s going to kill someone with that car,

  57. Watchmen!!!


  59. That kid is not "little Sylar."  He’s the Jarjar Binks of Heroes.  The sooner he’s written off, the better.

  60. rorsharck is a badass. my fav watchmen

  61. Is he DRIVING Archie?!

  62. Got my wife reading the GN now in prep for the movie.

  63. can someone settle something for me. in the watchmen book did rorschach’s mask keep changing??

  64. I don’t love the GN as much as most but I hope the movie goes well.

  65. looks like they are sticking to the graphic novel.

  66. @rayclark– Yes.

  67. @rayclark: This isn’t really the place, but yes his mask did change in the book.

  68. but how i dont remember it

  69. I’m guessing this is a boring episode.  Mom has John and Kate on

  70. fish boy has a hot body. total eye candy…just thought i’d be a girl for 1 sec

  71. Isn’t he over 18?  AMBER ALERT!!!!

  72. @vamiangie: It’s not.

  73. Where is Ando?

  74. ok ok im sorry everyone i was just having a debate on it and lost out 5 dollars…i apologize

  75. With Hiro?

  76. Mrs. Bennett is rocking this episode.

  77. Where is Hiro?  (aside from "with Ando")

  78. @WonderManFan: Not in this episode?

  79. They don’t have thermal or taps?  These guys sucky at being evil gov’t fascists!

  80. has a point why did they separate from the others? 

  81. When did Peter become Chloe O’Brien?

  82. Haha – They are using the Daredevil attack on Parkman.

  83. shit ..they caught him

  84. They had a quest.

  85. oh no matt!!

  86. @conor: sandra is totally kicking ass

  87. @Tork: Everyone on TV and in movies can hack into anything in under a minute.  All you have to do is bang on the keys really fast.  It’s a rule.

  88. Show me on the car where your dad touched you

  89. Ouch hejust sold Sylar…

  90. fleetwood mac again

  91. Wow… sold by your dad for cash.  Harsh.

  92. So… Papa Sylar was a dick.

  93. poor lil sylar!!

  94. Kid Sylar’s soundtrack is awesome.  But he should never go "Mommy" again.

  95. You just know that kid is going to grow up and have serious problems….oh wait…

  96. Heh.

  97. damn, now we know where he got it from. sylar is gonna kill his father.

  98. I learned to cut open heads by watching you dad!

  99. Supposedly, Sylar’s dad is Lionel Luthor?

  100. Lou Ferrigno movie commerical… woooo…

  101. angela is totally running the show

  102. that’s the one where they guy picks a fight with him right?

  103. You lie, Angela!  You’re a TV character!  You know all about it!  Conor says so!

  104. yamiangie– Ja.

  105. it’s strange to read posts about Anegela I think they are directed at me

  106. slut!


  107. The episode title for this episode should have been "The One Where Mrs. Bennett is Awesome"

  108. close talking or falling with style?

  109. Peter sucks at negotiating.

    "I have everything for my long term goals!  I’ll give it up if you fulfil my short term goals!"

  110. ROFL at conors title. i completely agree

  111. Ah, the good ol’ "underwater kiss".  Works every time.

  112. wow that’s not mouth to mouth resustiation is it? wooo

  113. the hunter makes this entire part of the season awesome

  114. I want a whole episode of just The Hunter, HRG and Nathan debating and growling at each other.  They should all get locked in a room for one episode.

  115. HRG you crazy man

  116. Nathan saved him!

  117. did peter get his old powers back

  118. nathan saved peter

  119. "Damn those Petrelli Brothers!" – What The Hunter is thinking.

  120. So he can fly again?

  121. …I’m a little tired of that flying graphic.

  122. HOLY CRAP!!!!! The puff of smoke when he flys kicks so much ass

  123. Nathan, you’re a crappy Machivellian!!!!

  124. @rayclark & chowooohhh: Nathan caught him.

  125. @ conor. that would be an interesting epi. but my guess is only hrg would be left standing when the door was opened


  126. why cant the rock’s plane go down?  why….

  127. I hate Jimmy Fallon.

  128. nathan totally duped me

  129. Oh I missed Nathan in that shot…

  130. ah peter you duped me now

  131. Saw that coming.

  132. Everytime I hear "Patriot Act," I think of Alec Baldwin yelling it in The Departed.

  133. Kill Him please!

  134. alright!! kill that kid!!

  135. Kill Luke, Sylar!  KILL HIM!!!!

  136. Sylar’s dad is Mr. Rogers.

  137. It really irks me how bad TV shows and movies portray TV reporters. They are usually never anything close to authentic.  Which is funny, when you think about it.

  138. "I need to express my feelings" – awesome quote

  139. @ReiMehari– Mr. FREAKIN’ Rogers…

  140. It’s time to move this Sylar story forward now.  There’s no where to go but for him to find his father now.

  141. OMG

  142. HOLY SHIT!

  143. Aw, crap…

  144. HOLY SHIT

  145. what?

  146. PARKMAAAN!!!


  148. Oh no!!!!!!

  149. What the hell?!

  150. Oh snap the puppet dude!

  151. DOYLE!  Holy F%^K!

  152. puppet master?

  153. I honestly did NOT see that coming.

  154. SICK!  Great episode

  155. Whoah!

  156. Next episode will be awesome!

  157. later boys. nice chating with u as always.

  158. Now thats a good cliffhanger!

  159. What if Nathan flies Matt up into the sky as the bomb explodes, just like he did with Peter in the last episode of season one?

  160. Parkman would still die.  I don’t give a s$%t about Washington DC but if Parkman goes up, I’m pitching a fit.

  161. Maybe the best episode so far in Fourth Series.  Just wish Sylar would have killed that whiny kid!

  162. Underwater kiss between amphibian man and hot babe first seen in Hellboy: Blood and Iron!  Available now for download or cheap DVD purchase!

     Good episode although some of the Sylar scenes felt like padding.  I wish they had cut a little less and given the time to the other stories.

     As to the Nathan Matt save next week.  Flying will be a last resort since it would expose him – which would be a FANTASTIC twist for the story. 

  163. i don’t think any oxygen was exchanged in that kiss


  164. GREAT Episode i have a feeling rebels gonna turn out to be Lyle. I really have enjoyed this season so far i wish the would speed up sylars story a bit. Hes by far the coolest bad guy to come along in comics or television in a long time.Ive loved watching him kick ass when all the goverment agents come after him. I sure hope they dont cancel this show when its starting to get good again. Honestly though i didnt miss hiro or Ando one bit i do miss Daffney though i love the flash character rip off got love speedsters.

  165. Fun episode, loved that they brought Doyle back.  I wonder if Luke (lil Sylar) will race Sylar to his dad’s place??  The Parkman stuff at the end will be good fun.  Hopefully Daphne saves him and dies herself.  I like Daphne a lot, and that is what would make it good tv for me. 

    Evil doesn’t fall too far from the tree, so what will happen when two bad TK’s meet up??  Also, since Sylar dropped the car before he found out about his mom, why would it contain those memories??  But that’s just nitpicking.

  166. Actually, the oxy-kiss was in Hellboy: Sword of Storms.   Don’t know my own movies.

     @UncleBob – Oh I think a lot more than oxygen was exchanged but the story point was definitely that Claire was out of air and headed for the surface.  Alex pulled her back down and gave her mouth to mouth. 

  167. I don’t know folks, guess I’m in the minority here, but I thought that was one of the worst Heroes episodes yet.

    It was so much boring exposition, like they were trying to write a jumping on point episode.  "What was that?"  "Oh I just borrowed your powers!"  Ugh.  And the shot selection only seemed to highlight the bad dialogue and mediocre acting, Aquaman just strolling down the stairs?  Where’s the drama?  Shouldn’t he be worried about being seen?  Then close up after close up after close up.  Bleh…

    I also feel like it doesn’t have any urgency, I mean, as much as I like Sylar, how is his "finding my father" plot comparable to his arc from Season one, where stopping him meant saving thousands of lives?

    My biggest peeve?  The sound effect when Sylar uses his telekenisis.  It’s like the phaser sound from Star Trek and really gets to me.  Why is it in there at all?  If we really need a sound effect to understand he’s using his powers can we get something that isn’t from the 1960’s?

    So yeah, here’s hoping next week is better.

  168. I see a couple posts (mostly Conor I think) talking about mama Bennett and how awesome she was.  Seriously, is she not the character with the greatest growth since season 1?  It’s pretty incredible.  Think back to that first episode and her kissing mr. Muggles.  Now look at her.  It’s like she’s the ONE person in this entire fictional universe to have learned anything.  Everyone else just keeps ending back where they started.  She at least has grown some brains.  (probably helps that she is no longer regularly Haitian-mindwiped). 

    My vote for rebel is Micah as well.  Maybe he’s grown up Walt-style!

  169. how were the numbers for this episode?

  170. @TonyStark4prez: Up slightly from last week.

  171. Heard that the show dropped another writer.

    Grunberg also may have slipped up in a comment he made, where he intimated that the show had the possibility of cancellation.

    He did quickly backtrack and said he was only talking about crew turnover, though

  172. NBC: ‘Heroes’ will return next fall

    NBC plans to bring back “Heroes” for another season, said entertainment president Angela Bromstad.

    The action-drama’s ratings decline has caused some media reports to speculate as to whether the show will return next fall. As part of Hollywood Reporter’s annual Q&As with the five broadcast network chiefs, Bromstad was asked if “Heroes” could be considered “on the bubble” for a renewal.

    “No,” she said, and added that the network plans to order 18-20 episodes of the show for next season.

    That’s fewer hours than "Heroes" first (23) or current third season (25), with season two having been cut short due to the writers strike.

    For all its headline-making audience erosion, “Heroes” is still tied with NBC’s “The Office” as the network’s top-rated series among adults 18-49 this season.