Heroes – S02E11 – Powerless

Tonight’s episode: “Powerless“!

This is it. Tonight is the night. My totally uninformed, based-on-nothing opinion is that the writers are dug in and this strike is on for the duration. The last time there was a strike, it lasted six months. So what does that mean for you, true believer? It means tonight’s the last new episode of Heroes for quite a while.

Two shall fall tonight? Sadly my pick is Elle and… I dunno, the twin that’s not dead? I’m not sure about the second one who falls, but I have a strong feeling that this is it for our beloved Electronica Mars.

If not the second twin then Adam. Yeah, maybe Adam.

Oh! Or Parkman!

Conor Kilpatrick, hedging his bets since 2000.


  1. One of the Petreli Brothers

  2. One can only HOPE it’s nikki.

    Am I right or am I right?

  3. Who knows when we can do this again – let’s have fun and be careful out there.

  4. “Different Stains?”

    Did we know about the Clair/Mohinder blood mixture before?

  5. I hope it’s Nikki as well… and both of the mexitwins. I’m convinced that only Ali Larter can butcher such a shallow, boring character.

    I’m really hoping that this will be a strong showing tonight because if it flops like last week, I wouldn’t be devastated if it never came back.

  6. This show’s “black eye goop” budget must be prodigious.

    I have no reason to say this, but Nathan might be my new favorite.

  7. Well boy mexitwin is dead right? I’m okay with the girl, just because her power is so creepy. I like it twined with such a genuinely trusting (and/or naive) person.

  8. I’m really hoping that this will be a strong showing tonight because if it flops like last week, I wouldn’t be devastated if it never came back.

    I thought last week was an excellent set up episode.

  9. I love that Hiro talks like someone who read a lot of comic books and watched a lot of sci-fi would probably talk if they gained superpowers.

  10. I too thought last week’s episode was good.

  11. So those warehouse workers are used to sword wielding Asians just appearing out of thin air?

    Makes sense.

  12. Episode 10 was the culmination of all crappy storylines into one.

    It reverted ack to meandering story arcs that could be tied-up in minutes, rather than episodes, some truly horrible dialog, and that haunting feeling that came at the end of last year…

    OK… enough bitching, I promise!

  13. So those warehouse workers are used to sword wielding Asians just appearing out of thin air?

    Well, they are working in the fake cover for The Company, I’m sure they see some strange shit in the warehouse.

  14. Oooo a Great Escape reference

  15. I don’t think that electronica could make HRG talk!

  16. That haunting feeling was that the big finale was neither big nor a finale.

  17. I’m a few minutes behind, but I’m in for this one. I’ll be mostly caught up at the end.

    To start, what blind mutant painted the Matt/Suresh apartment.

    Also, I hadn’t noticed that Maya is kind of hot. That’s how goddamned annoying she is. Also, being the world’s worst acting and writing doesn’t help.

  18. Oooo a Great Escape reference

    Loved that.

    Hey! Jeph Loeb!

  19. Man. When is ms sparky going to realize “I’m more powerful than my dad. I make the rules.”


  21. Parkman has instant read fingerprint technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

    And now, some exposition.

  22. Bad a** Adam and Peter? Awesome!

  23. I mean, if you’re gonna kill my son, kill him but good!

  24. Peter is so naive.

  25. Parkman has instant read fingerprint technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

    This isn’t exactly the real world we’re dealing with here. They could very conceivably have this technology in the Heroes world.

  26. Peter is so naive.

    So is Mohinder… and an old army buddy is visiting Mannix?!

  27. Tobolowsky is running his evil empire on a Mac Mini. Unexpected.

  28. why doesn’t suresh just inject some garbage in him?

  29. “This isn’t an office – it’s a set!”

  30. Too…pretty to be…bad character…must switch sides…

  31. Compound lenses abound!

  32. Oh, yeah – she’s toast.

  33. “We don’t talk about that, ever again!”

  34. Ha the one flier conundrum. So funny.

  35. Woo! Flying man!

  36. Bad stunt work with swords, and Adam/Peter jedi pimp walk

  37. I think Adam has herpes on his lower lip.

  38. Peter is even more jedi apparently. Feel the force floooow through you.

  39. First death.

    That’s one for Conor

  40. 1 down.

  41. Hey! My first guess!

  42. Well, the mexitwins were a total waste of time. Good riddance.

  43. Maya doesn’t make them all pass out and weak, in order to take the gun from Sylar, why now?

    Oh, cuz she’s a fucking idiot.

  44. “That’s weird, Daddy put a camera in the girl’s toilet as well…”

  45. Josh, the fights in this series have aaaaaaaalways sucked 😉

  46. Now time to kill the Monica or Elle… just to be completley useless.

  47. Did they have sex on the flight or something. What are they not talking about?

  48. Maya doesn’t make them all pass out and weak, in order to take the gun from Sylar, why now?

    Sylar can counteract that mow

  49. Uh oh. Might have to take the award away from mr. conor.

  50. “Look, if you read comic books this wouldn’t be such a big deal – I’m alive! Go with it!”

    “I made a deal with Lord Vader. The Princess and the Wookiee get to stay here.”

  51. How many times can Claire be sad faced in one season?

    Ooh, dramatic box drop.

    That’s the first time a scene that sad has included both of the terms “Mr. Muggles” and “Claire Bear” in the space of one minute.

  52. Peter is wearings some very sylar esque clothes.

  53. I just so happen to have this giant camera readable photo in my back pocket!

  54. yeah another mind fight


  56. One more button, Nathan. One more button.

  57. Not only was HRG healed, but he also found time to get a swell haircut.

  58. You know what’s useful against things that are falling? The power to stop time.

    Just saying.

  59. Dun dun DUM!

  60. Omg!! It was Hero!

  61. There is no try Peter, only do!

  62. What’s going to haaapppeeennnn?

  63. You will now feel the destructive power of the Dark Side of the Force. Join me!

  64. My guess? Everyone dies from the disease.

    Oh wait, only two this episode. Guess that’s out. Way to spoil it for us commerical.

  65. Kill your brother, and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

  66. virus dust!

  67. “What is all this stuff?”

    “A deck of cards, and a brain. Why?”

  68. It stops here!

  69. I get it! Maya dies twice!

  70. Could the hidden blinky camera light be any more visible?

  71. BAD-ASS.

  72. Taskmistress

  73. Suresh, don’t bring her back! Anything but that!

  74. Light the room on fire when you splashed gas everywhere including on youself, while you’re standing in it. Brilliant.

  75. Josh is very negative tonight

  76. Haha – the Nikki beat down made me laugh. That might have been my favorite Nikki moment of the entire series.

  77. Yes…. YES… YEEEEEES!

  78. Nikki!

    That’s one for me!

  79. I’d like to hope, but I know she’s not really dead.

  80. people don’t stay dead on this show. Just the artist-junkie

  81. Honestly, they should have killed Nikki last season. Her death wold have been more meaningful last year and this year her story served no real purpose to the overall narrative. At least last season she was redeemed at the end.

  82. Very funny jim. lol

  83. Bet you wish you let your cousin die instead of your mom, huh micha?

  84. We’ve already had one fake-out with her this season. There’s only so much they can expect us to take.

  85. It’s the All Flash #1 punishment

  86. Man, killing him would have been nicer.

  87. Holy shit, Hiro….

  88. Fitting end for adam, but when he digs out he is going to be even more insane.

  89. He’s gonna pop out of the ground in 400 years with a serious mad on.

  90. I’m the only one who called a death so far 😉


  92. Whoops.

  93. I called them both!

    I called them both!

  94. Oh, fuck!

  95. HRG did it.

  96. Six you just rocked it.

  97. Good work, Six.

  98. This was oddly unsatisfying….I’m not sure there was actually a story to conclude. I mean, the virus wasn’t let out. What exactly was I waiting for?

    Oh, as I’m typing, someone find that Sirhan Sirhan guy!

  99. Most menacing can of spinach ever.

  100. HRG was totally not the shooter.

  101. Slyars back!

    Man that was awsome!

    I dig this show!

    I’m predicting Adam’s return.

  102. Sylar hates CANS!

  103. That’s a drag… I liked Nathan. I think he was under utilized.

  104. Last season had a better cliff hanger

  105. “HRG was totally not the shooter.”

    Ha, it’s totally the amoral thing that he would do. He’s back at the Company and just shut his daughter down from going public. Classic HRG! It’s the begining of his double turn back to being a “Villian”.

  106. The finale makes more sense as it was originally intended – the halfway point of the series – but it will do at a season finale should the writers stay on the picket line. There’s a lot more story to tell, though.

    I was totally wrong about the deaths (won’t be the first time, nor the last), but I can’t say I am upset that Electronica Mars lived, I think we’ll definitely get more of her now. I hope, anyway. I’m bummed about Nathan. He was becoming my favorite.

  107. Last season had a better cliff hanger

  108. So, what is to stop Parkman or peter from saying the same thing nathan was going to? That just seemed kind of pointless and quite a downer too. I really liked Nathan.

  109. So, what is to stop Parkman or peter from saying the same thing nathan was going to?

    No credibility. As a Senator-elect, Nathan at least had a position that the press would respect more than a cop and a former nurse.

  110. But they were seen on camera right next to him, plus, with matt’s powers… Meh, either way, they could just be like “Look what I can do!”

  111. It’s quite possible that nobody dies. Peter has replicated both Claire’s and Adam’s ability and it has been shown that there blood has healing properties. So its conceivable that Peter was able to get some of his own blood into Nathan while replicating self-healing abilities and….BAM! no dead Nathan.

    As far as Nikki, If I don’t see a body, I don’t believe it.

  112. Alright, I clearly just don’t like this show. And apparently, it’s just me.

  113. I wish Sylar had liquified that can. That’s his most underused ability..

    Great episode, gave some closure but still a lot of strings left hanging.

    It looks like battle lines are being drawn.

    And can we get an “wow! HRG is the greatest character ever”

  114. Sure it’s a little dramatic. But so is life Josh. So is life.

  115. Do you mean melodramatic?

  116. josh you’re just to jaded. what ever happened to looking at the world with the eyes of a child?

  117. Clearly you don’t enough excitment and bad acting in your life.

  118. You feel very adament about this don’t you six?

  119. Nope, I’ve decided, it’s just not for me. I’m out. I just watched the whole of the Wire again, as well as the first season on Battlestar Galactica, and those just make me so happy, I can’t stand it. This just annoys me, and makes me want to nitpick it to death.

    But everyone else seems to love it. If I’m missing out, I already am, and I’ll just get my hour back.

  120. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think I just enjoy the premise enough to put up with the constant wide eyes, shocked faces and so on and so forth. The show could be better, but it’s not, so I take what I can.

    Plus I have to tune in next year to see how the brain fits in.

  121. Pretty poor finale as they continue to make stuff up as they go along. Unfortunately, they killed off one of the few interesting characters left.

    Well, we have The Wire, The Shield and Lost next up in the new year. We’ll get some good TV eventually.

  122. It’s totally HRG who killed Nathan. In other words Claire’s adopted Daddy killed Claire’s real daddy.

    Nikki being toast is great. She never aligned with the other storylines and Micah is frankly more interesting. Granted not saying much.

    I think it was as good a finale as we could have hoped for, considering how bad the season was. I’m cheered that Sylar is back in such style.

  123. And how exactly do you assassinate someone in a police station and just walk out? The cops were stopping all of the people other than the shooter?

  124. Heroes is not meant to be The Wire or The Shield. It’s melodrama. Not everything is searing realism, nor should it be. Things would be pretty boring if all forms of entertainment had the same tone.

  125. Maybe they couldn’t see him? Hmmmm???

  126. Heroes is not meant to be The Wire or The Shield. It’s melodrama.

    I’m not comparing it to them. I’m just saying that we’re about to get treated to some good television soon.

    I have been so thoroughly let down by this season of Heroes, I need some tried and true juggernaughts to carry me through these dark days!

  127. And how exactly do you assassinate someone in a police station and just walk out? The cops were stopping all of the people other than the shooter?

    Powerful friends or super abilities.

  128. I’m sorry Conor, super powers are simply not believable. 🙂

  129. What about people with multiple personality disorder? That’s a superpower right?

  130. Maybe they couldn’t see him? Hmmmm???

    That would be pretty lame. Powerful friends… maybe. If Odessa ends up being home base for the company.

    Besides, what the heck was with that speech anyway? “…I have an ability, I can fly… Don’t believe me? Let’s all go out to the parking lot and I’ll touch a jet. C’mon… let’s go!”

    Worst. Plan. Ever.

  131. //What about people with multiple personality disorder? That’s a superpower right?//

    No it’s not.
    Yes it is.
    I’m not sure.
    You’re all wrong.
    No we’re not.

  132. No it’s not.
    Yes it is.
    I’m not sure.
    You’re all wrong.
    No we’re not.

    Quiet down in there, you two!

  133. Ehh… I don’t know. It pretty much seemed like they didn’t notice him at all. There wasn’t any secret handshake going on or anything.

    Granted that could be translated into something as simple as they didn’t notice him in the pandamonium. It wasn’t the secret service or something, at least at the back trying to do crowd controle, just regular cops. Dunno…

  134. It’s just on after Chuck… so you know. Might as well leave the tv on.

  135. Sylar’s strong to the finish, because he eats his/telekinetically grabs his cans of spinach!

  136. I’m glad Sylar got his powers back, but I was kind of hoping it would have been earlier in the episode, so he could have killed and taken the powers of one the heroes. And could’nt Peter just have walked through that vault door. Also, I don’t know if Adrian Pasdar is staying on, but I hope Peter realizes that he can save Nathan any number of ways using any number, or combination of his powers.

  137. I haven’t really been a huge fan of this show since last season finale. Well this episode changed that.
    Why oh why couldn’t they have done this type of show sooner?

  138. This felt really rushed. No real conclusion in there. “Oh, they didn’t expose the company”. That could have happened in any episode. I think it would have been a lot more enjoyable if it hadn’t taken them until two episodes ago to even get to this little subplot.

    And, since I’m already being so pessimistic, I’m not stoked for the inevitable $60 DVD that only has 10 episodes on it.

  139. That was great. Fantastic even. Thank the Lord Niki died… But I was hoping it’d be Maya and not Nathan. Angst. That was saddening…

    But I knew Elle would survive… And that ending for Adam… Fantastic. So good…

    Loved this ep…

  140. Call me crazy all you want, by my theory about Mr. Muggles after all these years is that he’s an agent for the Company, and can morph into a human being.

    That theory being said and brought to life, Mr. Muggles assassinated Nathan Petrelli.

    Just you wait; I’ll be having the last laugh when Season 3 starts.

  141. Mr. Muggles IS the Company.

  142. Sylar yam what he yam.

  143. What is Mom Petrelli’s power–it must be lame because she has never used it. Someone needs to pop a cap in that evil kid-killing ho!

    I mean, she wants Peter dead and then her reaction to Nathan’s death.

    She and Bob need to die!

  144. Great episode but I was so sad that Nathan dies, he’s my favorite character and I loved the journey that he went on in the first season and wavering between good and evil and I loved that this season he finally picked a side. I’m going to miss him.

    Pretty sure Angela Petrelli did show her power when she was talking to Nathan’s wife in the hospital. She seems to be able to manipulate people, much like Eden

  145. Watched this late last night, but here were my thoughts:

    I actually think this ending was more satisfying than Season One’s ending. Elle was great. Hiro vs. Adam was great. The assassination of Nathan was a much better ending than the previous season, and yeah, I totally believe that was HRG who had to do the killing (part of his deal).

    The weakest part of the episode was Monica being tied up and lit on fire. Hmmmm, let’s see, I’m a gangsta with a gun, but I’m gonna go to the effort of tying you up and lighting an old building on fire. Nah. Lame. In the real world, she just woulda been shot immediately.

    But other than that, I thought the threads were all pretty satisfying.

  146. Guess he was a wanksta….

    I hate both terms. Screw ‘ankstas’!

  147. I thought it was a satisfying end to a flawed season. And who foresaw that Hiro would be the most badass of them all? Buried alive for eternity? Hope it’s a metal coffin.

    As much as I like Nathan, I hope he’s dead so that death will still be a threat.

    Weird giving Monica powers but no chance to use them.

    Did you notice that Monica/St. Joan (there’s the fire reference) is holding a dagger on the cover of the comic – the dagger that was in the room with the cards and brain?

    I hope that in future seasons, Peter is not gullible. BTW, his mom did not WANT him killed but knowing that he was being deceived by Adam, told Parkman to what to do if necessary.

    And Maya did turn hot.

  148. http://www.tvguide.com/news/heroes-generations-finale/071204-01

    Exclusive: Tim Kring Explains Heroes’ Generations” Finale
    by Michael Logan

    Will Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) die by an assassin’s bullet? Was Niki (Ali Larter) truly blown to hot, blonde, gorgeous bits? Will Adam (David Anders) spend eternity six feet under? And

  149. Wooo. We get more Sylar. This could be good if the next volume is all about villains.

  150. And how exactly do you assassinate someone in a police station and just walk out? The cops were stopping all of the people other than the shooter?

    Parkman forced everyone to listen to them. Maybe they couldn’t do anything but focus only on them.

    My favorite part though was the very end.

    “In 2008 there will be more Heroes. But why wait? Go online and see more. You know, all that stuff that really isn’t worth anything so we’re not going to pay the writers for. But you should totally watch it so *we* make money.”

  151. Standard Company operating procedure is to team a human operative with a powered one. Who knows who the assassin was working with?

  152. I was thinking about the objects we could see in the vault. Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were twelve and each one belonged to or represented one of the founders? Such as the cards for Linderman, since he owned the casino, or something like that.

    It was just a thought