Heroes – S02E10 – Truth & Consequences

Tonight’s episode: “Truth & Consequences”!

Tonight is a penultimate episode of Heroes. Whether it’s the penultimate episode of this story arc, or the penultimate episode of the season remains to be seen. I have heard zilch about the Writer’s Guild strike in the last few weeks. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Last week’s episode was fantastic, up there with the best of the first season. The range of emotions from “Oh, no! They Killed HRG!” to “Oh my god! He’s alive!” in my apartment was extreme and left me with the kind of satisfying emotional exhaustion that good TV does so well.

I’m excited for tonight!


  1. Gonna be coming in a little late on this one…

  2. Six Gun’s in the house!

  3. “Get the hell out of my house!”

    Mrs. Bennet’s pretty cool too

  4. Veronica Mars has a potty mouth.

  5. Taskmistress!

  6. What’s with micha’s jerry curl

  7. Shotgun!

  8. If Micah dresses like Robin, Chris Hansen may have Tim Kring arrested. Remember, Burt Ward had to take pills to shrink his “member” because Catholic clergy found his bulge to be offensive. Bad idea if you ask me.

  9. Since when did Heroes start having such bad a** characters?

  10. I like (kind of) Adam, too bad he’s evil

    I hate that little punk too. Loosing those comics

  11. should have killed sylar when you had the chance.

  12. Sylar, you may be an evil homicidal maniac, but dammit you’re A -OK in my book.

  13. Sylar is a snooze-fest of a villain. Adam can kick his ass.

  14. No not mica-robin!!

  15. Parkour!

  16. Team-up!!!

  17. Did anyone catch Jeph Loeb on the Wordballoon podcast? He was talking about the writer’s strike and this season of Heroes. Interesting stuff. Although he did think that the guy playing Clair’s boyfriend was doing a great job.

  18. What the hell was that? Why didnt she fight back? Didn’t she watch that Bruce Lee movie?

  19. Why do I love the desolate futurescape so much? Does it appeal to some sort of deeply hidden pessimistic fatalism inside of me?

    At the end of the day, it’s not always about saving the world, it’s usually about saving a girl. Damn their power over us.

    I love the title integrations. This was one was pretty cool.

    I really feel like HRG would be happier if he got one good punch in the gut on Mohinder.

    Ah, Superheroes 101 with the two most annoying teenage boys on TV.

    I wish Sylar would Vulcan neck pinch this storyline.

    And now the brother is rendered useless. He better develop another use. I wonder how he is with computers?

    Hiro and Ando have a good chemistry. Their interplay is what Hiro was missing this year.

    Too much tough talk, not enough shot gunning to the head, lady.

    Hey! He *can* use computers!

    This is all some sort of sick and twisted love triangle scenario with Sylar and the twins. I feel icky.

    Stupid kid – comics aren’t worth shit!

    Hmm… so much for Taskmasterette’s kung-fu skills.
    Finally caught up to live!

  20. Well, that didn’t go as expected.

  21. Wonder whose ashes those were…

  22. Cat fight!!!!!!!!!

  23. Probably like Jim from accounting or someone like that.

  24. I want Claire and Electronica to have a full on, fists a’flying throw down.

  25. Molly? Oh snap!

  26. On the list or people you *don’t* want babysitting your kid, Sylar’s gotta be in like the top ten.

    It will be interesting to see if the Black Eyed Twin pulls a Darth Vader and turns on her master.

    Aw, Hiro has to go back to Texas. The last time he was there an adorable waitress was killed.

  27. Princess Bride reference

  28. Hello. My name is Hiro Nakamura, You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    Now *THAT* is a cliffhanger.

  29. God damn these greedy networks for killing this season of Heros! Give the writers what they want for Christ’s sake!

  30. Yeah, but this episode wasn’t too exciting compared to the last

  31. Oooh! Two shall fall! Exciting!

    Next week looks killer.

  32. Claire’s boyfriend = worst part of the series. I know if I was her, moving to a new town, traumatized and pubescent, I would throw myself at a gorgeous jock football player. Y’know, just for something easy and normal. Instead she basically picked to sit alone at the freak table at lunch next to creep boy. And I know all girls find stalkers endearing. What audience of this show does the creepy boyfriend character target? All of the guys hate him because he’s with Claire. All of the girls realize that he’s a creep and think less of Claire for being with him.

    Anyway. Hope the strike ends soon, or they’ll have to bring back the monkeys and the typewriters they used until a few years ago.

  33. I like Mt. Mcfloppy Hair, he’s a good guy

  34. Know what I realized? Maya makes the show feel like a telenovela and West is terribly written (I knew the latter, just figured out the former)… I wonder who they’ll kill off… (Watch, they’ll take the get outta jail free card and kill Maya and West… Because no one cares)…

    Also, this episode was really filler and just not up to par. Lots of set up… And where’s Matt? What the hell? Why’d he just leave Molly alone with a babysitter? Idiot…

    I thought they’d do more with Victoria… But Adam leaving the calling card was good…

    Meh, drop off from other weeks… But that’s cuz the finale’s next week…

    And where’s the Electronica Mars love?

  35. I just realized. Who played Young Victoria? Because I think it was the woman who played Mindy O’Dell on Veronica Mars last season… But I could be wrong… The TV section of IMDb is terrible at updating things… It really sucks…

  36. And where’s Matt? What the hell? Why’d he just leave Molly alone with a babysitter? Idiot…

    I imagine it’s because in order for the NYPD to give him a paycheck, he has to show up to work.

  37. Any chance of getting a special edition podcast or video show of you guys talkin about this season of Heroes?

  38. I also felt a little drop off from last week’s show. I may just be because last week’s show was sooo good that I naturally want a direct continuation, a heavy HRG show but the rest of the cast must be serviced.

    Wondertwins/Sylar if what happened here happened back in their third appearance, I’d care a lot more about these characters.

    Monica’s lack of kung fu – I think comic readers always think of how things play out in comics and don’t consider the natural panic of a young teen who is suddenly accosted by three guys with guns. Her powers aren’t second nature to her yet. Plus, has she watched a movie where Bruce Lee disarms three guys with guns? Does her specific aping of a movie scene translate into general knowledge? It must or the bad guys would have to stand in the same spots as their movie counterparts.

    But why no mask? She is specifically using the idea of a secret identity to protect her family. Is a hoodie enough to disguise her?

    Adam has the unique view of a 400 year old man. He has more in common with a tree than the rest of humanity. So Claire could be a teenager forever?

  39. Any chance of getting a special edition podcast or video show of you guys talkin about this season of Heroes?

    It’s not going to get its own show but I imagine it will come up in the Year End All Media Wrap Up Show.

    Adam has the unique view of a 400 year old man. He has more in common with a tree than the rest of humanity. So Claire could be a teenager forever?

    He’s like Ra’s al Ghul.

  40. when do we get the flashback episode that shows adam monroe taking part in all sorts of significant historical moments? hopefully in a future season…

    basically, i want him to be vandal savage. is that so wrong?

  41. Just got to watch the episode…

    It was ok. Nothing too stand out, but come on, please show us more powers!

    I wonder how next week’s episode is going to go…

  42. I hope Sylar gets his all his powers back and kills at least one of fallen heroes next week.

  43. Is it just me, or did we hear the “ticking” of a clock as Sylar was looking at the dead twin? Could his powers be coming back?

  44. Nah, they always have that sound when Sylar’s in the mood for some killing or just killed.

  45. The problem with a story based so much on evil doers lying and manipulating basically good people is that – the good people can’t come off as incredibly moronic idiots. Maya is only exhibit #1. I liked the last two episodes, and thought the show was finally heating up in a great way, but episode 10? Pretty poopy. Evil doer – “Here is me acting like a totally creepy dude transparently lying through my teeth.” Good Guy -“Yeah, totally! I’ll do exactly what you say! You are my salvation!” The scenes with Sylar and Maya were particluarly bad. I actually applauded when Maya’s broter got stabbed – not because I disliked the character so much, but because it was “elimination of extraneous character number 17 that nobody really cares about.”

    Tad’s point about the twin’s storyline being poorly developed over the course of the season is spot on — boring for 9 episodes, completely 2D characters, Episode 10- sudden inexplicable love explosion for Syler acting like the total creepy weird dude followed by Syler killing her brother, his airhead sister totally clueless – gime me a break! Am I supposed to care about these people?

    It seems the show have gotten back into their pendulum mode – one or two episodes about things and characters that you care about, very awesome, followed by one with total WTF who cares characters and stories, Mica’s Jerry Curl on top.

    Overall, looking at the show in the long term, I guess it really is not my kind of thing, but I do really understand how many people appreciate a show like this, particularly the way it unfolds at its own pace over the long term with a very large cast. I equate it with Lost – not my thing either, but I understand how people really dug it.

    This show (with its type of story structure) will no doubt suffer greatly due to the writer’s strike. My heart goes out to the fans.

  46. I was kinda worried that after last week’s AMAZING episode this would be a let-down… but dang that was good! I’m not saying it was perfect, or anywhere near as good as last week, but I still loved it. I can’t believe how much of a 180 I’ve done on this season!

    I may be in the minority but I really liked the Sylar stuff. And the showdown between Claire and Electronica Mars?… Man, that was awesome!

    I kinda like Suresh more as a bad guy. Oh, and Jack Coleman as HRG screaming “YOU SON OF A BIIIIIITCHHHH!!!”… if they ever make a move of Dark Knight Returns… that’s all I’m saying.

  47. Yeah, I meant ‘movie of Dark Knight Returns’… sorry!

  48. I know we have made numerous comparisons to comics during the course of this show. But is it just me or is the virus so similar to the Legacy Virus. It’s probably already been said. By the way Hiro vs Peter, thats gonna rock. Hope they don’t kill Hiro.

  49. I think the guy who plays Adam Monroe would make a kick-ass John Constantine. Way better than Keneau anyway.

    I know, brilliant insight. Enjoy my revelations.

  50. That’s not bad. He’s a little…pretty maybe. He’d have to drink and smoke non-stop for like six months before filming.

    Keanu wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t playing my John Constantine.

    So, did everyone know that this next episode of Heroes is going to be the end of this whole storyline? I did not until just now.

    For the record, that’s 10 episodes of the whiny Mexican road trip weep fest before ANYTHING happened.

  51. Well who would you cast for Constantine? I don’t think Hollywood would cast anyone who isn’t a little bit pretty. (I’ll understand if you answer yourself, you do a mean British accent.)

  52. I’m way too pretty.

    Clive Owen could probably get away with it. Not blond, but hard bitten as hell. Also pretty, but a bit older, Paul Bettany.

    It may be that I just think the Adam is too young. I don’t mean good looking as much as I mean “un-used.” Constantine has been through the ringer.

  53. I think Paul Bettany would work very well.

    Clive Owen I don’t like. He’s just too hard bitten. And any flashbacks w/ him as a punk would be absurd. I also have a weird problem with actors being in multiple comic book movies. I don’t know why, I just do.

  54. Paddy Consadine would be a phenomenal Constantine (and not just because they have similar surnames. Just watch The Bourne Ultimatum. (or maybe Damien Lewis if he dyed his hair)

  55. For the record, that’s 10 episodes of the whiny Mexican road trip weep fest before ANYTHING happened.

    HAHA. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I found all of that to be so tiring. In fairness I supposed they thought they would have the second part of the season to fill it all out the rest of the way. Or maybe they just wanted Sylar to have something to do while he worked his way back to America.

  56. The twins are awesome, and you all know it. Think about it, she’s like the Leia who told Luke to fuck off then joined the Dark Side… tell me that isn’t cool!!! Dania Rules!

  57. She is kinda hot….but other than that…not so cool.

  58. Actually if you think about it…whenever she gets the whole black eye thing going on she kind of looks like maybe she is one of those stereotypes of people Ron thinks read Sandman…if only they could use The Cure for the soundtrack….