Heroes – S02E09 – Cautionary Tales

Tonight’s episode: “Cautionary Tales“!

I really enjoyed the heck out of last week’s episode. I love having puzzles pieces from the past revealed and it was nice to revisit Nathan’s mighty beard.

Not many episodes left but it looks like they are going to be packing in the action from here on out. At least that’s what the trailers would have you believe and, to be fair, they seem to always lead you to believe that.

With the last few episodes it’s like the producers and writers looked at each other and said: “Oh… right… there should be some forward momentum and some action! Silly us.”

And they said “STRIKE!”


  1. Stoaked! I hope this little story they’re working towards ends in the 3 (or however many) episodes left. I’d really like to see something new for the 2nd half of this season. Maybe more of a team aspect… I dunno maybe that’d be too cheesy. With this show though, you never know!

  2. Let’s do this!

  3. Okay, it would be easier for HRG and his family if they just moved from pre-furnished house to pre-furnished house. Cuts down on the packing time.

  4. I think that Parkman could afford a few more lightbulbs.

  5. Uh oh, Parkman, uh oh! Tempting, the Dark Side is!

  6. One thing I do really like about this season is that it really does seems like anybody could go evil at any time. It’s exciting.

  7. Oh boy, here we go. I’m really excited by the way this season is going. I heard the writers and management were getting together to talk on the 26th. Let cross our fingers and hope that part 2 of this season will get back on track.

  8. Sweet Jesus do I miss Neptune, California.

  9. I

  10. west is a douch

  11. It’s actually not that bad of a representation of an adhoc apartment in Brooklyn. They just needs more lights.

    Claire + West = ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

    This is the worst scene in the history of Heroes.

  12. come to the darkside parkman

  13. “We will go to see Jabba now.”

    Parkman’s a lightsaber away from being a Jedi.

  14. If Kristen Bell wanted me to go evil I… I’d consider it.

  15. I really like hiro and his dad’s relationship.

  16. It would be cooler if instead of Kensei, the killer was Shatner. They all hated him anyway, he might as well kill them.

  17. Why Is there a need for everyone to have heightened powers in this season? I mean come on they are like all superman level now

  18. evil is sexy! you should consider it conor.


  20. I happen to live in Brooklyn and i’d strangle Molly for that kitchen square footage. Wes has that Smallville teenager way of talking. It’s annoying

  21. Now, granted I am not a teenage girl, but I think that if I found myself with superpowers, cheerleading would probably loose its appeal.

    But that’s just me. Again, I am not a 16 year old blonde.

  22. “You’ve gone native… are you kidding me?”

    That made me laugh out loud. Great delivery.

    I really hope Suresh isn’t this gullible. If he is then that is definitely his super power.

  23. oh no they made wes a good guy!

  24. The dissolve to the painting was pretty cool.

  25. That actor that plays west is awful!

  26. Apparently, it *is* her first day.

    Man, I love HRG. He should be in all of my favorite shows.

  27. “Stings like a bitch, doesn’t it?”

    That’s awesome. I love morally gray characters.

  28. I saw American Gangster last night and HRG’s flipping out is as close to that roughness as PG TV can be. Mohinder…you’ve been Punk’d.

  29. That was actually really sad.

  30. here come the big reveal

  31. Nice, I’d have been pissed if they showed us that scene twice and not told us whodunnit.

  32. Did anyone else think it was Nathan when they cut to the killers mouth? That looked a lot like Adrian at first.

  33. So Claire is immortal!

  34. Not so easy now, is it, Parkman? Being in the moral gray area.

  35. no hrg gone!

  36. WHOA!

  37. Spoiler

    Sunnova!!!!!!!!!!! Killing the best character on your show…


  38. I’m honestly shocked.

    Way to go Suresh, I will now hate you forever.

  39. When did Mohinder become so damn hateable? For crying out loud!

  40. bummer! you gotta admit, they told us it was coming and I was still surprised.

  41. what kind of choice was that, bob for HRG? how can it be worth that for suresh?

  42. I really can’t stand Mohinder. And no, it isn’t because of what he just did, but because of the way he’s been written this season. A character that wants to do good so much, that he doesn’t bother to think of the consequences of his actions? Yea, that makes perfect sense.

  43. i wonder if el is going to turn good?

  44. Maybe… maybe… he was aiming at Floppy and missed, and…



  45. Whew!!!!!

  46. yes!!!

  47. YES!!!!!

  48. Wow! Two shocking moments in one show! Super.

  49. no shit jim, i have a really hard time seeing the networks point of view on this strike. what would tv be without quality writers? give the the money!!!

  50. I don’t want to sound like an ass, but tonights episode was kind of predictable. They did not really hide any of the clues on the reveals except for what I believe to be them fooling us by having Adrian under the hood for the closeup on what turned out to be Adam (I could be wrong). I still enjoyed this episode never the less.

  51. I think that was Adam the whole time.

  52. One of the best episodes this season. West and Elle were almost bearable.

  53. That was good. Great ending. HRG dominates this show. I don’t care what anyone else says (my friend… ish says it’s Claire… dumb@$$)but that guy is frakkin sw33t.

    Great twist. Love the whole “Claire’s blood” thing. And Parkman went evil. Thank the lord they’re doing something with his character…

  54. Fantastic episode and yes Adam was the actor used in the original scene. There was no misdirection. I didn’t think the episode was predictable at all. I figured out the HRG resurrection only as they were showing the blood bag and said out loud, “Who are they giving Claire’s blood to… OH!” But a split second doesn’t count. Two episodes – I’m sorry but I don’t think the wonder twins will be redeemed for me. Then again, I started to like Wes tonight. Conor, Claire has always loved cheerleading. Now she can heal. What is she supposed to do with that power? It would only occur to her if she was a comic book geek.

  55. Hot damn! On the west coast, so I have to wait to post, but I watched Heroes, and this is episode I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been lukewarm on the show all season, but…tonight’s episode is where the writing really started to work for me. Heroes has never been subtle, but the past few episodes have too often lapsed into awkward melodrama. It’s still not the most subtle, but tonight they used it as a stength. They hit us with some great stuff. It probably helps that tonight focused on the strongest storylines, and really moved them. Hiro came to terms with his father’s death (and it was well-written and not to schmaltzy). Parkman starts down a slippery slope. HRG is redeemed, but it’s bitter sweet. Elle is beginning to doubt. Mohinder doesn’t know who to side with. It just all worked.

    And I feel fairly well satisfied because I predicted the Adam-Kensei-killer connection from the moment they revealed him to heal.

    This season’s had a lot of awkward moments, but this episode really showed me they could pull it together.

  56. just when i think the show can’t get any better, they go and show me sylar will be back on next week. this episode blew me away, and this season has been awesome. i can’t believe i was nay-saying early on.

  57. Best episode ever. This season has been good – stop the hatin’. I called both ‘reveals’ (to no one but myself), but they still did a great job in pulling them off. And Wes isn’t that bad – although I keep expecting him to videotape a plastic bag blowing in the wind. I’m just waiting for the reveal of Claire being related to Adam somehow.

    And yes, if Kristen Bell wanted me to go evil, I’d do it in a second (although I’d have to get permission from the wife – not really evil there, though, huh?)

  58. OK, why is Peter’s mom supposed to be someone we care about? She is a bitch who wanted to destroy NYC and have her son be president. So she tells Parkman you’ll be just like your Father–so what, I’m glad he got that name of that chick.

    Mohinder blows. Man, his character is an idiot. HRG should have blown him away. What is Peter’s Mom’s and Hiro’s Dad’s power, btw?

  59. Wowy,wow,wow,wow What an episode!!!! Hot dam is KB so hot in heros! She can “zap” me any day of the week!!!

  60. Morally gray characters – The usual is a good guy drifting to the darkside in the pursuit of “what is right.” But Elle has now seen a father sacraficing himself for a daughter and has doubts planted in her mind about missing memories and being abused with the consent of her father.

    Might she lean to the good or will she just lash out at both sides as it suits her?

  61. Tad, I’m with you on this. I think Elle and Parkman are both in for some really interesting character stuff. I see LOTS of potential for Elle as she begins to doubt her upraising.

  62. Holy crap, that was AMAZING! Seriously, I’m still in shock at how good that was. This season has totally reverse jumped-the-shark since the season started, and that may well be the best episode of Heroes I have ever seen!

    Every element that I love about Heroes was done here in spades, and delivered perfectly. HRG was bad-ass, and only Jack Coleman could end a tense kidnapping scene with a deadpan “Did you pack Mr Muggles’ doggie-bath?”. GENIUS!

    Elle is fast becoming my favourite character, and it looks like Kristen Bell is having a blast playing such a psycho. I literally almost cheered when she pointed her finger at the glass and made it explode.

    The effects in this one were fantastic too, which is surprising considering how many big effects shots there were (aren’t TV shows only able to afford 1 or 2 an episode?). The flying stuff, Elle shooting West out of the sky, the freeze-time reveal of Adam as the killer (ok, kinda saw that one coming)… it was all nearly flawless.

    Matt and Suresh turning to the dark side… brilliant!

    The death of HRG was stunningly handled, and a little part of me was sad when he ‘came back’ at the end as it took away from that huge moment. I’m even starting to like West now… dammit!

    Teh Dave, I’m with you, dude. I was all over this season for being crappy when it started, and now I feel like a right tit as it’s coming together beautifully and has proved me 100% wrong. Conor, I apologise for being a grump those first few weeks, I’m ready and willing to eat humble pie and flay myself in penance.

    One mroe thing I wanna mention, which I don’t think gets said enough, but this episode was superbly directed, with all the beats nailed and a really gripping pace. Also, let’s give some props to the cinematographer, as that episode looked absolutely gorgeous.

    (Fun Fact: When Elle and Suresh are talking in the car she’s drinking a ‘Slusho’, which is the fake drink invented for JJ Abrams’ upcoming ‘Cloverfield’ movie. And isn’t JJ Abrams best mates with Greg Grunberg?… coincidence???)


  63. This was clearly the best episode so far this season. I was ready to drop this series like a bad book but they’ve got me now.
    I think this episode was good because it focused on only a few characters. Our attention was not take away by looking at the south american and sylar in a car. Much better pacing.

    Pacing is everything. You can see it in good directors and in good comic writers. One of the reasons Bendis is the best at the moment