Heroes – S02E08 – Four Months Ago…

Tonight’s episode: “Four Months Ago…”!

Just about everyone is saying that last season was better (even executive producer Tim Kring!) so tonight Heroes jumps back to the past!

Smoke ’em if you got ’em, it doesn’t look like the writer’s strike is ending any time soon.


  1. Who’s saying that last season was better??? This has been a great season thus far.

  2. Tons of people. It’s slow. Good, but slow… It’ll pick up again…

    Tim Kring apologized, so they at least know what they’re going to do to change things and such…

    But yeah… More Kristen Bell! So good!

  3. oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

  4. And we’re off!

  5. Kensei is Vandal Savage!

  6. I bet what matters most to Peter is puppies…

    Okay, or his brother.


  7. cool exploding peter

  8. I think Peter just gave Nathan skin cancer.

    That was the most exciting scene so far this year. Kickass.

  9. Last seasons I was slightly annoyed by the initial flashback episode, but this time I’m looking foward to it.

    And Nathan….ouch.

  10. An inch from the aorta?? C’mon!

    These wedding guests are going to get black eye.

  11. Wow…a spanish soap mixed with Black Death.

  12. I’m such a flashback whore. I love it.

  13. cool origin story, for the powertwins


  15. Sneaky Electronica Mars.

  16. That’s a creepy look on her face…

  17. No kidding. She’s scary in a Misery kind of way.

  18. If only Logan could have been subjected to the same treatment. Yes! Haitian! Love the Haitian

  19. electronica mars is super creepy

  20. And she’s quite touchy-feely.

    And why does Bob the gold-maker remind me of Bob the Monitor? Must be the baldness. And meddling.

  21. Why would anyone want to give up their powers? He can FLY, dammit!

  22. …the hell? D.L. looks fine!

  23. Nathan looks like the latest Truth.org commercial

  24. Well, now we know why Nathan took to the drink and the beard. That’s… awful.

    Okay, so did no one die last season except for Linderman? Is that where we are now? That’s L-A-M-E. They said not everyone would survive!

  25. Of course…Bob the Monitor, er Company man.

  26. Well…the painter’s girlfriend died. That counts as a seath. Oh and the painter. Unless you’re talking explicitly about the season finale.

  27. boy i remember the last time i took strange pills from a pretty girl

  28. I was going to say that I would grow back my hair if it meant Electronica Mars would cut it, but now I’ve changed my mind.

  29. I agree with the nobody dying thing.

    Soooo, how did this show get so bitching good in 2 episodes? I’ve watched it from day 1 and always half-bemoaned it but now i feel like i’m actually watching something of quality…or am I being over-eager? Slavish to my superhero story lust??

  30. Did she say the hatian dude’s name? I think I missed that.

  31. Man I’m starting to feel bad about Dl…

    Lol at Micah’s Fantastic 3.

  32. This flashback episode is doing a fantastic job of recapturing last season – the Micah/Nikki/DL scenes are a snooze, just like last year!

  33. nice legs

  34. Elle’s eLectricity thing. That’s…a terrible game.

  35. Man, the acoustics in those cells are awesome.

  36. Kensei or “Adam” is pretty cool in the future, im digging his interaction with Peter

  37. create your hero! How about the 3rd Darryl from Newhart? He can … i don’t know, shoot electricity from his fingertips. See? Who needs writers.

  38. I’d make my hero have superspeed. I’m surprised no one already has it on this show.

  39. They did a good job with casting – the mom and Nathan look a lot alike.

  40. Wow…the mom is cold.

    Hey why’s the wife so shocked? DIdn;t nathan claim the same of his brother last year…quite publically too.

  41. It’s only been two months since DL was SHOT IN THE CHEST. I’m pretty sure he’d still be convalescing.

  42. FIrst Jessica, now Gina. She’s bonafied nuts.

    Damn you Bob!

  43. Ooooooh – he played the brother card. Well played, Kensei. Well played, indeed.

  44. At least Peter had the intelligence to ask if he could at least be escorted outside.

  45. Kitty Pyrde is such a handsome black man (I can say that because Bendis is jewish).

  46. Ugh I really liked DL. I hate that they killed him off.

    I’m really liking him even more now. Crapola.

  47. I kind of liked DL as well, but they did not seem to be too interested in his character.

  48. Kitty Pyrde is such a handsome black man (I can say that because Bendis is jewish).


  49. Well let me say it first.

    That kiss was electrifying.

  50. Just for the briefest of moments I thought Kensei and Peter were going to kiss.

  51. Waaaaait…. how did Peter know he had the phasing ability?

  52. Hey I thought they were gonna show what happened to Sylar. I know that Candice took him, but still… how it went down.

  53. Well… damn.

  54. (American) Gangsta!

  55. Whoops srry bout the same comment.

    And Dl….daaaaaaamn.

  56. It’s a good thing DL didn’t have some special ability that would make a point blank gun shot miss….

  57. A little Shawshank Redemption, a little Poltergeist, a little Carlito’s Way. Pressing the snooze alarm on the Venezuelans.

    Does anyone know what Peter and Nathan’s power is? Have they ever addressed that?

  58. Hey, he’s gotta think to turn intangible and he probably can’t think faster than a speeding bullet.

  59. That kind of hurt. This episode made your really like DL and bam, he’s dead. I know they were going to show his death in this one, but did they have to make me want him to live before he died. Clever cold hearted bastards.

  60. I’m almost in denial about it. Guess it goes to show the writers did a good job with the character.

  61. Why does Peter climb and run? Wouldn’t it be easier to just turn invisible or just fly away, both powers he has been shown actively choosing to use at times.

  62. So that’s how Peter ended up in that cargo container.

  63. Ah. Knew He’s help Peter. Although I though the haitian was on the outs with the company after running off with Claire.

    And no Sylar….grrr.

    Oh wait. A glimpse in the car.

    And Bob the monitor.

  64. Adam and Peter partners – strange bedfellows.

  65. That was fantastic. Possibly the best one of the season.

  66. 3 episodes left? That sucks.

  67. Love the haitian. And HRG vs. RRG

  68. And I agree Conor. Great episode.

  69. 3 episodes left!!! This writers strike sucks. The networks should pay ’em!!

  70. Wait 3 episodes till what? Does it go away until next year? I must have more!

  71. It was going to be three episodes left regardless of the strike. They are breaking the season up into two arcs, the first arc was going to end in three episodes no matter what. The only effect the strike is having is that the first arc finale could *possibly* be a season finale.

  72. TfJ, Peter couldn’t have used any of his powers as long as the Hatian dude is within 30 feet of him. Look to the episode from last season where Hiro went into he future and the Hatian dude was able to block everyones power on the same floor as him.

  73. They did say that they changed the ending to the arc since they think that the strike is going to kill the rest of the season.

  74. they shouldn’t do it. I’d rather wait.

  75. That’s a good point, MrUgly. I didn’t think of that.

  76. Yeah I forgot. And with that free time they were supposed to give us Heroes origins.

  77. so i think the cockroach that sometimes appears in the show is suppose to represent Adam.

  78. Just saw Ando in a Mcdonalds commercial, weird. I know someone said it above but where was Sylar, it was specifically in the teaser last week. And apparently the virus that has been a minor subplot the entire season is now the most important thing for the next three episodes.

  79. I saw that commercial. As soon as I saw it, I was like, “…Ando?”

  80. You didn’t think they were heavily foreshadowing the virus as the major problem since practically the very first scene of the season?

  81. You’re all on crack. I don’t even know why I’m still watching this. It was like a clinic on melodramatic acting. The Peter/Adam thing is the only thing interesting so far.

    I’m only watching to see if Nathan grows the beard back. Do you think this can be an internet movement of some kind?

  82. Not a bad episode. Still hammy, but more fun then then pretty much the entire rest of the season.

    I’ve never watched Deadwood or Veronica Mars, so I never understood what you all saw in her…
    Now I think I’m in love.

  83. Do yourself a favor and rent Veronica Mars.

    It will be all over for you.

  84. Oh man, how awesome was Kristen Bell? So amazing. Great ep. Love that. Isn’t it interesting how when it goes somewhere it gets really, really good…

    That was probably second best episode of the season… I still don’t care about Niki, and I realized that I don’t care about Maya. Alejandro has cool potential, but Maya… Don’t care…

  85. I second Conor’s seniments. Veronica Mars was probably one of the best shows to be on TV in the past few years. How that went to like UPN… Beyond me…

  86. That’s not Josh, it’s his phantom appendix talking. Heroes has never had subtle acting as a mainstay. I think the acting matches the story tone of the show. Good episode, and I still don’t care about the wonder twins. They better meet up with some heroes next episode. Three episodes. Chop, chop.

  87. Man kristen bells character was so annoying to me for some reason i dont know if its good acting and shes suppose to be acting like a 12 year old are she is just really that annoying in real life. Also im kinda thinking Peter and Adam are the ones who gonna be the ones who killed the Hiros father and that Peters mom is gonna be the one behind the whole thing thats why she survived when they come after her shes a master manipulater. Its just my thoughts i just think Peter is gonna believe hes saving people by destroying the company. Overall this season got good real quick thank god. To bad they have claire in a retarded storyline.

  88. We’ve really seen the dark side of Adam so far but we also know he’s capable of good, do we really think he’s a villain?

    Anyone who’s against the company……hero in my book….well I guess we’ll see.

  89. Adam is against the company for different reasons than Noah. Noah wants to bring them down because they have adopted corrupt practices, Adam hates them because the administration is comprised of his former friends that now know he’s dangerous and are trying to stop him.

  90. 4 Months ago: I love Elle. Amazing. Just crazy enough to make it fun.

    And Nathan is pretty much the greatest Two-Face.

    3 Months ago: “We can be like the Fantastic Four. Minus one.” Blah blah blah, Nikki takes drugs. Blah blah.

    I really like Kensei/Adam. He’s kind of sketchy.

    2 Months: Is Peter hooked on lightning? Wow… sociopath with paranoid delusions. And Adam nailed some girl… 400 years younger than himself. And he’s an awesome morally gray guy right now.

    When are we going to see Mama Petrili’s power? Nathan’s wife is still hot though. I have a terrible feeling about Nikki’s first day. And by celebrate he means “do it.” Bob reminds me of the boss in Officespace now. “Yeeeeeeeeeah about that.” When did D.L. become a fireman…? Oh he became a hero, I see.

    Oh that lipstick is never coming off…

    For someone who’s never left the facility, she has excellent taste in clothes… And I would imagine kissing her is like licking an electric fence.

    Maya became a nun? So weird. When will Sylar eat them?


    Wow, DL’s power is also involuntary now? Sweet. Shame I know he dies…. right about…. nooooow.
    Yep, that’s blood. How did this episode get past the censors? And I guess DL’s power isn’t as involuntary as I thought.

    Three weeks ago
    Taskmasterette wore a horrible outfit. Does Mama DL have a power?

    Now I’m not a doctor but… umm… that doesn’t umm.. wow. Look right. Wouldn’t the bag leak now? HOW ARE ALL THESE QUESTIONS UNANSWERABLE?


    MINDRAPED! Who does the Haitian work for?

    TODAY (when is today?)
    Click click click click…

    Where did Nathan go?

    No Claire, no Parkman, no Sylar, no Hiro. For not using half the cast, great episode but it didn’t answer that much.

  91. Man kristen bells character was so annoying to me for some reason i dont know if its good acting and shes suppose to be acting like a 12 year old are she is just really that annoying in real life.

    That’s her character. She’s not socialized, she’s been raised in The Company.

  92. “You didn’t think they were heavily foreshadowing the virus as the major problem since practically the very first scene of the season?”

    I don’t think they’ve made it important enough for us to care until these last two episodes. I think that was even one of the things that Tim Kring mentioned, that the impact of the virus should have been made more clear early on, like the impact of the bomb last season.

  93. Did you get the sense that Mamma Petrelli was using a power on Nathan’s wife as she was convincing her to be quiet? Lot’s of closeups of her making physical contact like rubbing her arm.

  94. That’s her character. She’s not socialized, she’s been raised in The Company.

    totally true. she seems like lots of creepy home-schooled kids i’ve met. lack of social interaction just makes a person weird.

  95. I’m happy Greg Beeman is continuing to post his blog. As a director, he’s strike free until next year. Anyway, check out
    for some cool insights on how he approaches a script, the flying scenes and the character of Electronica Mars.

  96. So….. i think that psycho Elle is hot! Yes she was creepy but she can “ZAP” me any day of the week!!!

  97. I’m late on this one too, my internet died and I’m still playing catch-up.

    This episode was FANTASTIC! Really back to the spirit of the show. Josh, I guess that does make me on crack.

    Main thought; This should’ve been episode 1 of this season! I loved the tying of loose ends, and the way it explained some events of the finale. It would’ve been a good jumping off point for S02.

    And the fact is nothing has happened in most of the previous episodes I couldn’t live without never seeing. It was fun at times, but very little happened in episodes 1-7 that was necessary (apart from making the odd flashback; for example, Hiro’s time in Japan, or Matt’s father). Everything else was mostly expendable. This is how season 2 should’ve started.

    Electronica Mars was great in this one, she seems to be really chanelling Angelina Jolie from ‘Girl, Interrupted’ (but with super-powers). It’s awesome to see Kristen play enjoying playing someone different.

    My main gripe – It took DL only a month to decide to get a job and become a fully trained fireman?

  98. I have been having this problem where I listen to the “dialogue” and find myself rewriting it in my head so that it isn’t as painful. It’s a little Claremont for me this year.

    Oh, and Kristen Bell’s character, Minxy the Sexualized Eight-Year-Old, is beneath her and me alike.

  99. Huh…Crack it is then.

  100. And Jimski, beneath you in what way?

    Yeah.I know. That’s terrible

  101. I don’t get this Kristin Bell phenomenon.

  102. Have you seen Veronica Mars?