Heroes – S02E03 – Kindred

Tonight’s episode: “Kindred“!

Let’s someone is making their first appearance tonight… who is it… I can’t seem to recall… oh, yes! It’s Sylar! I know this because there’s a promo teasing is appearance during just about every commercial break for every show on NBC.

I think we can all agree that part of the brilliance of last season, and part of the reason why I think Heroes took off were twofold. One, there was the fantastic teaser line that spread throughout pop culture like wildfire: Save the cheerleader; save the world. It was simple, it was catchy, and it led to a whole lot of speculation and anticipation about what was going to happen. It was a stroke of brilliance. This year? So far the closest thing we’ve got this year is from tonight’s promo: What’s in… The Box? Yeah, I don’t think so. That sounds more like something Monty Hall would say. They need something better. The other thing that really worked well last season for Heroes and built a lot of excitement for the show were the fantastic weekly cliffhangers. And I mean, fantastic. iFanboy used to watch the show together every week and I remember that no matter how blasé we felt about a particular episode odds were the cliffhanger would knock us out of our socks. This year, again, the cliff hangers have been nothing to write home about. In fact, as I write this I can’t even think of what last week’s cliffhanger was. Or if there even was one.

Those are two things the show needs to work on, in my opinion. Other than that, I am having a lot of fun with it.


  1. Claire popped off her little toe with scissors and finds out her lab partner is staring at her through her living room window. Since when is being a stalker romantic?

  2. That doesn’t really scream “cliffhanger” to me. They need to work on that.

  3. tonight’s episode basically determines if i will continue to watch weekly…there, I said it, it’s out there.

  4. Here we go.

  5. Lock box! More boxes!

  6. Don’t we already know what’s in the box? Didn’t they tell us when they said, “Hey, this is the box you had when we found you; it has all your stuff in it”?

  7. Warm bowl of popcorn, and here we go.

  8. More Sylar in the previously.

  9. I don’t believe for a second that that cop did all of that running…

    Micah! Quick – someone kill him!

  10. The twins need to wear some sort handcuffs to each other. About to post when I saw the worst characters. There was no big build up around them? I wounder why?

  11. And they’re in a cemetery, it would be so easy to dispose of the body!

  12. Nice way to use the same character without hiring the same actress.

  13. I bet you liked it better back in Maui, Mr. Spock.

  14. HRG loves his purple work shirt.

  15. How much deeper into hiding can you go than working at a copy shop in Costa Verde, CA?


    That’s how.

  16. This is the kid on the show that bugs me.

  17. My Two Dads! This might be my favorite part of the new season. Let’s have more of this.

  18. Parkman is the mother? Mohinder the father?

  19. I think what this new season is clearly missing is more Hiro/Ando action and a clearly defined sense of purpose. It’s just all over the map right now, but I am confident that it will all come together soon enough.

  20. Yes, it’s a curse to have your wounds heal when you’re a warrior for hire. I think Kensei is drunk again.

  21. 2 double powers in season 2. Save Kensei Save the World?

  22. Any one else thinkng that maybe that was all the Sylar we’ll see?

  23. No, I suspect that eventually Hiro will become Kensei.

  24. for the love of… why does Claire story suck so much compared to the last one especially the cliched romance my head is about to explode over the stupidity! I’m really starting to think this show is not gonna be worth watching

  25. That other dude in prison deserves a shanking.

  26. This kid is creepy.

  27. Kensei is related to Claire? ‘Generations’ apart?

  28. Floppy Hair is a douche so of course Claire will fall for him.

    This is what *should* happen:

    Claire: What do you want?
    Floppy Hair: I want you to admit you’re different!

    Claire kicks him in the balls.

  29. Total Lois Lane moment

  30. Claire kicks him in the balls.

    Ha ha ha ha! I would love that.

  31. I thought she was going to watch his back? How is she going to watch it from the truck?

  32. Wow, do I hate the shit out of the Flying Stalker. Who knew?

  33. I want Peter to open the box to so that this story can end. Also Issac is dead, move on… but don’t bring him back.

  34. When I’m watching a show about super heroes and someone says “supervision” I hear it as “super vision.”

    “Mohinder has super vision? Oh. I’m a dumbass.”

  35. Conor is right, Hiro is good Kensei

  36. Yes! Yes! Send Micah away!

  37. Micha might not want her to leave but I do.

  38. Uhura!

  39. I am glad that Tim Sale is finding work as a Wanted poster artist.

  40. at least Journeyman follows it

  41. She has really good hearing. That thing in her ear all those years was just jewelry.

  42. I don’t know how the twins will ever use there powers for good. Now that Clair and HGR no longer live in Texas I don’t know how’d they will team up.

  43. Did any one hear that Nichelle Nichols was going to be on the show?

    Maybe they are required to have at least one actor from the original Star Trek

  44. Box time? Damn.

  45. Isn’t Maya the actress that played that knock-off of Quiksilver in the X-Men: The Last Stand movie?

  46. Okay, that was gross.

  47. Let him go Lord Vader.

  48. “My lab, in Isaac’s loft?”

    “Yeah… this set was expensive.”

  49. Isn’t Maya the actress that played that knock-off of Quiksilver in the X-Men: The Last Stand movie?

    Yeah, she played Callisto

  50. Poor Hiro. He should go back in time and save Google the Waitress.

  51. Kill her.

  52. he’s gonna kill her and eat her brain.

  53. I’ll be honest – I did not see that coming.

  54. Does Hiro choose to not go back to the future or does his heart prevent him from doing so?

  55. Sylar is LOST.

  56. I think Sylar is on the island with The Others.

  57. So…Dl is dead? Damn it…

    Lovin’ Sylar.

    And lovin’ Dark Peter.

  58. Peter has Niki powers? That sucks. So does Beach make out.

  59. ha you were right conor. I think tv high school girls fall for dicks.

  60. A very tiny vampire has bitten Floppy Hair.

  61. HRG should of killed him.

  62. ha you were right conor. I think tv high school girls fall for dicks.

    And real ones too. Plenty of real ones.

  63. I will only like Nikki if she turns evil. Please turn evil so you have a point on this show!

  64. Floppy hair is evil? I knew it.

  65. Still not a cliffhanger!

  66. I love Tim Sales’ art work!

  67. That would be awesome if Floppy Hair was evil and sent to turn Claire against her father.

    This show needs some more bad guys beyond Sylar.

  68. Looks like next week some unity will occur. Good cliff hanger hopefully Sylar won’t be around too much this season.

  69. … hopefully Sylar won’t be around too much this season.

    He’s going to be gone for a good portion of the season when he goes to shoot Star Trek.

  70. How was this cliff hanger for you Conor?

  71. Maybe redemption for Sylar.

  72. How was this cliff hanger for you Conor?

    It wasn’t much of a cliffhanger at all, I don’t think. A cliffhanger should either really shock you or make you crazy to know what will happen next.

    It was an interesting development for sure but not shocking.

  73. It feels like a slow build and hopefully a kick ass finally.

  74. Sylar has me interested?…

  75. Good answer. I found it more interesting so I guess it wasn’t. I do question when these paintings were painted and how Issac knew how to number them.

  76. And does ANYONE actually LIKE that flying douchebag that’s necking with Claire?

    I’m pretty sure the point is not to like him what with the foreshadowing of his evilness.

  77. Were there the eyes on the box? My friend thinks there were.

    Shadow King much?

    And Sylar is no long cafekenetic. Shame.

    Dark Peter was sweet.

    Hiro needs a better messaging system.

  78. I saw Sylar killing her coming…but I thought it would at least a few episodes away.

  79. I hope they wait like 4 or 5 episodes, for Claire and West to really fall in love, and then I hope Sylar kills him right in front of her. I can’t stand that kid.

  80. I’m just sittin’ here enjoying the story. This show still rules.

  81. The girl actually being fat thing is from the Squadron Supreme story that Mark Guerwald did. I was waiting for it all last season but finally it paid off. That is the one thing that is cool about this show. It really pays to have read your comics.

  82. I don’t think Hiro becomes Kensai, too obvious. I think is is really needed for Kensai to fulfill his destiny. Sylar killed Candance! Or did he? Everytime we think someone kills her, it’s a different body on the floor. It could all be an illusion to keep him occupied instead of killing the guys who’ve captured him. The Lizard Girl bit was REALLY stupid. What did he think the reaction would be? Claire stands up and says, “Shut up. I am not a Lizard Girl. Not, not not!” Conor – you must get over your obsession with cliffhangers. HRG is going to be shot through the eye while Claire macks on a guy in black? That’s plenty to have you wondering what is going to happen. It’s even better than Robin putting a gun to his head. Peter not opening the box is dumb, even if he likes his life …as a gang member, yeah, that’s something you want to hold onto. Okay, your power heals tattoos but shouldn’t the ink flake off or something? Strange, Peter is involved in so much that it takes us off the mystery of where he was for four months, where’d he get the bling and why was he locked up in a storage container. I think his story would have more drive if he was obsessing over that or have him open the box and he learns his “true” identity and the audience knows it’s all lies. Still a great series. Remember, this volume doesn’t last the entire season. A new story arc starts… in January, I think. Why did Nikki split up from the others after the end of last season?

  83. The wonder twins story needs to kick into high gear. It’s the same story beats over and over. The only new thing we learned is that her brother can bring her victims back to life if he gets to her soon enough.

  84. Conor – you must get over your obsession with cliffhangers.

    Nah. Exciting cliffhangers kept Heroes alive during the lean times in the middle of last season. There were quite a few middling episodes saved by an exciting flourish at the end.

    Does the show need them? Of course not, but it is so all over the place right now it sure needs something. I’m enjoying it but there’s not that level of excitement that I felt for the show in the beginning and the end of last season. These first three episodes have felt very much like last year’s middle of the season episodes to me.

    HRG is going to be shot through the eye while Claire macks on a guy in black? That’s plenty to have you wondering what is going to happen.

    It wasn’t presented in a dramatic or interesting way. It was all rather ho-hum in its reveal.

    It’s even better than Robin putting a gun to his head.

    I’d disagree with that.

  85. I thought it was the strongest episode so far this season.

  86. My faulty memory has been demonstrated time and time again, but Peter’s ability to move armored cars around — that was one of Sylar’s powers, right? So we assume that Peter has absorbed all of Sylar’s powers.

    But the electrical thing is new so Peter has definitely been around powered people in the last four months.

    I’m enjoying the show but I agree that it’s all over the place. There are so many characters to get updated on and then they introduce two new characters in their own story line instead of bringing them in through the experiences of someone we know.

  87. Hrmmm….I don’t suppose the immortal Kensei is the killer?

  88. They could learn a thing or two from SMALLVILLE in regards to the flying effects.

    Imo it’s the other way around.

    I though the flying effect was pretty well done, it was definitely much better than the last Smallville episode.

  89. Yeah, I’m not all that impressed with the flying effects in Smallville. I think Heroes does it much better.

  90. Yeah, just caught up. Is anyone else worried how easy it is to pick the living shit out of this show? MST3K never had it so easy.

  91. Ok, this was pretty much my make-or-break episode.

    Just watched it. Dreadful, absolutely dreadful. The worst episode so far. Sark/Jack Sparrow and Hiro aren’t funny anymore, it’s just stupid and has no place in this show (in truth, it never did, but it was so bad-funny it entertained me).

    Clare and Creepy Kid = horrible storytelling.. she’s not doing ANYTHING! What about her car????

    Candice = They lost the original actress to Reaper, only to replace her with an awful imitation.. who does NOTHING!

    Sylar = Are you kidding me? His dialogue was written by an 8 year old… surely???

    Ando = Playing video games… and THAT’S IT!

    Nikki = Really, what’s the point?

    Only good stuff = The traces of an evil Peter taking over from Sylar. And Dania Remirez owns this show now, in my opinion. Seriously, look at the quality of her acting. Much better than this season deserves.

    I’ve said it before, but this show hasn’t a tenth of the soul and heart the 1st season had. It’s not the same show.

    I’m in 2 minds, but I’ll probably watch next week just for Dania and hopefully evil Peter.

  92. On a sorta related note, I had a freaky dream that I was confronting/running from Sylar, then using him as an ally, then he turned on me…weird…]

    I think either I was with Suresh and Parkman or I was one of them

  93. Maybe the slacker kid in the Mexican prison stole Claire’s Rogue.

  94. Maybe the slacker kid in the Mexican prison stole Claire’s Rogue.

    Ooh, that’s a good thought. I figured it was just more bad product placement, but that’s smart. I guess I should give them more credit.

    Granted, it was parked outside, in front of the police cars, blocking them in, and ready to go, and completely accessible even though he was being jailed. But still, if it’s Claire’s car, good.

    The reason Peter can’t open the box is because if he did, then their artificial forced reason to get him to stay in Cork would be over. So they make him afraid to open the box.

    The thing that pissed me off this week was that it was the week of characters changing their stances suddenly and for no reason.

    The Irish gang decides they’re buddies with Peter, and Peter gets tattooed. When did things change? They forced him into a robbery, and he’s cool with them now?

    Kensei runs from Hiro in fear, calling him a demon. The next time they see each other, they’re all buddy buddy. WTF? How about a little motivation?

    And so on and so forth.

  95. It had the sticker on it from Claire’s new high school so I think it definitely was her stolen car.

  96. I didn’t even notice the sticker on the car…interesting. Also, on a Heroes side topic, I was recently reading about the season 1 episode, “Company Man,” where we see some of HRG’s history with the company, and the flashbacks are in black and white. I was reminded of a similar episode of the X-files about Cancer man. It was also in black and white and involved him and the Kennedy assassination…what an awesome episode.