Heroes – S02E01 – Four Months Later…

Hey! Heroes is back!

The second season of the surprise hit show (I think iFanboy is still surprised) kicks off tonight with “Four Months Later…”!

At San Diego Comic-Con 2006 I went to the Heroes panel with Ron and Gordon the Intern and we watched the (supposedly) exclusive Comic-Con only cut of the pilot two months before the show premiered. Back then we predicted the show wouldn’t last six weeks and boy were we wrong. We were also wrong about feeling special for having seen the Comic-Con only cut of the trailer because even though Jeph Loeb made a point of saying it would never be shown again apparently it ended up in the Season One DVD set. But I digress.

I had a hell of a lot of fun watching Heroes last year and I’m hoping that this season the producers can take what they built last year and make it even better.

And hopefully a truck will run over Micah and Nikki in the first scene.


  1. Darn it! Just when I decide to pass on this season of Heroes, in favor of waiting for the DVD box set. You guys go ahead and make start up this thread. Now you have me reconsidering my decision all over again.

  2. pfft… Heroes?
    Where’s the K-Ville thread?

  3. Is Sylar really alive?

    It’s a very comic book thing to do, but… man. That takes the wind out of my sails. What was the point of all that last year if he’s still out there?

  4. They need to make sure they run over her twice to take care of Jessica.

  5. I can’t wait to find out who is worse than Sylar. I also can’t wait until they give Claire a personality.

  6. Of course Sylar is going to be left alive! How else do you expect him to turn to the side of the angels against a greater evil? And then waffle back and forth between bad and good, because they lost track of what they wanted to do with him, which would be the true comic book thing to do. Jaded? Moi? Nah.

  7. 9 o’clock tonight? dammit! Why do I have papers to write and books to read when TV is so good?

    oh well… I can always watch it online tomorrow (through legal sources, of course)

  8. deezer, homework and papers can wait. They’ll be there tomorrow, I promise. I know mine will be.

    So excited for tonight.

  9. Guys, just write a paper on Heroes. Then… Tah Dah…Heroes becomes your homework!

  10. if the paper wasn’t due at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning… then I would totally do that

  11. I don’t wanna swim against the tide for the sake of it, but was anyone else REALLY disappointed with the season 1 finale (not gonna say why to avoid spoilers for anyone that hasn’t seen it)? I LOVED this show… right up until that episode. It’s seriously made me reconsider bothering with season 2.

    However, Sark and Veronica Mars are gonna be in it, so that alone may be worth it.

  12. I wasn’t after thinking about it. We are used to big SFX-laden superhero movies with big SFX-laden battles but that sort of thing just isn’t possible with the budget Heroes is working with.

    There were definitely things I would have done differently, though.

  13. Here we go…

  14. I’m honestly more excited than I thought I’d be.

  15. Stephen Tobolowsky! I love him.

  16. Our first look at the new characters. The Wonder Twins. I love this show’s commitment to subtitles. It’s way more authentic.

    Was that WANTED poster by Tim Sale?

    Does every high school have a roving pack of evil looking cheerleaders? Mine didn’t. Oh, wait – I didn’t go to school on TV.

  17. There are probably worse places to drop out of the sky into the middle of than in the midst of a samurai battle in feudal Japan, but I can’t think of any.

    Oh, Hiro! How, I’ve missed you. Also, you should be blind from staring into the eclipse. I think. I’m not a doctor.

  18. It’s awkward teenage courtship time! Something tells me the head cheerleader is going to get involved.

  19. Tobolowsky!!

    A lot of police don’t pass the “kick down a door and indiscriminately shoot people with realistic blood packs” test.

    Hiro gets different subtitles than Maya y Alejandro….

  20. Parkman became supercop in the last four months, apparently.

  21. Was that Nathan!?

  22. I’m 99% sure that the guy Ando just bumped into on the street was Nathan Petrelli.

    Is Sulu marked for death?

  23. He is! He’s marked for death!

    Nathan is a drunken mountain man. Awe-some.

  24. Oh, the mom is marked for death, too. The old guard is being taken out.

  25. Waitaminute…. All the commercials are for the car Claire just got!

  26. Gotta pay the bills!

  27. Hahaha – Horn Rimmed Glasses is going to beat down his sniveling copy store manager. At least I hope he does.


  28. Will we never lick the Legacy virus?

  29. Ron just texted me to inform me that Heroes has stolen the Legacy Virus concept from X-Men.

  30. Eh, everybody stole everything from everybody.

    How’s that for your daily dose of eloquence?

    I can’t remember how the election ended. I guess Nathan lost?

  31. It would be great if Molly was the big bad this year. All of the Heroes vs. a little girl.

    I’d like to point out that we are halfway through and no Nikki or Micah in sight. Maybe the coyote’s truck will run them over.

  32. I can’t remember how the election ended. I guess Nathan lost?

    When you grab your brother who is about to explode and fly away you probably don’t win.

    Man, this floppy haired guy is EVERYWHERE at Claire’s school.

  33. Damn these evil cheerleaders!

  34. I love The Adventures of Horn Rimmed Glasses at The Copy Store.

  35. you know, generally everyone at my high school was pretty nice.

  36. fun fact: no gym teachers are required in California schools.

  37. It’s good to know that Japanese has not changed much in 350 years. Or English.

  38. So Mr. Bennet, or Butler, works for Dunder Miflin? Setting up a kick ass The Office and Heroes crossover. I could use a tad less “Hiro convincing the British dude” and while we’re at it, pleasehold the “Claire and the mop head high school kid” please. Trying to watch my cholestrol. Hey the guy from “Chuck” looks like Jim from “The Office.” Fun fact extra!

  39. This family has issues.

  40. Lookit that house! I need a job at a copy shop!

  41. The Bennet scene at the dinner table, brought to you by Vincent Gallo.

  42. This family also has issues.

  43. Um… that was fucked up. If I saw my burnt up brother in the mirror I’d be a grizzly local drunk too.

    Aaaand the floppy haired kid is a perv who can fly.

  44. Sulu! Nooo!

  45. Oy. Mop hair is on track to be Heroes’ Sentry.

  46. That’s… not a good Irish accent.

  47. Tropical Sylar. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

  48. Ended very very nicely I thought. Mop head kid has a purpose, Nathan P. is a young Sigmund Freud (except when he stares drunkardly in the mirror, and shazaam ! peter got illegally exported to Cork, Ireland (weather wise, a real bitch in the winter). This virus … this is the legacy virus right?

  49. Am I wrong or did peter get a haircut

  50. Ahh nice catch fellas. Sylar, I do believe, was vacationing in the tropics. Undoubtedly doing something evil to a banana daiquiri. KAHN!!!!!!

  51. Conor, it wasn’t the budget or fx that bugged me. It was a lack of grandure, or grace.

    Season 1 seemed to me as epic, it terms of themes, and it built and built etc… and then, nothing.

    If the rest of the season was the original Star Wars trilogy, the finale was Phantom Menace!

  52. Probably the best running commentary ever Conor.

    So legacy-maximoff twins-shadowking? Did I miss any other knockoffs in this episode?

    Also, if you’re a politician who loses, the only thing you can do is grow a beard.

    I hope Sylar was drinking something good, maybe brain flavored.

    As for the reflection, was it a reflection or is Peter following around Nathan but unable to control his powers because of the explosion and the one in the trailer is actually a clone?

  53. If you don’t have the budget to do a kick-ass finale, then don’t don’t spend your whole season leading up to a kick-ass finale… simple economics!

    But I’m giving season 2 a shot due to Sark and Veronica… and more importantly how the writers get themselves out of their own mess.

    No more spoilers for season 2 please???

  54. So that happened.

    The wholesale ripoffs continue. The copy store stuff was straight out of a Mike Judge script, or a bad sketch. I half figured that Kenzei would take off his mask to reveal Hiro playing another character, a la BTTF 3. There’s the aforementioned legacy virus, and there was a little Superman Returns window stalking.

    Also, if you’re going to tease out Sylar’s return, don’t put him in the f’ing preview for next week!

    And those were two of the worst Irish accents I’ve ever heard.

    I liked parts, but it seems like they ramped up the hokey a bit this year in trade for real world legitimate drama. I guess it’s just not how I would do it.

    Well, I’m off to the Nissan dealer. Not really sure why, but I want to try it out…

  55. If you don’t have the budget to do a kick-ass finale, then don’t don’t spend your whole season leading up to a kick-ass finale… simple economics!

    Who says they promised a kick ass action packed season finale?

  56. From Entertainment Weekly:


    So. What were you expecting from the season finale?

    A blockbuster explosion of superpowered action? Logic-tight resolutions to twisty-turny, eason-long story lines? A haircut for Peter? If so, you’re among those for whom the finale didn’t quite ”flame on!” For those new to the Heroesverse

  57. I have a question:
    If those Irish guys were looking for illegal ipods, how is it they seem so devious in the prevew for next week? maybe i’m just stupid, but i usually get these things.
    otherwise the episode was pretty good.
    p.s.- one of the irish guys was a cast member on upns star trek enterprise, i think i’m starting to see a trend.

  58. sorry slow computer double clicked…

  59. While Heroes is already awesome, it will automatically get 10x better (and 100x hotter) when Kristen Bell shows up…sigh…i love her…sigh…

  60. I think the whole 1st season was so great that my expectations were too high for the finale. But compared to other episodes, I found the pacing sloppy and the whole thing too convenient.

    Nearly every ‘hero’ apart from Peter and Hiro were incapacitated in the final fight… for weeks we’d been lead to expect this final fight between Peter and Sylar, which ended up being a dull fistfight that lasted about 90 seconds…

    And Sylar, who’s meant to be bad-ass and is winning against Peter, allows Hiro to simply stroll up and stab him?…

    It’s just poor TV-making, and the whole finale felt like an afterthought, almost like the makers couldn’t believe they’d made it a whole season and threw it together at the last minute.

    It was just a let-down, and nothing to do with budget or bells and whistles. It was the writing. Battlestar blew it’s effects budget mid-way through its 3rd season and still managed a gripping and tense finale… Just my opinion though.

  61. [I]Who says they promised a kick ass action packed season finale?[/I]

    They may not have promised that, but they sure did build up an epic confrontation between Sylar and Peter.
    Every promo, every interview, every writer/creator blurb stated that we were finally going to see those two throw down.
    And then we got that Finale. It was extremely anti-climatic.

  62. That was an awesome first show and I am totally looking forward to the rest of the season. I do think that the premise for heroes is very X-men, but I don’t care it’s still very well done.

    One off topic comment, Limited commercial interruption should not mean we only got one commercial that we play 9 times. It ticked me off, I am so not buying that car!!

  63. One off topic comment, Limited commercial interruption should not mean we only got one commercial that we play 9 times. It ticked me off, I am so not buying that car!!,/i>

    If one company offers to sponsor the episode it does. It happens sometimes. 24 does it with Ford.

  64. At one point, I happened to be waiting for a bathroom break, so instead of ff’ing through the commercials, I let it play, and then it played the same commercial 3 times in a row. There must be a better way.

    It should be noted that Nissan never really had me as a potential customer anyway. Maybe the Z…

  65. I had mixed feelings towards this episode, but I’m willing to give “Heroes” the benefit of the doubt. It continues to prove my theory that it’s often better to rip something off and try do your own take on it rather than adapt it directly.

    See, Season 1 stole directly from “Rising Stars,” “Days of the Future Past,” and “Watchmen,” but because it wasn’t a straight adaptation, it could take those plot elements in any direction it wanted while still capturing much of the same magic. Alan Moore does it with basically every one of his stories. You know who else did it? Shakespeare.

    Also, “Heroes” uses comic book storytelling devices, but doesn’t knock you over the head with them. Almost all of a given episodes camera setups and compositions would work in a contemporary superhero book. Plus Tim Sale’s art is everywhere. And the special effects are great. And there’s samurai.

    Ultimately, it’s one of the best shows on TV and hopefully remains as such.

  66. Ok, finally watched it! So, when does Heroes season 2 start, because what I just watched was obviously ‘Heroes: The Spoof’, right?… right?

    I’m half-joking, but only half. It had good moments (mainly with the new characters, oddly), but compare that episode to the season 1 pilot and the tone is completely off. The pilot was beautiful, poetic, exciting and thoughtful. This was an over-packed mess most of the time. I feel truly sorry for anyone who heard the season 1 hype and watched this episode as a newbie, they’d be LOST in seconds.

    But the episode was hands down stolen by David Anders as Sark… sorry, Kensei. His scenes with Hiro were great, and I can see this becoming my favourite arc for a while. But also heavy on the plagarism…

    Did anyone else notice that Anders’ Kensei was basically Captain Jack Sparrow??? Even the shot of Kensei being slapped by the swordsmith’s daughter was an EXACT copy of the shot from the first Pirates and he says “Not sure I deserved that”. Seriously, watch those 2 scenes back-to-back!

    I’ll keep watching for Anders and Kristen Bell (when she shows up) though.

  67. Also, I’m not 100% sure, but I think some of the villagers’ lines are directly lifted from “Seven Samurai.”

  68. I got my Hiro fix for the week, I had been jonsin’ all summer!

    I have to say I was suprized when Kensi unmasked I thought it was going to be Sulu, I had a theroy that George Taki’s character was really an Apokolips knock off.

    Anyone notice that Kensi’s symbol is the same mark that is used in Molly’s drawing and to mark on the photos of who is going to die?

    Also I’m thinking its an incarnation of Peter who pushed Sulu off the building. Note I say incarnation, I’m thinking he may have split in two from the explostion.