Heroes – S0206 – The Line

Tonight’s episode: “The Line“!

The action shifts to Canada tonight on Heroes! Canada, feudal Japan, and a few other places, I’m sure.

Momentum is on the side of this show, the last few weeks have been strong.

Here’s hoping Hiro takes a step toward returning to the present, Claire takes a step toward the dark side, and Peter knows how to speak French — he’s going to need it in Montreal.


  1. Hopefully Conor will give us the play by play again tonight! I love those! WooT wOOt! ;P

  2. I’m so freakin’ tired. My show diary is going to consist of a lot of really insightful observations about hoZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. For once I agree with the evil cheerleaders – that was the worst cheer I’ve ever seen.

  4. why would Europeans assume that french signs means Montreal, not Paris?

  5. Taskmasterette is heading towards the Most Badass Character on The Show territory.

  6. “Who are you?”

    “Ned. Ned Ryerson.”



    I may have my entertainment media mixed up.

  7. I hate goldfinger.

  8. I think HRG is hunting Jason Bourne.

  9. Goldfinger? Were you watching Chuck?

  10. That was awesome, I love Chuck

  11. chubby glasses guy turns things to gold by touch. The little spoon, when he met suresh.

  12. Come to the dark side, Claire! She is dating Anakin Skywalker.

    Sylar needs a good bar of soap.

  13. HIRO!!

  14. chubby glasses guy turns things to gold by touch. The little spoon, when he met suresh.

    Ooooooooh. Ned Ryerson.

  15. Last year, Hiro was my favorite. This year – at this point – I really don’t care. Kensei better become really important soon. So far it’s just the same scene over and over in feudal Japan.

  16. grrr! I missed the first 10 minutes!

  17. I think they are laying the foundation for a bigger more relevant story with Hiro. The symbol on the faces of those targeted to die are the same as those on Kensie’s banner. Maybe he is in the future killing people. He is the earliest known person with powers. He could have lived this whole time.

  18. Here we go…. Countdown to the Twins Death.

  19. Waite Kensie is the blond guy in the past right?

  20. Yes.

  21. Ski masks… are they going to rob a 7-11?

  22. I like that they gave HRG a bit of his edge back. He’s a much stronger character when he resides squarely in the gray.

  23. Aaah! Minute Men!

    Don’t do it, Suresh! Don’t take away the potential badassness…!


  24. Those Minute Men are D-O-O-M doomed.

  25. I’m so glad I’m done with High School.

  26. Man, where were those cheerleaders back when I was in high school?

    And I hope Sylar becomes more awesome.


  28. Clair is totally laying low.

  29. “Man, where were those cheerleaders back when I was in high school?”

    we had drunk slutty cheerleaders. mean too. well some were decent.

  30. “Not enough to imagine dead bodies and flying monsters.”

  31. OOo…Claire’s being devious.

  32. the hell… so now EVERYONE has powers

  33. Ron called and I had to pause the DVR!

    Exciting iFanboy news, to be sure, but now I’m behind.

    The Evil Cheerleaders are Sharpie-ing some poor girls. Here’s my question – why can’t Claire just tell her dad that she had joined the cheerleaders but then quit because the girls are… well, evil? This seems like a lot of work to cover up a lie about being with Floppy McAnakin.

  34. I don’t think the swordsmith’s power is to make guns.

    Oh snap! What did Hiro do? Just jump time or jump time AND space?

  35. I think he just teleported, but who knows maybe he’ll meet Kensai for the first time again after commercials

  36. ha ha ha HA HA HA Snicker/// Floppy McAnakin.

    Awsome conor.

    so, um want to break the exciting news here?

    You know start an internet buzz

  37. Suresh should have just stuck Ned Ryerson with that needle to see if the serum worked.

    I think Suresh’s super power is to be totally oblivious to people about to double cross him.

  38. OH SNAP!

    The swordsmith’s daughter is smarter than everyone in the show. Combined.

    And seriously, that’s a loaded question to ask someone.



  39. I’m almost back to live!

    Nah, I can’t talk about the news just yet – don’t want to jinx anything – but you won’t have to wait too long. Probably about a month.

    This chick is not very perceptive if she can’t tell the difference between Hiro and Kensei ‘s eyes.

    Aaaaaand Kensei is now going to turn evil and kill all the old Heroes because Hiro kissed his girl.

  40. Sylar loves brains.

    And he’s ungodly evil.

  41. sylar is soooo creepy

  42. Dude totally knows english, he’s faking

  43. I gotta admit I love Sylar.

  44. I love my DVR more than most of my relatives, but I hate that it has given us GIANT FREAKIN’ BANNER ADS FOR MOVIES IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SHOWS! This is network TV, not TNT!

  45. HRG may be more evil than Sylar.

    Damn, he’s a fantastic character.

  46. HRG is so tough.

  47. and… dead!

  48. I called it! If it’s true, then Kensei turns crazy, killing everyone.

    And HRG just killed that man….holy crap.

  49. Oh, CRAP!

    That was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!

  50. ET Canada just makes me sad

  51. HRG may be more evil than Sylar.

    Nah, Sylar is pure evil. He has no morals, no reasons behind his actions other than his thirst for more delicious powers.

    HRG commits evil acts for reasons he believes are just. It’s way more complex. And awesome.

  52. Come on Kensei, stab Hiro! DO IT!

  53. Suckerpunched him. Knew it.

  54. Oh, Kensei – you evil bastard!


  56. Best use for an iPod ever.

  57. that is one cool ipod. Taskmasterette is going to be a cool character. She could have a solo show, maybe a cartoon.

  58. Taskmasteretee is going to single handedly save New Orleans! Take that, K-Ville!

  59. Yeah send the CRAZY CHICk to instill trust

  60. Looks like the rest of the season just got laid out.

  61. “What does it mean?”

    It means Tim Sale still gets paid.

  62. Adam…?

    He’s remembering!

  63. Man, is New York gonna get it… again?

  64. It’s the virus!

  65. Tim Susco? Any idea who that is?

    That was sweet.

  66. …I think they might do another future episode.

  67. okay… who’s Adam?

  68. New York always gets it.

  69. I have to admit, that was pretty sweet. This show is on a serious role.

    FYI – Tim Susco, 25 year old location manager for Heroes. That sucks.

  70. Posted by: MastaP at October 29, 2007 9:57 PM
    Yeah send the CRAZY CHICk to instill trust

    More like sent her as a threat.

  71. Yeah, Suresh knows it too. Poor, naive Suresh.

  72. I almost aplauded when Claire’s dad killed Ivan. I love a character that is is not the usual boyscout. And Bob enlisting Monica as a new agent makes me kind of un-easy. I really have a bad feeling that shes going to die long before the season is over.

  73. “I think Suresh’s super power is to be totally oblivious to people about to double cross him.”

    Am I the only person who thinks this particular actor has struggled to sell the intelligence of the character from Day-One? Even the voice overs in the first series sounded silly…

  74. Just wanted to say some things about the paintings in the end for those with no pause feature…
    A sword fight between Hiro and Kensi will be sweet.
    Sylar using a gun.
    HRG shot with Claire in the back round kissing a shadowy figure.
    Something with a test tube.
    Peter using his powers in some way.

    Thats all I got but there was probably some I missed if anyone wants to add some. Preview for next week looks amazing. As an x-men fan I always love jumping into the future. I miss Kristen Bell and her hotness.

  75. How did Tim Susco die?

  76. Tim Susco (my brother) was a locations assistant manager on Heroes. He passed away in August from a ruptured brain aneurysm. I’m really happy Heroes was able to remember him in that manner.

  77. My condolences, Tom. That’s heartbreaking.

  78. I hardly ever research the ‘In Memory of’ but I did tonight after heros. Damn it is sad to see someone depart at such a young age…and obviously with great potential. My condolences to his family and friends…

  79. That is tragic, so young…I have a good friend who is having surgery on her brain aneurysm this week…she had a siezure and doctors said that had she not had that MAJOR warning sign, her’s would’ve likely ruptured resulting in her death.
    Tom Susco, I don’t know if you’re related or if it’s just a coicidence but I’m very sorry if Tim was someone close to you. I too work on a television show in a similar role, I’m sure the cast and crew was devasted by the loss.

  80. Same here…the reason i researched his name was b/c they had it up longer than usual. I am very for your loss Tom…it’s always ashame when we lose someone so young

  81. I am very sorry for your loss as well. I am glad that they were able to remember a friend in that manner as well.

  82. Tom—I re-read your post…I see now Tim was your brother, I’m so so very sorry for your loss.

  83. I also imdb’ed Tim Susco. I’m so sorry Tom. It is hard to lose a brother at such a young age. My brother died at 19. It is hard. You will get through the pain, but not the memories. The memories will last forever.

  84. Google search on Tim is pointing to this thread, so the Heroes “in memoriam” reached many… My condolences Tom and to your family.

  85. Tim Susco was my best friend for many years in Reston. I played baseball with him, and he and I hung out constantly. I hadn’t seen or heard from him since the 8th grade. Tim was a marvelous person and its the world’s loss.

    My heart goes out to you Tom.

    Dan Voigt

  86. Tom,
    very sorry to hear. I also work for the studios and lost my 20 year old only sister quite a few months ago. Times will be hard but know he’s in a better place and would want you all to be happy.

  87. I cant wait to see “Taskmasterette” out in action…watching her replicate the gymnast verbatim was cool. I believe Micah showed her a copy “9th Wonder” featuring a female character with the same power called St. Joan who protects New Orleans….hmmm.

    Finally the Wonder Twin story line is paying off. The whole speech Syler gave to Zan was creepy-sweet. And the idea of Jayna being a disciple of his is pretty cool, too.

    I’m liking how everyone is breaking of into teams of two. Makes for interesting personality/power match-ups.

    Superboy finally almost had a point to existing as he is able to push Claire beyond her comfort zone.

  88. Did anyone else notice the billboard behind Peter and Caitlin during the bad green screen shot in Times Square? One of them looked like the character on the 9th wonders comic that Michah showed Monica. Didn’t see any words though.

  89. My heart goes out to you as well Tom.

    I’d also like to point out something I found today Ifanboys. It’s a bit of a spoiler so here goes.

    According to an entry in Kristin Dos Santos’ E! Online blog, Kensei will also appear in the present, having lived through the 400 years in-between the two time periods.

  90. I love reading these the day after the show… hilarious.

    “According to an entry in Kristin Dos Santos’ E! Online blog, Kensei will also appear in the present, having lived through the 400 years in-between the two time periods.”

    Kensei = Linderman?

  91. No. Definitely not.

  92. “According to an entry in Kristin Dos Santos’ E! Online blog, Kensei will also appear in the present, having lived through the 400 years in-between the two time periods.”

    Kensei = Clair? I think so

  93. moving the spoiler off the main page. Don’t need to quote it anymore….

  94. Tom, my sincerest condolences on your loss, that is truly tragic. I’m lucky enough to have never lost a sibling, so I can’t imagine what that was like for you. My best to you and yours.

    I could critique this episode but somehow that seems a little trivial now. All I will say is that it’s nice he was remembered on such a kick-ass episode. We’re definitely on a roll now, it’s back to being the show I loved.

  95. I was going to bring up the question of what this year’s downturn in the ratings was going to do to Heroes: Origins. Guess I don’t have to anymore.

    False Start For NBC’s Heroes: Origins

    By Andrew Wallenstein

    Nov 1, 2007

    Fears of a writers strike may have already contributed to a decision NBC made Wednesday to pull the highly anticipated spinoff miniseries of its hit “Heroes” from a midseason launch.

    NBC declined comment, but “Heroes: Origins” is not going to get its six-episode run, which was expected to start as early as late April. While the network hasn’t officially canceled the spinoff, producers of the series have been given no indication of when it might get a spot on the schedule.

    Sources indicated “Origins” may be just the first of many projects lined up at the broadcast networks in 2008 that will get downgraded as a result of the potential strike, which could severely affect the TV industry. Budget allocations made months ago for a range of scripted programs, many of which will not be feasible without sidelined writers, will likely be reconsidered and potentially shifted to strike-proof material like reality and news programs.

    “Origins” had been highly touted as a midseason addition since NBC’s upfront in May, when then-entertainment president Kevin Reilly envisioned spelling “Heroes” when it took a late-season hiatus. The network had been promoting “Origins” well in advance of its premiere, noting the enlistment of such top directors as Kevin Smith and Eli Roth to write and direct select episodes.

    However, it is also possible that NBC, now under the creative direction of Ben Silverman, may have seen its enthusiasm diminish for an expansion of the “Heroes” franchise given a pronounced ratings drop-off in recent weeks for the flagship series.

  96. What? Arrrrrg! I was so looking foward to this spinoff.

    Damn Strike. Although what I really don’t understand is the ratings dropoff. Maybe, just maybe, more people are dvring the show now. I mean, Survivor’s rating have been going down w/ wach installment, yet it is reported as one of the most highly dvred shows.

  97. I’ve figured out why HEROES sucks this year!

    J.J. Philbin (yes, Regis’s daughter) joined the production staff.

    She’s like the modern day Ted McGinley for TV Shows.
    She joins the cast and the show goes in the shitter.

    She worked on the ill-fated Coupling at NBC, she joined the OC and then everything went to shit on that show…and looks like she strikes again on HEROES

    sad, really.

  98. I wasn’t convinced at the start, but I’ve loved the last 3 episodes. This show is back to being great, and I honestly didn’t think I’d say that when I saw the first couple of episodes.

    Did J.J Philbin write any of the episodes? Or direct them? If so then I’d blame her.

    Otherwise, rather than blame a celebrity (who I’ve never heard of), point the finger at Tim Kring.

  99. Suresh was not affected by Eve’s “suggestion” in season 1. Correct? Could his power be a invincibility to certain powers? He’s Sexy as hell but yeah playing it kinda dumb. But that would be the director’s fault.

  100. a european would likely make the assumption a street sign written in french was montreal rather than france if she’d just seen a one way ticket to montreal in the box of belongings of her new lover….

  101. I gotta go with those who think the show’s picking back up. Great episode.

    Condolences on your loss, friends and family of Tim Susco. They found my Mom’s aneurysm by accident looking for something else. I lost a great-uncle to one though. Hope the publicity leads to a lot of donations to the charity fund.