Heroes – S01E23 – How to Stop an Exploding Man

Tonight’s episode: “How to Stop an Exploding Man.”

Well, it all comes down to this. The first season of Heroes wraps up tonight and unlike most season finales when you look forward to the big cliffhanger, this is more like the finale to a long mini-series when you look forward to the conclusion.

The great thing about the way they are running this show is that practically no one is safe tonight. We know that not all of the characters are going to be used next year so there is a much greater sense of urgency and danger.

I’m thrilled that this show has become successful. Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, when Ron, Gordon the Intern and I saw the pilot we were convinced it wouldn’t last six weeks. Boy were we wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about that.


  1. just started catching up with this show and after how cool the last one was I can’t wait for tonight.
    the show is just picking and choosing little bits from some of my favorite books, the original squadron supreme, watchmen, Rising Stars , the punisher, days of future past. someone needs to watch the whole thing and compile all the things that are homages to other comics into some kind of massive list. I am sure someone will do this.

  2. this has been the best show of 06-07…i cant wait for next season (and the midseason spinoff)…there is almost no way to ruin this episode…unless peter trips over one of tchalla’s extra costumes that he left laying around on the floor…

  3. I’m watching The Punisher on FX while I wait till 9:00, anyone like/dislike the movie? I think that the story’s good and Thomas Jane’s Punisher is awesome, but the diolaugue and music (bum bum bum… be scared!) are severely lacking.

  4. There is no way in the world for NBC to make the next season of Heroes more appealing to me than making it a historical fiction.

    Oh, crap, I think I may pass out from excitement!

  5. Hmmm… I liked it. There were some pretty big plot holes, but I liked it.

    Not quite as exciting as I’d hoped, but Nathan arriving at the end was pretty dope.

    I don’t want to be super nitpicky so I won’t say anything except that Sylar can stop four bullets but not Hiro coming at him from 20 feet?

    It was good, though.

  6. Yeah, I caught those, and it was way too convenient for all of the Heroes to end up in the same place for the volume’s conclusion.

  7. Huh.

    You know…? Didn’t love it. Really disappointed to say so, but didn’t love it.

    I spent most of the climax saying to my television, “Hey there, can’t Peter, you know, fly? I’m an old man, but I’d swear he could fly in like the second episode. Oh, there’s Nathan! Somebody remembered.”

    When Richard Roundtree said, “You had the power inside you all along,” I thought, “Uhhhhh-oh. He’s going to drown Sylar in schmaltz.”

    Speaking of which: please, please tell me that manhole didn’t mean what it looked like. I beg you.

    I enjoyed the rest of the season. All in all, it goes in the win column.

  8. Speaking of which: please, please tell me that manhole didn’t mean what it looked like. I beg you.

    You would think that the mysterious person who si worse than Sylar would be enough…

    By the way, “he can see me”? Cre-EPY.

  9. I enjoyed the season for the most part, though for a show that was trying to be anti-Lost in story telling style it seemed like they were doing a lot of stalling to get to the last ten minutes of that episode.

    The only other nitpick is that they really didn’t write many of the characters to be quick on their feet. But, I guess if everyone can take about 1-5 bullets to the chest and pull through there isn’t a lot of necessity to be clever about your powers.

    It was fun though, I hope this gets them a bigger budget next year to play with.

    (semi new to the site–big fan of it btw–tried to post about Spidey 3 but it didn’t go through.)

  10. Yeah, I liked it but it didn’t blow me away … until the end. I really liked the freakin’ solar eclipse and am dying to know what that will be about. My question is the consistent rumor has been that next season will be an all new cast. Are they backing away from that or perhaps some will stay and some will go.

    I loved Parkman getting lit up with bullets by Sylar after his big talk about stopping him. that character always annoyed me for some reason.

    what do we think about that new Joker picture?

  11. … or perhaps some will stay and some will go.


    what do we think about that new Joker picture?

    Wrong thread.

  12. By the way, “he can see me”? Cre-EPY.

    Season 2’s villain is Sauron!

    I’m going to spend the summer imagining that the mysterious evil man dragged Sylar’s body into the sewers and ate it. He’s a good, effective villain, but not if he keeps coming back like Cobra Commander. With his powers, you reach a point where it becomes unbelievable even for what it is.

  13. The finale was HORRIBLE. This show has been so disappointing it’s not even funny.

    1. Five episodes in you knew Peter had to fly away to avoid killing anybody. I can’t believe anyone thought this was a surprise. Hasn’t anyone seen Iron Giant?!

    2. Why did Nathan have to fly Peter into the sky??? Peter can fly on his own!!!!!! Is there some rule against two powers at once?

    3. Sylar is supposed to be this “big bad,” however he got “killed” in the quickest/weakest way possible. Hiro just strolls up and stabs him!!! WTF!

    4. The episode was done very hastily. Now when you look back at the weaker episodes you see how truly annoying they are. Everything happened too fast and too neat. For example, Peter is all like “My brother is good, he can be trusted, et cetera.” Then he hears one of his thoughts and says Clair was right!!! He doesn’t try to talk him out of it, or ask him why he’s such a dick!! Some loyalty!

    I’m sure many will say I’m nitpicking, but I expected a LOT more. Very disappointing.

  14. WOW! that was amazing

  15. I’m going to spend the summer imagining that the mysterious evil man dragged Sylar’s body into the sewers and ate it.

    It was Famine from 52. Sooooo hungry….

    I’m going to count myself firmly in between the 2 camps of god that sucked!, and Oh man that was awesome!

  16. Did I miss something? I thought Sylar crawled to the sewer. Was there something else that indicated that he was dragged by the new villain?
    Help me out here.

  17. Was there something else that indicated that he was dragged by the new villain?

    Just desperate prayers and gumdrop wishes, my friend. The language hasn’t come up with a word yet for how done I was with Sylar.

  18. Hasn’t anyone seen Iron Giant?!

    Judging by the box office – no.

  19. Yes, Peter can fly, but his powers are based on focus. If he focused on flying, he’d lose any shred of control over the nuclear powers. Plus, he even said, “I can’t control it. I can’t do anything.”

    I loved the finale. It was a tiny-bit anti-climactic, but only because I psyched myself up for it so much. I don’t know if anything could have lived up to the hype in my head.

    My little bit of speculation for next season is that in addition to absorbing Nikki’s strength, Peter also absorbed whatever caused her to see/be Jessica. That means Nathan WILL be back in some form next season, if only in Peter’s head.

    never considered that!

    Here’s another point of speculation:
    I think mohinder has powers, that being some sort of healing touch. Everyone he touched (or transfused with his blood) in the episode WAS on their deathbed, and seemed to pull through.

    Also, being near Sylar for the first time, does Peter not have all of the powers that Sylar had stolen?

  21. You are right….If Peter absorbs powers, he should have everyone of Sylar’s.

    Here’s another thing that really bugged me. Clair’s dad told Ted how to control his powers in about 3 seconds and Ted was able to do it. Instead of exploding, or setting things on fire, he was able to channel his ability into an electromagnetic pulse. Why is that Mr. Bennett never shared this with Peter whenever they spoke? I think that’s an important piece of information.

  22. I felt that it was a huge disappointment. I kept looking at the clock and thinking “They only have 25/20/15/10 minutes to have a really kick ass climax!?!?!?” The whole season built up to this huge battle between Peter and Sylar and it barely lasted 5 minutes. hmmmm, sylar gets hit with a parking meter, stops 6 bullets, gets stabbed (which made no sense by the way) and then shoot Hiro into a building. I wasn’t disappointed with the entire episode (or the whole season) but the fight was a big let down. It felt like it should have been a 2 hour season finale.
    Im glad they didn’t kill Ando or Mr. (Noah) Bennett but Parkman’s gotta go though.
    Hiro in the past and the Big Bad Bogeyman could be really interesting for next season, I just hope they don’t build up to such a big disappointment like they did this year. They still have me for Volume 2 for now.

  23. you know…I like this show and I liked the episode, but I to me it just felt a little less than when the show started in the fall. I feel like this is another case of when the series started, the creators didn’t think they’d last and they were surprised by the popularity and then they started going and then things got convoluted and complicated.

    But most of all, I was disappointed in the showdown at the end, like Mike, I was hoping for a badass fight and it was next to nothing…but at the same time, I enjoyed watching it, so go figure.

  24. This is the second time Peter and Sylar squared off and the viewers got nothing out of it. At the end of “Five Years Later” they met in the hallway and started to throw down but all we saw was Mohinder trying to keep the door closed so Sylar couldn’t get in. We got shafted then and we got shafted again last night.

  25. I kept kinda hoping that it was a 2-hour finale. Obviously it wasn’t but I enjoyed it anyway. I purposely turned off my fanboy brain whenever watching this show to avoid nitpicking. Even reading everything now my attitude is just “meh, I still liked it”.

    But I did have one tiny nitpick. If Peter was going nuclear why not just get him some carbon rods and knock him into the fountain just like you would if a real nuclear reactor was about to go. I’m no physicist but I know they do have plans for situations like this.

    That’s all I got, I enjoyed it, Peter flying never gets old and Hiro is totally powerful enough to stab Sylar, they showed that he’s faster and Sylar had just had the shit beaten out of him with a parking meter and a superstrong Peter. Plus I really liked that Sylar “died” the same in the show as in the comic.

    As for the sewer at the end, there was a cockroach crawling on the manhole cover and there were cockroaches in Sylar’s cell when he was all doped up but managed to escape. I wonder if Sylar found a way to get “cockroach power” or if that has something to do with next season’s boogeyman.

    Molly should also play Molly in a Runaways movie.

  26. I think mohinder has powers, that being some sort of healing touch. Everyone he touched (or transfused with his blood) in the episode WAS on their deathbed, and seemed to pull through.

    If that turns out to be the case then fingers crossed he pulls a Chloe Sullivan

  27. Everyone crying about being shafted out of huge fight in the finale – this isn’t a $200 million big budget summer movie. There’s only so much they can do with a weekly show.

    But, I agree that the fight could have been longer.

  28. I should give credit where it’s due: I have really enjoyed Heroes despite really not expecting to from the outset. When the advertising started last summer, my wife said “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” but I said “ohhh boy.” I was expecting a bargain basement X-Men with “Lost” aspirations, but the show really exceeded my expectations. So, yes, the finale left me cold, but they still gave me 20 episodes that were better than I could have hoped for.

  29. I liked it. Despite what comes next, I really liked it.

    But I did wonder, since Sylar can’t heal–how in the world did he get up when Nikki clocked him with a parking meter? That would knock a guy out. Plus Peter beat him with Jessica super-strength. I think he would have been out of it. I know, it is just a show.

    Hiro, cut off the head–make sure he’s dead.

    For next season, I’m guessing most of the ‘dead’ come back. I think even Nathan is a lock. No reason he had to stay there until the explosion. Once he got up there, he could fly away.

    Wondering what is Shaft’s power and what was Grandma’s power? It should have been Cheerleader pushing her out of a window.

  30. Meh. There were no surprises. I called every piece of that ahead of time. Nathan flying Peter away? Called in halfway through the season. Matt getting shot? Called it last episode. Sylar surviving? Called it when his contract was renewed. Hiro going back in time so that he can actually be Kensai and become his own hero? Called it when they stole the sword. On the other hand, Peter with super strength? Awesome.

    Quinn’s notes:
    Richard Roundtree and Mrs. Petrelli both have powers. Roundtree’s power is… prophetic dreams. It’s the only power Peter has shown that no one else in the show has.

    I don’t think we ever saw Peter use more than one power at a time. Even if we did, he wasn’t thinking straight at the end. He did absorb Sylar’s power. Peter now has the ability to eat peoples’ brains and gain their powers. (That’s Sylar’s power. The other stuff isn’t what Peter would get.) I doubt he’ll ever use this particular ability. He can also repair clocks.

    Speaking of the end:

    Dear Nathan:

    If you’re going to fly Peter up into the sky where both of you will die, why not let Claire try to shoot him first? How is that worse than both of you dying? Idiot.


  31. This is my contribution to all the Heroes paraphernalia!

  32. He did absorb Sylar’s power. Peter now has the ability to eat peoples’ brains and gain their powers. (That’s Sylar’s power. The other stuff isn’t what Peter would get.)

    Peter got the telekinesis from Sylar so clearly he did absorb all of Sylar’s available powers.

  33. Ufff I just finished watching it!!
    I liked it but I spent all season waiting for a bigger team-up… The fight was a bit dissapointing in that sense.
    Heroes Generations was great!!!

  34. I agree with most of the posts that said the finale was a bit anti-climatic. It might sound sick, but I was hoping they were unable to stop the explosion. The post-apocalyptic New York looked awesome from the future episode. Hiro’s stabbing of Sylar would have been more believable if he had frozen time and then ran up and stabbed him. That said, I’m still hooked and all in for V.2. DO they form a team in the next volume. Claire mentioned that she wanted to go out “on patrol.”

  35. I thought the finale was well done, but could of been better. That cool sword training sequence from 22 led to a simple forward thrust in 23. Yeah, there should of been something more to Hiro and Sylar facing off. How Sylar started taking out the other heroes was pretty sweet though.

  36. Note to self:

    Never shoot a gun at a TKer.

  37. I gotta say, I also expected a slightly larger fight due to their constant teasings and that whole bit at the end of “Five Years Past(?)”, and everything at the end just felt too predictable. All in all, I would have preferred a longer finale (for some reason I thought they were gonna extend the length of the finale episode) in where they tied up all of the stories just a bit neater, and… you know what, I don’t really know how to explain myself in words right now save to say that I was left a bit disappointed. Oh! and the reason why I expected a pretty decent fight scene at the end also probably had to do with all of the current super-hero movies showing and on how Battlestar Galactica seems to be able to have some great looking space-battle scenes on their show.

    -Anonymous out

  38. I liked it, it kicked butt. As for the whole syler peter fight it wasn’t much of a let down, they were going for a more realistic effect to the fight and fights really don’t last that long, also your assuming Syler didn’t let Hero just kill him you forget that Syler can see into the future and saw that he doesn’t die from the blast.

    Also they have volume two to wrap up some other issues.

    Now since hiro is in the past it might be safe to assume that he is the Samurai that he looked up to but I think it actualy ends up being his Dad, last episode he said something that kinda clues you off. It might have been brought up earler though.

  39. lol Valo u raise some really interesting points there. I’m going to give the writters the benefit of the doubt and say that this was a ploy, there upto something. i suppose syler did spend a lot of time painting the future – i suppose he could of strategicaly done it. and i think the ‘five years later’ episode should of been the start of season 2, that is after the bomb went off.

  40. Peter got the telekinesis from Sylar so clearly he did absorb all of Sylar’s available powers.

    You’re absolutely right. I checked on this, and the best theory I can find is that Peter has to be present when Sylar uses the power to absorb it. That’s as good an explanation as any for why Peter doesn’t have the ice, hearing or melting powers, yet.

    Either way, I think that for the show to work Peter has to be either dead or depowered. (He can use more than one at a time: he was invisible and used telekenisis in an earlier ep.) Peter’s power level is way, way too high to keep up with, storywise, especially if he ever becomes competent.

    If Sylar took Molly’s power, do you think the show format would change from a drama to a cooking show? “1001 Recipes for Brains.”

  41. Hiro in 1671 struck me in its historical accuracy somewhat like seeing a show and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know George Washington crossed the Delaware in 1840, or was that his mutant brother?”

    Ok, I really liked the last episode, and it’s ballsy that they didn’t go out on a major cliffhanger as shows usually do. I can see the various problems people noted here, but I think overall it was fun to watch for me.

    But “Outside Kyoto in 1671?!?” I will be interested next season as to why the writers settled on 1671. Everyone in Japan knows that the first Tokugawa Shogun unified and took control of Japan in 1600 after about 200 years of chaotic civil war, the civil war part depicted in any Kurosawa movie you ever saw.

    People in Japan know this the same way all Americans know what happened in 1776. After 1600, the Shogun’s government pacified the country. It really is as famous a date as 1492 (Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue), 1776 or 1812 is in the US. This last scene in Heroes really goes against the story Hiro’s dad told him, which would have been a story set BEFORE the Shogun unified and pacified the coutry.

    Yes, it may seem like a major nitpick, but it’s a bit like watching a show where someone time travels and meets British troops in Philadelphia in 1840 running the place, flying the flag of Queen Victoria. Me no understand, writers of heroes don’t have access to Wikipedia? I don’t mind the history being a bit wrong, but being REALLY wrong when all they had to do was set it back in time and maybe do a little Wikipedia?

    But hey, the writers have stunned me with their ability to get Japanese history and culture both really really right and really really wrong in equal proportion, so who knows what comes next…

    I’m interested, I’ll be around when it comes back next season.