Heroes – S01E21 – The Hard Part

Tonight’s episode: “The Hard Part.”

The X-M– I mean, the Rising Sta–, I mean the Heroes only have three more weeks to save the world!

Last week’s glimpse into a future where the Heroes failed to stop Sylar was kicked my ass and took my name. And I liked it. I’m looking for this week to continue the momentum as Hiro comes back from the future with the knowledge that — though he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, even evil someones — he has to take his sword to Sylar to save the world.


  1. how could you remember Rising Star but forget to mention Watchmen.

  2. Because there is only one aspect of the Watchmen that is being used on Heroes, not an entire premise.

  3. I’m starting to get realy psyched for the ending, I can’t wait to se what happens.

  4. decent episode, I’m excited for the last 2.

    and make that 2 Watchmen aspects, it’s minor but Sylar is a watchmaker

  5. A decent episode, but it didn’t really further the whole plot that much. Nice characterization of Sylar though.

    “I’m Layla Miller, I know stuff. I mean, Molly Walker.”

    But last weeks episode was awesome, so I don’t see how they could have topped that.

  6. Remember the girl who could make people do whatever she said? Didn’t Sylar take her powers? It’s been a while.

  7. and make that 2 Watchmen aspects, it’s minor but Sylar is a watchmaker

    Beat me to it. Osterman!

  8. Kirby Plaza was a nice touch.

    Everytime Claire and Peter have a scene together I can’t help but think that in her head she’s thinking: “If wanting to make out with my uncle is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

  9. Anyone think that Bennett/Parkman/Sprague will kill Walker, if they even get the chance? And the shot of Peter’s hands at the end was such a great way to end the episode.

  10. Sylar didn’t get Eden’s powers, she took her life before he could take her brain.

  11. There we go. I knew I was missing a piece.

  12. Holy Crap CONOR!! I think the same thing every time. I find myself going “I wonder when they are just gonna hook up already, OH yeah, thats her uncle, creepy!”
    Anyway love the show ,Sylar is cool, Spiderman sucked, see ya later.

  13. I feel like whatever Peter’s dream showed will be wrong because Issac and Simone are both in it and they’re dead.

    oh and how did Sylar see Hiro? Did Hiro restart time just before killing him and then chickened out or did Sylar somehow see it coming?

  14. So…. who thinks Peter is going to die the hero by sacrificing himself for the greater good of not exploding, after helping defeat Sylar of course

  15. Also, anyone get the feeling like Hiro and Ando and the R2 and C3po (respectively) of the Heroes Story

  16. Love that comparison, Luke. I totally agree.

    I’ve heard that these characters will be replaced for the next season, kind of like a reboot…

  17. I think Sylar didn’t take Eden’s powers because she blew her own brains out. I think it is not enough to just die. Remember she died right in front of him. Mush those brains!

    This was a good episode, but I knew it wasn’t going to like last week’s gold.

  18. -Everytime Claire and Peter have a scene together I can’t help but think that in her head she’s thinking: “If wanting to make out with my uncle is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”-

    Same here. Isn

  19. Ditto on the Claire and Peter “urge to incest” thing. I got the same impression. Very, very weird.

    I will toot my own horn and say that I was singing Ando’s praise long ago when everyone just loved Hiro and gave Ando no attention, and now Ando seems like the pivotal figure. I can see the R2D2 and C3PO comparison — that’s funny. Actually, Hiro and Ando are a fairly “stock in trade” type “buddy combo”
    character types in Japanese comics, so it’s not surprising the two are so linked as the story has played out.

    Here’s the real betting action – who is willing to go on record and say whether or not we find out if the explosion does or does not take place before the end of this season. Will we end the season seconds before the explosion? Will an explosion
    happen and we’re not sure if it actually occurs in New York?
    Those are my two best guesses..

    Any takers?

  20. I hope the Peter explodes and next season takes place like in a time like weeks episode.

  21. Peters Dad is going to come back and calm him down before the explosion occurs, after faking his own death as he had decided that he didn’t want anything to do with Linderman’s plans, and seens as his wife was in on it, had to go against her aswell.

    I don’t think there’ll be an explosion at all, it will be stopped, and next season will be a flash back of how the parents came into their powers and saved the world for a time, the great evil from that series will most likely seem to have been defeated and the third season will be the new heroes trying to stop it as it reemerges.

  22. / obviously that was all a guess, after rereading it seems like that IS what was going to happen, it’s just a spanner in the works idea of what could happen /


    Heroes Looks Mortal

    by Joal Ryan Tue May 8, 11:38 AM ET

    Los Angeles (E! Online) – If Heroes was Superman, then Joey Fatone just might be kryptonite.

    The NBC series has had trouble taking off in the ratings since returning from spring break, and finding itself faced with Fatone and his Dancing with the Stars sidekicks.

    On Monday, Heroes fell to 11.1 million viewers, compared to the night-best 19.1 million schmoozed by ABC’s ballroom show, per Nielsen Media Research estimates.

    Heroes was down from last week (21st place, 11.9 million), down from the week before that (17th place, 12 million), and quite a bit down from its season-to-date average (14.6 million).

    By comparison, Monday’s Dancing, featuring the moves of its final five couples, hit its biggest audience in six weeks.

    Heroes continues to hold the edge in attracting advertiser-coveted 18-to-49-year-olds, although for a certified “It” show, its lead over a tuxedoed descendant of
    Lawrence Welk isn’t as big as might be expected.

    For most of its freshman season, Heroes didn’t have to worry about being shown up by ex-‘N Sync singers in satin shirts. It aired on Mondays; Dancing aired on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Then, in March, Heroes took a vacation. When it came back, on Apr. 23, the new season of Dancing was up and running with Heather Mills’ one good leg, and airing on Mondays and Tuesdays. The shows typically go head-to-head on Monday from 9-9:30 p.m.

    Heroes isn’t the only Monday series whose powers have been zapped in recent weeks. Since Dancing’s new season premiered on March 19, Fox’s 24 has seen its season-to-date average shrink by more than 1 million viewers, from 14.6 million to 13.5 million. On Monday night, the show scored an estimated 10.9 million. (Like Heroes, 24 airs from 9-10 p.m., usually going up against the coattail end of Dancing.)

    The 24 funk has been blamed on a literally tortuous sixth season; Heroes’ has been blamed on its interminable six-week-long siesta. Neither is feared to be fatal


    Oh Howl rugged voice in the wilderness, I add my cry to yours…

    My answer to your question:

    The idea that large private corporations that exist to make money —
    are innately good at making good decisions because —
    they are large private corporations that exist to make money —

    is completely circular and wrong headed logic, but we somehow love to believe in this particular brand of modern ideology that has no basis in fact.

    Dancing with the Stars and American Idol may be pretty ludricous fluff, but it is incredibly well targeted ludricrous fluff that adheres to a programming schedule that fits the fluff that it is. BBC has never followed the 22-23 episodes model, stretched over one year with big hiatus’, and HBO doesn’t either. 10-13 episodes, coming out week after week, right on time.

    So there it is — highly paid executives at large corporations that are supposed to make money are making stupid decisions. But there are others that make strategic decisions, while their competition is stuck in a rut, blind as a bat. Some already have their golden parachute executive pension plan, what do they care?

    My own theory is this — private corporations are no less likely than governement agencies to fall victim to large scale bureaucratic inertia, bad decision making, and promotion of people who should not be promoted due to patronage rather than merit.

    Both private and public sectors can be equally daft, both can be equally smart…

    “Dancing to the Stars.” God Bless America.

  25. Well, I don’t watch Lost anymore, but I hear that they are running ALL of their episodes back to back for the entire seasons right to the end in the future. (The next 3 years?) Someone obviously used a little brain activity to finally come up with this. I wish more shows did this.

  26. What do you know?! This was quick!

    “To stretch the normal 22-episode season of “Heroes,” which faltered after its long hiatus this year, NBC will add “Heroes: Origins.” The spinoff will introduce a new character each week, and viewers will select which one stays for the following season. The two series will have 30 new episodes combined.

    Since it found an audience this season with superpowered stars, NBC will remake “Bionic Woman” with Michelle Ryan in the title role.”

    H:Origins will be a bunch of one-off stories where fans get to vote who should get on to the main show in the next year. Interesting, but I hate these phone-in shows. It just opens to door for either rigging or “vote for the loser” type trolls.