Heroes – S01E19 – .07%

Tonight’s episode – “.07%.”

Hey… remember this show?

After yet another momentum killing break – it’s back!

The last batch of episodes were really, really good. And the fact that the producers have said that this series is going to be in the 24 model (i.e. a completely different whole story every season) and that the cast won’t be the same every season really has me excited because that means that anything can happen.

And that almost always leads to better stories.

If nothing else, that promo has me excited for tonight!


  1. Do you know if they are keeping any characters around for season 2?

  2. huh? Heroes? neverheard of it? is it any good?
    my memory only goes back 3 weeks

  3. SPOILERS!!!
    My guess after watching that trailer is that Peter will really die, and Nathan will have to make some sort of deal with Linderman to bring Peter back to life… i’m assuming some of you have seen the clip of Linderman using his power?

  4. Watching the promo on Myspace had me worried for a few “The Final Five Chapters”. I had to come to this site to find out if my worries were founded, but thanks to Conor I can rest easy. Actually now I’m more excited to hear that they are doing it a lot like 24. Lets just hope that Ali Laudry doesn’t make it to the second season, even though her character has gotten a little more interesting but its too little to late in my opinion.

  5. I love the seperate story concept, it gives new viewers an awesome jumping on point.

  6. Conor, you just saved me–I had completely forgotten it was back tonight. Rock on, Broadway Style!!

  7. Can i say the Mom knowing everything,scary. Also great to see all the Petrelli’s together.

  8. My full impressions will be in my weekly column which I will post on the forums this Saturday.

    Sorry for the shameless plug!

  9. “New York City!?!?!?”*

    “We’re taking the next bus”
    Why New York? It’s not like every other frakking superhero takes place there!

    *Redneck accent.

  10. “This is usually the part where people start screaming”

  11. “What happened?”

    “The bomb”

  12. So Linderman is Ozymandias. Not a bad idea.

    Am I the only one that sees this?

  13. a good all around episode, i was a little disappointed that some of the twists were a bit too predicatable (future hiro, removal of the glass from peter’s head) but im really looking forward to the next one, five years into the future!?!? the preview looked really cool

  14. Watching now…

    Someone read Watchmen!

  15. They say that they are going to bring at least one character from this season back next season and that they are going to do an epologue for this season telling wat happened to the main characters after the end of the season on the season one dvd. Anyway tonight was a good episode to come back on from the hiatus. I actualy think Isaac death made him a cooler character. Anyway I can’t wait for next weeks episode which looks insane good judging by the sneak peak.

  16. don’t know if anyone knew,but i found out something……..

    Simone is coming back and she has powers.

  17. Someone read Watchmen!

    No SHIT! First thing I said. Wife didn’t seem to care, or wish for me to explain it. But it couldn’t have been more obvious. It’s the same thing!

    Also, I’m not buying anyone being dead anymore. They kill someone 4-5 times an episode, and we can be pretty sure it’s gonna stick.

    Plus, now Linderman can heal anyone. So there’s that.

  18. Just finished watching.

    So, Nathan and Peter are the sons of Layla Miller?

    “You’re middle management!” was awesome.

    This show can’t have enough Malcolm McDowell as far as I’m concerned.

    Isaac getting nailed to the floor was fucked up, but really, it’s his own fault for putting his studio address in the back of his comic.

    Painting your own decapitation has got to be off-the-charts disturbing.

    If Isaac is really dead that’ll suck for Tim Sale.

    That final scene was great. What did Hiro see in the paper clipping that made him gasp?!?

    Heroes really, really, really suffers from long breaks. This show, Lost, 24… they should all air straight through.

  19. The EMP–that has gotten used a bit too much in sci-fi/comics realm since “the Matrix” and “Oceans 11”.

    Awesome show though. When future Hiro showed up, I looked at my watch, “Oh, crap!” 10 o’clock.

    Then another show for the Wal-mart culture instead of Studio 60…

  20. “Heroes really, really, really suffers from long breaks.”

    It took me no small amount of time to get back up to speed, but it was nothing compared to the mental lag involved in the Sopranos episode I watched immediately afterward.

  21. Wow!! I can’t believe that I didn’t think of Watchmen as I was watching this!! I love boards like this b/c I might not have remembered that. Thanks guys. I really really love this show. Next weeks’ future episode has me very excited!!

  22. Watchmen… No doubt. In the middle of Malcolm’s speech we looked at each other… he said “Watchmen.” All I could do was nod. It was practically the same rant.


  23. I didn’t even catch the Watchmen line!


  24. Boy, if Alan Moore wasn’t pissy about Hollywood already, this is going to really set him off. What, did Jeph Loeb just sit in the back of the room and not say anything? Or maybe he did, and no one listened. “But it’s the Watchmen!” “Yeah, what’s that? Another comic book no one’s read?”

    Now when if the Watchmen movie comes out, people will say it was a ripoff of Heroes.

  25. Haha! I didn’t thin of it like that Josh. Jeph Loeb really should have caught that one, it’s not like he’s an intern or something.

    What do you think Jeph Loeb vs. Alan Moore?
    not necessarily a writing contest but more a full on brawl

    Heroes was also quite good, wish the Peter and Sylar fight had been longer and I’m ready for Mohinder to do…something.

    Next week looks great too.

  26. I’m pretty sure Peter has the most awesome power now. Seeing as he can copy anyone’s and he just got a bunch from Sylar!

  27. Sylar got taken down by a bulletin board. That was kinda weak.

  28. If Isaac is really dead that’ll suck for Tim Sale.

    Sylar will keep painting. Sale’s got an even harder job now. Painting poorly on purpose.

    Also, Isaac said something about “finding the way to defeat you” or close to that. Did anyone else catch that? Was there a hint in the death scene that I missed?

    The Watchmen reference was annoying to me at first, but by the end of the episode, I didn’t mind it so much. I thought it was a nice nod to the comic fans and everyone else just wouldn’t notice.


    From today’s New York Post:


    April 24, 2007 — AFTER helming the surprise Spartan war smash “300,” director Zack Snyder could write his own ticket in Hollywood.

    So he did what any comic book fan would. For his next project, he chose “Watchmen.”

    Written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1986-87, “Watchmen” is considered a classic – perhaps the best comic book ever made. Sophisticated in its theme, complicated in its telling, Moore described himself as trying to make “a superhero ‘Moby-Dick,’ something that had that sort of weight, that sort of density.”

    It is also cursed, at least in Hollywood terms. Development of a “Watchmen” movie has bounced around for two decades, with everyone from Terry Gilliam to Joel Silver to Darren Aronofsky attached.

    Snyder may have the clout to get it made. But it seems the curse has struck again in the form of a television show. “Heroes” – the popular series on NBC – not only swiped “Watchmen” ‘s climax, it may have stolen its thunder.

    (This is the part where those who don’t want to know what happens in “Watchmen” or last night’s “Heroes” should stop reading.)

    “Watchmen” centers around a group of vigilantes who fight crime with their fists and gadgets, not unlike Batman. But public sentiment turns against the “masks,” and they are all forced into retirement, except one – the only one with actual supernatural powers, the nuclear-altered Dr. Manhattan. The retirees find life more than a little boring, as they become paunchy middle-age once-weres (similar to what “The Incredibles” did to comedic effect).

    But the murder of one of the vigilantes, the Comedian, sets off an investigation by the surviving masks, including the mentally unstable Rorschach and the good-hearted but uncertain Nite-Owl.

    What they discover is a plot by one of their former teammates, the wealthy Adrian Veidt, who goes by the ancient Egyptian name Ozymandias.

    Ozymandias has staged a fake alien invasion of New York, killing half the city’s population in the process, in an effort to stop the Cold War and save the Earth from nuclear crisis by uniting the world.

    Not only are the masks too late to stop Ozymandias, Veidt’s plan actually works. And all the masks are faced with the ethical dilemma of telling the world what they know – and risk destroying the peace. Dr. Manhattan even kills Rorschach rather than have him reveal the secret.

    “Heroes” centers around a similar catastrophe – a nuclear explosion that, coincidentally, wipes out half the population of New York at some undetermined future. In last night’s episode, the mob boss Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) reveals that he knows the bomb is going to go off and wants it to – because the destruction of New York will unite the world in peace behind a new president he is grooming.

    At the end of the episode, that candidate – Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) – hinted that he was going along with the plan, even if it means the death of his brother, because of the good it will bring.

    Tim Kring, the creator of “Heroes,” was out of the country, but has said in interviews in the past that he doesn’t know comics that well – similarities are coincidental. And one could argue that the show is a patchwork of popular comic book themes beyond “Watchmen,” taking the mutant gene, for instance, directly from “X-Men.” Or that the plot is different enough because Ozymandias plans the attack, while Linderman simply does nothing to stop it (as far as we know).

    But Snyder and his bosses are probably more than a little ticked off. For a movie that will cost hundreds of millions, and could star Tom Cruise as Ozymandias if the Hollywood rumor mill is right, it can be galling to see such a pivotal plot twist used elsewhere.

    Fans have waited two decades to see “Watchmen” put on-screen. The last thing Snyder wants is for people to think they already have.

  30. Yea, they did take one of the Watchmen’s twist but they really didn’t take the one I thought was big.

    However, I do see a bit of a Harry Potter thing going on with the Peter and Linderman. When Linderman hinted that he and a bunch of other friends tried saving the world before I couldn’t help but think of Voldermort and his sect of Dark Wizards. Maybe I’m stretching there but it made sense to me. Also why did they end it with Hero’s stand off! I was waiting the whole episode for that! Heck I’ve been waiting to see Future Hero since His last appearance! Gawh, now I have to wait another week, but knowing my luck it will be at the end of the show again and he will say something that will cue the “dom dom daaaa” music and end credits!

    Oh and the special affects in this episode were fantastic. That people is the likely reason for the hiatest. They got more money to pump into the show and they are using it. I feel like a giddy school girl now! I can’t believe this just turned into the best show on T.V.

  31. okay,peter’s mom said she’s been in this for a longtime. She also hinted at something about her husband. So I wonder if her and her husband worked with Linderman,and whats her ability?

  32. Oh and the special affects in this episode were fantastic. That people is the likely reason for the hiatest. They got more money to pump into the show and they are using it.

    That’s somewhat unlikely. What is more likely is that just about every TV show takes these long stupid breaks so that they can air new episodes during the various “sweeps” periods.

  33. Holy Crap Batman!

    I finally got around to watching this. I don’t know why it never occured to me to see the Watchmen link, but yes it is obviously there now. Regardless, this is my favorite show on tv.

  34. I don’t know if this was mentioned here yet. Sorry if has been.

    “Sylar” art
    Alex Maleev

    It is right there in the credits. Wow! Two of my favorites providing the art for this show. Love it!

  35. Awesome!

    That rules.

    (Sucks for Tim Sale)

  36. I actually yelled at the tv when that sketchbook was given away for free.

    “Jesus! Give me that Tim Sale sketchbook for nothing!”

    I think I’m becoming too emotionally attached to this show. 😉