Heroes – S01E16 – Unexpected

Don’t forget — Someone flies! Someone dies!

I’m pretty sure we’re all set on the who is going to do the flying bit.

Tonight’s episode: “Unexpected.”

I can’t decide if there is a good guy buried in Nathan. I think that he was once a good guy whose family and circumstance molded into a status-conscious, power-craving prick. I think the good guy is going to break out. I hope so.


  1. Last weeks episode was the best by far. I just hope that the show can keep up the awesome pace that it set for itself last week.

    One thing I was thinking of, heroes takes a lot of characters/concepts from comics and changes them just enough to fit into the real world. But who’s their Batman, the one, non-hero that’s really going to step up and lead?

    I’d say Mohinder Suresh

  2. Cool! Internet in your head.

  3. I hate this cop/wife storyline. Everything else has been great.

  4. hOly Moley! This is the best EVER episode. This is on par with … I don’t think I have ever seen such a good super story on tv ever really.
    The scene with Peter using all the powers on the roof, Hiro realising how dangerous it really is to drag Ando along as a sidekick, and the coolest moment of the entire series ” That sound, in your heart… What is that ? MURDER!” Holy Cow!

  5. Poor Claire’s mom.. I knew she was gonna die last week 🙁

  6. Matt’s group will be like DP7.

  7. I don’t think we have seen their Batman yet. He might be Linderman.
    It is going to be someone who has real world power but no super powers. Someone who is worried about the “supers” and decides the best way to keep an eye on them is to walk among them.
    Mica can craft all his tech goodies for him.

  8. And then STan the man blesses his hero’s journey. It has begun folks!

  9. Stan Lee!!!!!!!!

  10. YAY!! Stan Lee was in the episode!!!!!!!!!!

  11. of all the characters to die! i dont care about her in the slightest…..

  12. okay, it’s Silar vs. Peter Petrelli–all the powers vs. all the powers.

  13. What a shock though..thats good tv 😀
    I am a very satisfied customer

  14. And Nathan didn’t show any good colors tonite, in fact he looked more black than grey.

  15. Wow, what a great episode. I’ll have to watch it again to count, but I felt like we got a “holy shit” moment every 5 minutes. I thought they said a “hero” would die, but I can see why this death will have an even bigger impact. And it looks like Peter got more than just Sylar’s powers. Next Monday can’t come fast enough!

  16. Awesome:
    Grass dying under Sprague’s feet.

    Peter stopping The Haitian’s tazer-prongs in mid-air.

    Hana Gitelman, the Alter Tse’elon (of Y: The Last Man) rip-off.

    The Hope-Fake Gambling officer shoot-out.

    Super-hearing chick (Dale.)

    Sylar’s response to hearing about Chandra Suresh’s death.

    Claire’s temper tantrum.

    The Simone/Isaac scenes.

    Good, Bad, Not Sure?

    The Stan Lee cameo.

    Heroes has really hooked me, the story has stopped going around in circles and seems to be heading in a real direction. With all of the mysteries promised to be resolved next week, the show doesn’t seem to be losing any of its newly built-up steam.

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  18. The Human Internet. Hot.

    Written by Jeph Loeb, eh?

    “Damn… that was my best wrench.” – Awesome.

    It’s too bad Sylar is evil. He makes a good sidekick for Mohinder. That almost makes him even more tragic.

    Eccelston is Stick!

    I feel like I know nothing about Simone other than her function as a plot device.

    Okay, so I was wrong about who flies. The rooftop scene was cool, though.

    “You kissed me. I thought you liked me.” – Oh, Ando…

    Hiro said “Versa”! Drink!

    Claire sure did dress up nice for the hospital. Looks like too much Haitian Man in the brain is not FDA approved.

    One scene HRG is in New York and then the next he’s in Odessa. Umm… is there a teleporter on the payroll? The funny thing is, on any other show that would be a serious continuity question. Here, it’s plausible.


    It would be fantastic if Parkman went to the bad side. I think it’s a smart move to make some of the main characters evil. It is totally unexpected and a great dramatic move.

    And Simone is a plot device… again.

  19. The Human Internet. Hot, yes. but talks like Arianna Huffington, which is distracting.

    Ted Sprague = Nuclear Man
    Ed Sprague = 1992 World Series hero

    Seriously, this was one of the strongest episodes. Parkman teaming with outsiders and the convergence of characters at HRG’s house was something I didn’t see coming, and speaks to the infinite varieties of ways these characters can be played with and against each other, which in my opinion is the best thing about the show.

  20. That was a kickass episode, and I know exactly why. Because Nikki, DL, and wonderkid McBadactor were not in the entire episode. I loved Peter getting a handle on his abilities, and I loved Claire confronting her Dad. Also, some old comic creator named Stan Lee made an appearance. I hear he was good back in the day.

  21. That was a ride well worth taking!

    Where do you think the plot will be a year from now? Will the main characters regularly team up to stop ne’er-do-wells like the Avengers, or will they still be bumping into one another like a living version of that Kevin Bacon game?

    I find it interesting that both the preview for next week’s Heroes and the preview for this week’s Lost explicitly promise that important questions will finally be answered, in those exact words. It’s like a voice on high declared, “America is tired of your games, episodic drama.”

  22. Excellent episode. Next week looks like a good one as well.

    I like that they show HRG truly caring for his family. Gives him a little more dimension. Peter throws down not once, but twice. Fantastic. Does that technically count as a “talksplode”? Once Isaac picks up the gun, you knew it was going to end poorly. I won’t miss her a bit.

    Ted killing the grass was a good scene, but it brought back bad memories of Carnivale. Maybe Ted should try to track down Claude for a little more self-control. I think HRG will be putting in a homeowner’s claim by the end of next week. Is Eccleston done with the show for the now?

    Why would Sylar kill that woman just for super-hearing? I’d follow Mohinder around a little more and see if there are any better powers out there first. Unless he’s just so wacked out that he can’t control himself anymore.

    “I had my eyes closed”
    “Me too.”

  23. Why would Sylar kill that woman just for super-hearing?

    Cuz he’s a crazy fucking killer dude? Plus later, he’ll be able to control it, and use it to his advantage.

    Actually, here’s a question. Does he need to kill someone to take their power? I guess he does, otherwise he would have absorbed Claire’s power and be unstoppable. Aaaaand, I’ve answered my own question.

  24. Hooray! First post by me. I loved this episode. I was originally not into the show (had to watch the pilot episode twice) but after the end of the third episode (Claire opened up on the table in the morg), I was hooked. So…my question…what Hiro did with the bullet…that wasn’t really manipulating time exactly, so is this some new power?

    Also…love the podcast…

  25. I hop that weakness to hip-hop works out for sylar.

    It’d be funny if that panned out and that was the only thing that he was weak to.

    “oh god…can’t… stand… Bubba Sparxxx”

  26. So anyone else think wireless is just a Sage knock off?

  27. Actually, here’s a question. Does he need to kill someone to take their power? I guess he does, otherwise he would have absorbed Claire’s power and be unstoppable. Aaaaand, I’ve answered my own question.
    You can’t just eat their brains and keep them alive (assuming that’s what he does, although I might have just made that up). Unless you’re Hannibal Lecter.

  28. Oh my god…Sylar eats their brains! Gentlemen…we have a Zombie!

  29. So anyone else think wireless is just a Sage knock off?

    No, I thik she’s an Alter Tse’elon (Y: The Last Man) rip-off.

  30. Did Wireless sound Russian at points to anyone else? I was just like “When did Black Widow come on the show?”

    The show is really picking up and I’m loving every minute of it. I can’t wait for a team to be made of heroes. Maybe everyone that HRG tagged? They are all traceable now…

    As for Hiro’s reverse gun trick, I think he is able to manipulate time and space in a small scale, possibly now having to relearn how to warp himself.

  31. Reverse gun trick: making time go backwards. Do I get my PHD in science now? This episode better than last even, very good, this show is sizzling hot right now. Although, I am tired of shows that just let everything get lazy and meander during the middle 1/3 of the season, and then get back on track in the last 1/3 before settling all the plot threads left over from the finale in season 1 in the next season’s first 1/3, then letting it all go mediocre in the middle 1/3 again. Do I get my PHD in math now?

    How fitting… Stan Lee there to preside over the departure of one of my favorite guys on the payroll….

  32. Posted by: jestergoblin at February 20, 2007 8:34 PM
    Did Wireless sound Russian at points to anyone else? I was just like “When did Black Widow come on the show?”

    I thought the same.

    And they have to stop introducing characters just to kill em!

  33. So maybe someone has already mentioned it but this is the first Heroes thread I’ve read and posted on… anyone notice that Primatech has the word “primate” in it? Cause they seem to be all about over-evolved primates and less about paper.

    I hope Stan Lee becomes Hiro’s new sidekick. Hilarity and adventure would ensue.

  34. Sylar vs. Petrelli, that’s going to be a battle for the ages.