Heroes – S01E14 – Distractions

I feel like I am slowly getting back into Heroes. The juice still isn’t there, but the appearance of George Takei as Hiro’s father fired me up. Let’s hope that continues tonight.

Tonight’s episode: “Distractions“.

I keep wavering back and forth between hating and liking HRG. I can’t decide if I want Sylar to eat his brains or not.


  1. I recently (a week or two ago) read that Eric Roberts will be joining the cast as an associate of HRG. I am assuming he will either be Claire’s dad or Mr Linderman… or both!

  2. He’d be a good Linderman.

  3. This if way off topic. But Conor, did you play football? If so, what position?

  4. I’ve got e-mail, you know… 🙂

    American football, no. Football/futbol/soccer, yes.

  5. I bet you would be good at Ice Hockey, from what I’ve seen in the videos you got the build for it and I can say this with certainty as being a Canadian I have an eye for such things. 🙂

  6. If Eric Roberts is just joining the cst then he cnt be Claires dad becuse it looks like he(Claires dad) is going to be on tonights episode.

  7. I don’t really see how that would exclude him from being Claire’s dad. Like I said in my post I read this weeks ago so he could be revealed tonite. Am I seeing your post wrong?

  8. I mean I recognize that it’s not a “good” show, but I’m addicted to it week in and week out, even if I have to take a shower afterwards to wash off the bad dialogue.

  9. Damnit, I hate trying to get in on these threads all late. Curse the time zone differences of the West and East coasts!

  10. Last week, nobody really posted to this thread until an hour after the East Coast broadcast. I know because I did a running show diary at like 10pm EST and no one else had posted yet.

  11. I had an excuse.. I have been feeling post-shy.

  12. Wow, what a great episode for Peter. Glad to see him finally evolving.

  13. Time for Heroes!

  14. Is this Heroes or Ghost?

  15. So Peter is… storing all the powers and can access them all?

  16. My patience is running out with Isaac and Simone too. What purpose does she serve to the story, exactly?

  17. Takei rules.

  18. “My patience is running out with Isaac and Simone too. What purpose does she serve to the story, exactly?”
    At least they’re no Nikki, Micah and D.L. I would have absolutely no problem with the writers forgetting that plot existed. Isaac and Simone seem to be moving Peter’s story along, which is something, I guess.

  19. Eccelston also rules.

  20. Agreed with Simone. Let’s dump her. I was really hoping Sylar would kill the mother just for sake of drama. Hopefully they will make up for that next week when Jessica beats the cops brains in once and for all (yeah I said it).

    Sexy superheroes anyone?


  21. Sylar is creee-eepy.


  23. Hiro rules too.

  24. Takei looks like someone just told him that Shatner is going to be guest starring soon.

  25. Peter’s got Claire fever.

  26. Eccelston is like a more sardonic Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  27. Here comes the father…

  28. Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi? I know an Old Ben Kenobi.

  29. Ah ha! I knew it!

    Peter better not have Claire fever. And vice versa.

    Good episode. I would like a little more forward movement on the plot, please.

  30. So her DAd is her DAd. Wow big suprize.

  31. Ok its over on the west coast. Its Nathen.

  32. Whatever. That shit wasn’t very good.
    The Takei story was absolutely useless.

  33. Am I the only person who noticed that Takei’s car’s license plate # was “NCC-1701”?

  34. Damn, I missed that.

  35. Nice catch, Ron. Yeah, I noticed that the Takei storyline pretty much just kept Hiro treading water, but it gave us George frikkin’ Takei, and for that, be grateful.

  36. Just finished watching. I liked George Takkei on it but what was his significance? And how does Claire’s father get out of the so called dungeon of his? Oh well..

  37. And how does Claire’s father get out of the so called dungeon of his? Oh well..

    The ever-present Haitian.

  38. I sure could use an “ever-present Haitian” myself, a handy guy to know. Seriously, this was easily the best episode of the “second season” – actual action, intrigue and revelation.

  39. And how does Claire’s father get out of the so called dungeon of his? Oh well..

    The ever-present Haitian.

    I guessed I missed him there..

  40. My patience is running out with Isaac and Simone too. What purpose does she serve to the story, exactly?

    It looks like they are setting up Peter and Issac to be enemies. Simone could be the “girl caught in the middle”.

    Niki/Jessica gets more annoying by the second. If they do wind up killing the character, I want her stuffed in the fridge.

  41. Favorite moment: Eccleston bitch-slapping Peter.

  42. OK, they’re getting into the mire of Lost territory.

    The Hiro dad story, which was mildy entertaining, because of a very good Takei, served no purpose, and at the end of it, we’re in no different a place than we were.

    Similarly, the Nikki story was also reset, and didn’t move forward a bit. The writers were like, “let’s put her in jail….oh, that’s not working, let’s take her out.” So, in a story sense, all that time was wasted. We already knew she or the dude were indebted to Linderman, and now, they still are.

    Then you’ve got Peter who was so ridiculously turned on his new girlfriend that I was annoyed. This is the hopelessly optimistic romantic guy, and he sees his new girlfriend consoling and hugging, not even kissing, her ex boyfriend who just kicked heroin, and he’s now convinced she’s a jerk too. I mean, that’s absurd. If they were going to do it, make her kiss isaac so then he’s at least got something to be mad about. Otherwise, I like the direction this story is going, but if they artificially make him not care about humanity just so they can give it back to him later, I’m going to be more annoyed.

    The Claire story was the only one that moved forward, and I approved. Should have killed the dog though.

  43. Eccleston bitch-slapping Peter.

    That was the best line of the night too.

    “Well, it’s a start.”

  44. So… Peter has everyone’s powers he’s come into contact with. Does this mean he has some of Sylar’s powers since their interaction at the school? Or do you think Peter maybe needs to use a persons power while they are around first?

  45. Well, he was doing the invisibility power without knowing it. So that’s not it.

  46. The Hiro dad story, which was mildy entertaining, because of a very good Takei, served no purpose, and at the end of it, we’re in no different a place than we were.

    I think it showed that he really is dedicated to his idea of being a hero, despite the huge obstacle of losing his power, and this really hammered it home. I didn’t have a problem with it not moving his story forward in a huge way, especially because it was over in 2 episodes.

  47. It also showed that Hiro is not just earnest, but very clever. If it had played out longer than it did I would have been annoyed.

  48. I think the Hiro storyline just introduced his sister, who’s bound to show up again and have powers. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Apparently powers are very genetic.

    Anyways, I think that this episode cements the fact that Nathan is a ho.

    And I kind of wanted Sylar to kill everyone.

  49. There’s supposed to be more Hiro and his family story in season 2… gotta save the world before he goes home you know.

    you guys may have already seen this

  50. WARNING! That link has spoilers!

    Don’t post any here. They will be deleted.

  51. sorry

  52. No biggie.

    We allow links to spoilers to be posted, they just have to be labeled as such so that people know what they are getting into.

    Link only, though.

  53. So, as much as I can’t stand the whole Ali Larter subplot, I was tickled to see this commercial again.

    Clearly it was her acting talent that landed her the gig.

  54. OK, I am very late to this as I just saw the last show tonight, but I’m on Josh’s side of the aisle, he wrote here everything I have to say. By my count this show has at least 15 plus characters, and by episode 14 their stories are not even coming close to being connected. Takei awesome yes, Eccleston Awesome yes, but like many on this thread suggest, I think some characters need killing off or weeding out, just to stop wasting time on disconnected subplots and focus on a few key characters. This is like 8 trains going in 8 different directions, no place very interesting, just lazy writers not making tough choice in my humble opinion.

    I agree with this: “Plot back on track please.” if this show does not shape up by next episode, I am out completely. Tying all the threads together in two episodes in time for the season finale is just… no way. Fans of Lost will disagree, that’s cool, but I’m not a big fan of Lost, so I will be jumping off the Heroes Island in after next week if this keeps up, and I will be wishing the fans of the show happy viewing. But like Ron, this is good for just before bed for me–snoozeville.

  55. It’s funny; I hear people talking about Lost meandering and I think, “Oh, give it time. They don’t owe you anything,” but this show hasn’t even been on a single season yet and I’m going, “Let’s pick it up! This has nothing to do with anything!”

  56. athough…sometimes things seem to be slow or crappy or confusing at one point, but when you look back it was all character development that was important for the overall picture….look at some of the good stuff being published in comics right now…fables – took about 12-18 issues to get awesome…..52 – took about the some amount of time…characters have to be developed for a good story to go somewhere…..there are really only two options….action action action right out of the gate nonstop with all 8-9 of the heroes….but then there is no depth…or character development for 12-18 episodes to create a foundation for goodness….unfortunately there is no time to build a foundation while people are engaged in awesome action…look at 300…nothing happened until issue 3 of 5…thats right in the middle….i read the first issue and said “this is okay…nothing happened, but its frank miller…ill keep going….” and i am glad i did…..

  57. I stuck with Lost, despite not being real into the show’s concept, until about episode 14 of the second season. Then I just dropped out. But with Heroes, my patience is wearing thin 2/3’s into the first season, and I LIKE this kind of story. Yes, character development that doesn’t at first seem necessary to the main plot in an ongoing story with an ensemble cast is necessary to build a foundation for a good pay off later, but buidling a foundation for a good pay off later, as opposed to just meandering because the writers can’t decide which characters and how they develop in reation to each other with regard to the core of the story the writers want to tell are two different things.

    That said, I’ll keep watching, but my patience (maybe just me) is wearing thin.