Heroes – S01E13 – The Fix

Heroes made its triumphant return last week and I gotta be honest… I was a little underwhelmed. The long layoff coupled with the return of 24 really harshed my buzz. I’m still looking forward to it tonight, though.

Tonight’s episode: “The Fix”.

If you’re looking for 24 discussion, you can find it here.

Tonight we meet Hiro’s dad and I have a feeling it’s going to be awesome!


  1. Show’s over on the East Coast and not a single comment… this doesn’t bode well for the show’s buzz.

    I’m watching now.

  2. Do I dare to dream that the last scene actually means what they want you to think it means? Could this be the end of… that… person?

  3. Yes, Ando – swords are for killing.

  4. Oooh, Jimski! I’m piqued.

  5. Claire, unlike most 17 year old girls, seems to be a terrible liar on a world class level.

    On the other hand, her means of communication seems to indicate that she will be meeting Hal Holbrook in a dark underground parking lot.

  6. I realize it’s beyond a cliche at this point, but I love Hiro.

  7. I’m offically sick of the cop character. I know most everyone is annoyed by the cracy ali larter character (not me so much) but what was the guy expecting at the review meeting? And who cares he’s having a kid?

    Hiro is still the best thing in the show. I liked the episode though and next week sneak peeks got me all hot and bothered.

  8. I’m offically sick of the cop character.

    Interesting. In the unofficial iFanboy “Who is your favorite Hero not names Hiro poll”, Officer Parkman won in a landslide.

  9. Psycop’s wife was having an affair until very recently. So, there’s that. (He’s clearly not her favorite, either.)

    Seriously: I mean it this time: the ponderous voiceover narration that sounds deep but means nothing has got to f***ing stop. This means Heroes. This means Grey’s Goddamn Anatomy. This means Desperate Effing Housewives. Those last two shows are only allowed in my house because I’m a good husband as it is. It’s driving me up a wall.

  10. I like the kinda crazy, off-kilter vibe that Christopher Eccleston brings to the show.

  11. I can’t decide if HRG is a tragic figure or truly evil. I’d like to believe he’s tragic. It would be much more interesting that way.

  12. “GULP!”

  13. The Sulu/Firestarter/HRG ending was fantastic.

    I’m betting Claire’s daddy is Linderman or Nathan.

  14. nu-clear ha ha everyone says that now.

  15. Also, was it established somehow that the mute man is Hatian or was that just a guess? Not that it’s important really but my friend and I were arguing it.

    I’m thinking the cop character is beloved because there are sooo many closet Felicity fans on this board. Own it! I normally like the dude but for some reason his cop just seems overly naive and impatient. Almost the flipside of brother Nathan who continues to attribute paranoia to his brother when it’s clearly not…but that’s more about the character i suppose. dot dot dot

  16. Nothing to do with Heroes, but there was a Green Lantern reference on both Prison Break and Studio 60 tonight… odd.

  17. Eccleston: I won’t help you. Go away. No. You suck. No, I won’t help you. No. I said no. Fuck no. Ok. I’ll help.

  18. Claire’s dad: Nathan Petrelli–at least that is my guess.

    The cop’s wife needs to get killed off. The cop is a good guy, but too stupid: it’s so wonderful your pregnant with some other guys kid!?

    On the whole, I think it has been just as good since the break–but that break was just too damn long–it just took me an episode to get back into it..

    The Green Latern movie slam was great (Studio 60). I’m not sure I’m in the know enough to get the full joke, but clearly the fact that people think ust the idea is enough and the script is gonna suck is out there in hollywood.

  19. I loved it.

    I’m happy I get to see more of ‘The Doctor’. I didn’t realise it was him at the end of the last episode…

    Excited for next week for sure.

  20. Was anyone else scared by Hiro’s dad?

  21. Heroes literally put me to sleep tonite. I feel asleep about 2/3 of the way through. Sure I’m tired, but 24 didn’t put me to sleep…

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say it:
    Heroes is annoying. It was good in the beginning, but its becoming far too convoluted and slow. Even Lost kept me more interested at its worst points.

    It’s time to stop and ask ourselves if we like it just because its called Heroes or just because there’s a wacky Japanese guy. Cause it sure ain’t good anymore…

  22. I still like Heroes and to compare it to 24 is unfair. 24 is all action, all the time. Heroes is little action, but more talking and trying to solve a puzzle. Both shows are great and get recorded on the DVR every Monday. However, 24 will not get watched right before I go to bed. Because after 24 I am all pumped up and want to talk about it. After Heroes I am excited about next week, but can go to bed. All action = double shot of espresso. Talking = Ok, but no jolt to the system. The shows just put the view through different emotions.

  23. You know what? I think I’m going to start watching Heroes later in the week. I’m fried after 24. It’s just so intense.

    George Takei- I love this fucking guy. ANYTIME that he can get work is really cool by me.

    Nothing to do with Heroes, but there was a Green Lantern reference on both Prison Break and Studio 60 tonight… odd.

    How goddamn good was Prison Break? The thing with the tape and the fake tells and the hospital – real good. Or the con threatenting to fuck Bellick in his eyesocket? Perfect for the 8:00 hour.

    Haven’t gotten to Studio 60 yet.

    Psycop’s wife was having an affair until very recently. So, there’s that. (He’s clearly not her favorite, either.)

    While this is a funny observation I feel bad for Parkman. He’s a good guy. It’s hard, for me anyway, not to root for him even if he is a bit of a schmuck with the whole let’s raise someone else’s baby thing

  24. That’s funny Ron, because I don’t feel like it’s convoluted at all. I, on the other hand, couldn’t really stand Lost. There’s no revealing anything on that show. At least on this show they’re getting to the mysteries.

    I thought the first show back from the break stunk because it was just rehashing what had happened before. But tons of stuff happened in this show.

    Anyone thinking that Hiro’s dad is the samurai that they saw in the museum that has lived throughout time? I thought for sure it was going to be Linderman. Maybe it is Linderman.

    It’s totally not going to be Parkman’s baby. That guys life sucks.

    As an aside, anyone check out the Primatech Paper Company website that was on HRG’s card from the last episode? If you register with them, they send you a password and user name to log into a secret part of the site (under the About Us section) and see the profile of one of the new characters that will show up soon, I’m sure.

    The username is ‘bennet’ and the password is ‘claire’ and the password to access the file once you get into the secret part of the site is ‘HGghx11a’

    Annnndddd… I’m a dork.

  25. It was a slow episode this week. The last 5 minutes were very good though. I’m willing to forgive a slow episode or two during the season.

    As far as all the comparison with 24, I think they are unfair. 24 and Heroes are apples and oranges. 24 is all action all of the time. Heroes is taking time to develop a lot of plotlines. Each approach has a weakness. Heroes can be slow due to the number of things going on. 24 can be thin on plot and over the top with action.

    I’m not going to drop either one anytime soon.

  26. Wow. Sorry Q-Dub. You said exactly what I did 3 hours before me. My bad.

  27. That’s funny Ron, because I don’t feel like it’s convoluted at all. I, on the other hand, couldn’t really stand Lost. There’s no revealing anything on that show. At least on this show they’re getting to the mysteries.

    And I am the exact opposite. I love Lost more than Heroes because it is so much more complex (well, that and the acting on Lost is much better), but I don’t understand the argument that they never reveal anything. They have answered most of the questions from the first and second seasons. Where geographically is the island supposed to be, what caused the plane crash, what’s in the hatch, what is the Hanso Foundation / DHARMA initiative, what does the button do, who are the others, all have been answered to a large degree. They haven’t explained the smoke monster or the Black Rock adequately, but those are the only big mysteries from the first season that I can think of that haven’t been answered, and I am sure they will be before it’s over. The fact that they pose new mysteries and new questions as the show progresses does not mean they never answer the older ones. How boring would it be if they answered everything up front? Sorry to rant, but Lost is still my favorite show.

  28. Derek: I only watched the first season of Lost, but a lot of the stuff on the island just seemed like it was running in place to me.

    I love BKV, so I’m sure that I’ll probably start watching it again. Pick up the second season and see if I like it.

    I agree that the acting is very good. And I also really enjoyed the background stories that center on one specific character for most episodes (at least that’s the way it seemed in Season 1). I’m sure I’ll pick up the second season at some point.

  29. I was watching Heroes last night with my mother who also loves the show. We have made it our “mom and son connecting over pop culture” weekly event. So anyway we were sitting there and me being Mr Analytical I am tearing everything apart and guessing whats gonna happen and when the scene happened where Micha’s dad is on the phone and realizes he can’t come up with any money for them and Micha gets an attitude with him. I so turned to my mom and said ” They better watch out mom. Micha could totally become a super villain. All the kid would have to do is walk up to some ATMs and clean em out by touching them. And they way things are going for him he could totally grow up resenting people and feeling like he didn’t get a fair shake, and with his powers decide to become an underworld kingpin.” My mom was like ” You really think so?.. He is such a sweet little boy.”
    Not 10 minutes later the little guy is raiding the ATM. Doh!

  30. ahhh good ol Doctor. now Give me Death’s Head!

  31. I’ve watched Prison Break but obviously I missed the GL reference. Someone help me out here.

  32. Great show even if i did have to wait an catch it online due to having a date that night.

    Did you know the Fantasticar is a Dodge?

  33. I agree with ron on this one, the show has started to suck fairly hard, and I think we are hanging on because of the genre. Is there anything more annoying than the scully/sceptic/devils advocate type , in this case I mean both the female fbi chick, and nathan petrelli. They see powers around them, nathan fucking flies, and yet whenever someone brings it up..it’s idiotic, get real..wise up..is the answer..grrrrrr.
    I see a way to change this for the better tho, having dr. who and sulu on the show opens a brave new world of genre appeciation, we need scott bakula, and gillian anderson, the robot from red dwarf, hell, thro in the dolphin from sequest if you have to..pop culture reference in the form of a super hero show..it will work i tell you, and if nothing else it might stem the tide of obvious studio script interefence.

  34. I’m cool with Eccleston, and I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who, but I felt the inclusion of Sulu was a bit hackey, just because it’s like: “THERE’S SULU!” instead of, “OH, IT’S HIRO’S FATHER!”

    And I know that’s no good for Takei’s acting career, but that’s how I feel.

  35. As far as i’m concerned , any time you add a classic trek actor to a show, it raises its cool level to orange. Sulu..its sulu..i want mark hammel chasing sulu threw a sewer drain, I want scully possessed by ali laters mythical dopplegange, i want..i want a genre show that dosen’t play to the loweset common denom. and accepts the idea that a genre can be light hearted, fun, self referencial and well written..is that too much to ask..(maybe the sewer drain part was..)

  36. Every TV show needs more George Takei.

  37. I would consider it a personal favor if they somehow combined dave prowse, goerge takie and adam west into some kind of story line. (as you might have guessed, the bait and switch plot device is quikly leaving me disinterested in this show)

  38. Every TV show needs more George Takei.

    I agree

    With the exception of Baywatch of course

  39. Could you image watchi Takei and Adam west in some kind of buddy cop movie, it writes itself damnit. (it has to i guess no one else would touch it0

  40. I lost interest in 24 after the first 2 seasons. It just got ridiculous after that. I mean, how can the guy keep solving the worlds problems in just 24 hours. Thats just stupid.

  41. Of course many things on 24 are stupid but it’s just fun. I love it

  42. I lost interest in 24 after the first 2 seasons. It just got ridiculous after that. I mean, how can the guy keep solving the worlds problems in just 24 hours. Thats just stupid.

    He’s not solving the world’s problems. He’s not ending world hunger and bring peace to the Middle East. He’s stopping very specific terrorist plots.

  43. Yeah, besides, it’s no more ridiculous than most of the superhero series that have been ongoing for 40 years.

  44. and sometimes you need to open a socket

  45. Fred, put that on my screen, will you?

  46. as soon as you mine the data and send it to the screen in my car

    and yes that 48 gig database should take you 10 minutes to comb through and make sense of even though you’re a techie and not an analyst

  47. Forget it, just send it to my cell phone. Do it quick, I haven’t charged it in four days, so I should only have another week… week and a half of power left.

  48. You’re just gonna have to trust me.

  49. Hey Chloe use atm and chp cameras to track where they went when they left the scene


    we don’t have much time

  50. do you have this number?

    (it’s a cell he just took off a dead guy)

  51. Man, I love that show more than I love pie.

  52. yeah, I can’t believe the shit I buy because it’s on 24

  53. You mean totally ridiculous stuff like a guy getting blown up by a gamma bomb and not (1) dying in the explosion, or (2) dying a month later from massive raditation poisoning, but instead gaining super strength based on his rage and childhood trauma?

  54. like that but different

    kind of like a guy that can leap tall buildings in a single bound, see through stuff, fly, and disguise himself with just glasses

  55. Yes. Like Jack beating that guy to death WHILE HE WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

    Which was AWESOME, by the way.


    also awesome

    not screaming caps lock

  57. I’m only watching the first season now, so I’m no old hand, but so far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen was Jack asking someone if they could get all passwords associate with a phone number. Then he gave his (ridiculously hot) daughter’s cell phone number to obtain her email password. And that makes not sense.

    So anyway, how about Hiro showing up on Studio 60 in a lame, lame ploy to, I guess, get viewers?

  58. Then he gave his (ridiculously hot) daughter’s…

    Sweet, sweet Kim.

    So anyway, how about Hiro showing up on Studio 60 in a lame, lame ploy to, I guess, get viewers?

    That was lame. I thought the episode was really strong, though. I know that others disagree…

  59. I can always, always roll with a silly subplot for Busfield.

    Also, I really liked the chinese daughter/nate cordrry story.

  60. Speaking of Studio 60, whats the current word has it survived or will i be sucked in just to be left haning ala street hawk, manimal, and models inc.?

  61. I think I might be on Ron’s side of the argument on “Heroes” unless they really start tying together all the multiple plot lines together. I think Heroes is a classic case of a good writer with 30 great ideas without some tough self dicipline, not making the tough decisions about what to use and what to dump.

    It’s simply like this — you could have a 25 member X-Men, Avengers, or JLA story, but in the end you need to settle on your core 5-7 characters and then work on how their relationships with one another play out as the main story unfolds. And I mean “one story, maybe a few subplots,” not a dozen subplots all competing to be … where is the main story? Everything but the kitchen sink… OOPS! There went the pipes on the sink…

    That said, Eccleston and Takei have me interested and hooked for a few more episodes (Check Takei’s website, he hasn’t only been doing Star Trek these past few decades). But if all they do is feature them for brief little segments because they have to go off and look at some other character’s whatever drama (that kid annoys me), I may not be around next season even if they have some major cliffhanger as the season finale. For me the finale is like their “final test” on whether or not I stay tuned in.

    ON Hiro, this line converted me to like Hiro:

    “No, I special! Take me! Don’t take unspecial Ando!” =)

    and with Takei playing his “Otosan,” I’m still in. I have liked James Kyson Lee’s performance as I think the Ando-Hiro friend dynamic is a strength of the show.

  62. Chloe: “Well Clark, hacking into a major multinational corporation’s mainframe with the best secure systems money can buy might take some time, especially since I’m only a glorified intern that just graduated high school…hang on….”

    (2 seconds later)

    “I’m in. What do you want to know?”

  63. Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but did anyone watch Gervais’ “The Extras” on HBO last night? Good stuff!

  64. This thread’s been off topic for a good while.

    But if you want to post on whatever topic you want, there are the forums now.


    And no, I haven’t watched it this week yet.

  65. I watched this weeks Heroes last night. I like the show and want it to succeed but the acting in this episode made me want to barf. The story is good and is keeping me guessing. But Jeeze. barf barf barf.

  66. Guess who Hiro’s going to bump into in an upcoming episode…

  67. “This thread’s been off topic for a good while.”

    Wait a minute, what was the original thread?