Heroes – S01E11 – Fallout

Chapter Eleven – Fallout

It’s the last new Heroes until 2007!

Tonight someone dies!

It’ll be a minor character. Peter and Nathan’s mom or some such.

Post your thoughts, reactions, show diaries, speculations, theories, etc. here.

If you have definitive future spoilers (and you feel the need to share them), post them in links, not as text.


  1. The preview said a hero dies…

  2. What defines a hero on this show? Is it a HERO or a hero? Someone with powers or someone who does something heroic?

    It will probably be someone with powers, but then, at the rate they keep adding people with powers it could be anyone.

    I still don’t think it will be one of the original main cast, but I’ve certainly been wrong before.

    Maybe Nikki’s husband? He did seem to be in the process of taking a bullet to the chest.

  3. I think they took too long to introduce Nikki’s husband as a “major character” just to kill him off now. Plus, with the bullet being shot at him, it’d be too obvious to just have him die. I could see Sylar maybe killing the girl with “the Voice”.

  4. It’s true. The cutie from Everwood and Brick (the best movie this year) is gonna go because she’s still in “guest starring” status at the beginning credits.

  5. I am thinking “Fallout”. Thats what the episode is called. Nuclear bomb looming. Radioactive guy on the loose… can we all say cliffhanger?

  6. Ok , creepy Sylar dreams while in jail…. not an enjoyable sleep for Peter.

  7. Holy moley!.. This is gonna be a hot one kiddos

  8. So the cheerleader’s father seems to fall more on the good guy side of the great divide. At least for now…

  9. Great line: “I wish Destiny would lose our number.”

  10. The haitian’s codename should be White Noise 😛

  11. I for one hope that DL isn’t being offed tonight, having a guy that I can relate to(except for, you know the criminal part 🙂 with Shadowcat’s powers (one of the coolest in comics) is just great, after tonight, I’d say that he’s my favorite character.

  12. Ok , I’m stretching a bit, but future Hiro was like a few years older. Ok maybe in the future Peter and Claire hook up and have the ultimate superbaby who will actually save the world. Either way I so see them hooking up eventually.

  13. How DO you stop an exploding man….

  14. “How do you stop a man from exploding?” – Seems like Nuclear Man is back in contention for who dies tonight.

  15. Omg, I will not survive the month away from this show.

    How do you stop an exploding man?

  16. jessica shot you
    i’m going to have to try that

  17. Is Jessica really the dead sister or a kind of multible personality disorder for Nikki?

  18. dead sis

  19. I think she is really Jessica’s mind sharing the same space. You have to remember that Nikki gains superstrength when she becomes Jessica. It’s kind of like when Billy becomes Captain Marvel. 2 seperate people in the same body so in a way it is also a split personality.

  20. ooooh the haitian mindwipe
    works everytime

  21. if anyone sees penn gilette on the street, kick him in the nuts for me. free copy of marvel scene it for the first to do it

  22. White Noise can talk!

  23. And yes I snuck two Shazam references… Holy hell.. the Haitian talks!

  24. oh shit doublecross

  25. not lanie

  26. Ok my brain has officially exploded!

  27. how did silar pull lanie in through the glass?

    what the hell kind of power is that?

  28. The handy dandy power of TK my friend.. Oh yes Fred Jean Grey could pull you through some reinforced glass too.

  29. is the one question what the fuck?

  30. right duh
    brain was too full

  31. Since when does Peter have visions?

  32. Jean Grey could pull you through some reinforced glass too.

    And then die 3 times and that’s all before lunch. That was back when comics were full of real men. Jean Grey was a real man

    what the hell am i talking about? dont know long day

    That was a great episode. pissed about the wait but oh well only 7 more weeks until episode 12

  33. Since when does Peter have visions?
    maybe nathan has them, he’s the least explored character in my opinion.
    if he does and peter’s with him then he would too

  34. people that live on the west coast have to wait 7 weeks and 2 hours. ha ha west coast people

  35. That was fan-fucking-tastic.

  36. Awesome.

  37. If Sylar has the power of suggestion now, look out. Maybe that’s how you stop an exploding man?

  38. I dont’ think Sylar has the power of suggestion now. I thought that was the point of Eden shooting herself, so he couldn’t get her power.

  39. Keep in mind that we only saw blood. We didn’t see where she was shot, or even really if.

  40. That would be the biggest cop out ever, if lanie(yeah that’s what I’m calling her forever so deal with it 🙂 ) isn’t dead and silar got her powers despite her heroic suicide attempt(irony yes please).

    For me, it would be the show’s that guy has a bomb in his chest moment. I’ve never been able to watch Grey’s Anatomy since and I loved it so. It wouldn’t be quite so ridiculous obviously but fucking come on let the story happen as it’s suppossed to.

    Was this one of my sensible ravings?

  41. i believe that prison break also comes back january 22 for any fans of awesome monday night tv that are interested

  42. I think Elf Jedi is dead. It was a great death.

    In other news, so is Peter like Captain Atom in Kingdom Come now? Or like Nitro in Civil War I say Captain Atom.

    That was a great twist. The iFanboys had their jaws drop on that reveal.

  43. Oh my God! Somebody at NBC hired some writers and and an acting coach! This episode was by far the best written and acted in the 11 show run. Actually the witting has slowly been getting better since episode 6 or 7 but the acting needed work till now.

    Anyway I’m thinking that Nathan and Peter kinda have a Wonder Twins thing going on, Some of their powers can only be activated when they are close to each other. I bet Nathan has visions like Peter does but something is scaring him from telling peter.

    Also I think the atomic guy has something to do with Peters Transformation. As I write this another idea pops into my head, Maybe Peter transforms into a captain Planet, you know “With Your Powers combined”. What?! I think I have a point here!

  44. In other news, so is Peter like Captain Atom in Kingdom Come now? Or like Nitro in Civil War I say Captain Atom

    He’s like the only character that I can’t get into, other than Nathan. I don’t know if it’s the acting or what, with peter only; the reasons i hate nathan are obvious, I just can’t care. For Christ’s sake I’m even warming up to ali larter’s character, who I found to be confusing and stupid initally, but nothing with peter. I don’t know. He was such a dick to rory. Am i unreasonable? maybe

  45. Nikki showed a glimmer of promise for about five minutes last week but this week she was back to being a terrible waste of screentime. We were hoping for an explosion that would kill her and Micah. Alas, it didn’t come to fruition.

    I like Peter and Nathan.

  46. wishing death on children

    for shame

    ok i was too

  47. “Nikki showed a glimmer of promise for about five minutes last week but this week she was back to being a terrible waste of screentime.”

    Yeah, if I had one small complaint, it’d be that the Nikki/Jessica/Micah/DL storyline has gotten a disproportionate amount of screentime considering that their story seems to be a bit apart from everything else happening. While they’ve intersected with the other characters a couple times, the rest of the group seem more tightly connected. For now at least. I’m hoping there’s a payoff later, and if I had to guess, it would involve the Linderman guy. Is that who Cheerleader Dad is taking his cues from? Anyway, great episode.

  48. Yet another great episode this week, the last few minutes were absolutely brilliant.

    I’m really starting to like Peter more and more with each episode, but i cant say the same for Nikki/Jessica, DL or Micah, so far there story has been the weakest part of the show for me.

    And we definitely need more shots of Claire running in slow motion in her cheerleader uniform :).

    It’s going to be a killer waiting for this show to come back.

  49. PV, I think you have stumbled upon something here. I can’t believe I haven’t made the Linderman connection yet. It’s either him or the government, but if it was the government then HRG would be storing these “homo superior” people in a government facility. Instead he is holding them in the “secret section” of a paper factory. Linderman Paper Company maybe.. ( I am so going back to look later .. I have every episode )
    Also on the Peter issue, this is my theory. Ok…. First off Peter is like the Parasite basically. ( Ifanboy.. I assume you will all get comic references) When close to someone with powers he soaks up their excess energy.. so far. He might at a later day evolve to actually leaching and pulling it away from them at will.
    But for now lets think Leech from the morlocks actually(less scary example). So we have seen Peter have some unusual reactions when coming around the other powers(for instance him flinching from the mental powers from MentoCop).
    Let’s say some powers are more difficult to take on at once than others. If your body suddenly started super healing you wouldn’t be bothered at all, in fact you probably wouldn’t know unless you got hurt and you healed up. But lets say you suddenly can hear the thoughts of everyone in the room, or worse lets say you hear every thought in the streets of New York.. suddenly. You would lose your cool at least. Ok lets say that happens, then you suddenly can see the future as well , and stop time, and you have become superstrong and intangeble..and then to top it off you suddenly were filled with explosive radioactive energy. *YOU GO BOOM* Thats what.
    It shows all the powered characters coming together in the same spot. I think a sponge can only hold so much water before it pushes it back out. Ya know what I mean 😉

  50. Hate to contradict you, Tolly, but Leech’s power wasn’t to absorb powers around him, it was to negate powers around him (like White Noise, perhaps?). Other than the faulty simile, interesting theory, although I thought the disturbance with Matt the cop was more like feedback between the two reading each other’s thoughts.

    Wait a minute, Feedback? Wasn’t he the winner of Stan Lee’s “Who Wants To Be a Super Hero?” I see major crossover potential there. (so kidding)

    So, I haven’t read the online comic, mainly because I didn’t find it very user-friendly, but I understand that it’s more specific in showing Elf Jedi as sacrificing her life to keep Sylar from taking her power. I guess it also shows Sylar being tranquilized shortly afterward by Bennett.

    I think this show has now officially supplanted “Lost” in the hearts of geeks everywhere.

  51. Oh, one more thing. NBC.com is now streaming the entire season to date for free. The only one they don’t have up yet is the pilot, and it says it’s coming soon, so if you missed any of this season so far, that’s the place to catch it. They’re all split into 6 parts, and you have to deal with commercials, but they’re free.

  52. You are right .. been awhile since I read my New Mutants 🙂 Anyway, I have found the best way to view the online comic is to just download the pdf file.

  53. Speaking of veiwing onine comics, I use a program called comicbook lover. It’s a great tool and I even like reading them using this more than I do the hard copy. Here’s a link.


    Oh yea, it’s only for mac users.

  54. That was a bad link. Here it is.


  55. there are pc alternatives like cDisplay and others
    on the linux side you can use cbrpager

  56. Reading the graphic novels online will answer the question as to whether Eden will return or not.