Heroes – S01E09 – Homecoming

Chapter Nine: Homecoming

Okay, so TONIGHT is the night they finally start to gather together to

Save the cheerleader, save the world

From the promos I’ve seen it looks to be pretty damned exciting!

Post your thoughts, reactions, show diaries, speculations, theories, etc. here.

If you have definitive future spoilers (and you feel the need to share them), post them in links, not as text.


  1. I’m pretty excited about this. How does that happen every week? I used to at least some apathy. Oh well.

    Just as a note, I’ve gotten a bunch of requests in the last 3 or 4 days for the waffles clips and I’ve still got them if anyone wants them

  2. The -ski household is psyched about this episode, not only because it’s the culmination of a major story arc but also because our satellite provider just finished hooking us up with local channels in HD mere hours ago. My wife is acting as a kind of Studio 60-esque countdown clock; all day, she has called me every so often to exclaim, “Two hours, thirty-five minutes!” and so on.

  3. You just got HD a few hours ago? Oh, man… I remember that feeling. That’s such a great feeling.

  4. I doubt NYC has ever had this problem, but here in the Heartland the local network affiliates like to extort the cable/satellite companies for money. For months now, we’ve had an HD satellite package but had to get the local channels via the dreaded rabbit ears.

    And in HD, rabbit ears are not like they were in ye olden tymes, when you’d occasionally get static but could basically watch your show; in HD, the signal is either crystal clear or like watching RealPlayer through a kaleidescope. There’s no middle ground. It was teh suck, as 133t h4x0rs might say.

  5. Yeah, I’m excited for tonight too. It’s been confirmed that there will indeed be a death , but whose death? Can’t wait to find out.

  6. Why oh Why did I switch to Dish~! I have to wait a day after before its either on NBC.com or on Itunes!

    I finally notice that the last episode they dropped the most annoying thing about the show, The constant referral to comic books. I almost dropped the show because it felt like they were trying to hammer in a obvious point.

    other then that little gripe the show has been sold.

  7. I just have to say Jimski’s wife rules! By the way .. One hour and 12 minutes!
    I just want to know what happened to poor Hiro and the Waitress.. Claire has the spotlight tonite though looks like.. I just hope they don’t pull a no Hiro episode like they did with no Nikki last week….

  8. The freak caucus is powerful indeed.

    I hope Nikki uses that big ass gun to accidentally shoot her son and put us out of our misery.

  9. So, wait.. Hiro DIDN’T save the cute waitress?

  10. It gives me the heebie jeebies when Horn Rimmed Glasses says “Claire Bear.” He hasn’t said it yet, but there’s still time.

  11. Having to watch this with commercials is driving me crazy…

  12. How the hell is Mohinder going to help save the cheerleader all the way from India?

    And maybe Syler can take the brain of that little dog too.

  13. Oops – Peter’s going to try to save the wrong cheerleader!

    Damn Texas and all the blonde cheerleaders…

  14. The love sick best friend might as well give up now that Claire has had a taste of Peter Petrelli and his dreamy floppy hair.

  15. Okay, so that was gross.

  16. Where have I seen Syler before…?

  17. Yea, my kids can’t watch this. Out side of the Punisher, I don’t recall anything like that in the recent super hero movies.

  18. The elf girl is a Jedi!


  20. Sylar is the actor Zach Quinto.


    Most notably on 24.

  21. Having to watch this with commercials is driving me crazy…

    Welcome to the dark side.

  22. So I’m watching this teenage girl get brutally disemboweled while another one, recently slammed against a wall, forcibly cracks her dislocated joints back into their sockets. Blood covers every surface. The time is 7:45 p.m. And I can’t help thinking, “If, instead of all this, one of the girls flashed a breast for a quarter second, this entire network would be fined off the air.”

    Interesting culture.

  23. Most notably on 24.

    That’s it! Thank you!!!!

  24. “If, instead of all this, one of the girls flashed a breast for a quarter second, this entire network would be fined off the air.”

    On that same notion, I’ve noticed that they’re doing their damndest, or so it seems, to turn claire into the greatest underage sex symbol fantasy of our time. And she really is underaged. I checked.

    Also, if you think what I wrote was bad, you should have heard what Harry Knowles said about her. Creepy.

  25. Someone settle this debate!

    [12:25:11 AM] Ron Richards says: i think they changed the story after Tim Sale did the art
    [12:25:21 AM] Ron Richards says: cause wasn’t Hiro and Ando in one of the paintings?
    [12:25:38 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: i don’t believe so
    [12:25:44 AM] Ron Richards says: i think so
    [12:26:00 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: i think hiro has only been in the comic
    [12:26:12 AM] Ron Richards says: no i’m pretty sure hes in one of the paintings
    [12:32:21 AM] Ron Richards says: i can’t believe the paintings aren’t online
    [12:33:24 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: Tim Sale: I�ve done maybe 20 paintings for the show and 30 comic book panels, not counting the comic that was given away as a promotion in San Diego.
    [12:34:22 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: http://www.9thwonders.com/
    [12:34:54 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: http://www.9thwonders.com/gallery/index.php
    [12:35:18 AM] Ron Richards says: right but not THE paintings
    [12:35:22 AM] Ron Richards says: the cheerleader ones
    [12:35:49 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: do you mean the ones with the shadows? from the homecoming?
    [12:35:54 AM] Ron Richards says: yes
    [12:36:10 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: they weren’t in those paintings
    [12:36:23 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: it was just her recoiling at whomever was in the shadow
    [12:36:25 AM] Ron Richards says: they were
    [12:36:30 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: nope!
    [12:36:32 AM] Ron Richards says: when they put them up on the wall
    [12:36:33 AM] Ron Richards says: in the loft
    [12:36:34 AM] Ron Richards says: they were
    [12:36:47 AM] Ron Richards says: Hiro and Ando looking curious with a fallen homecoming sign behind them
    [12:36:50 AM] Ron Richards says: i know it
    [12:37:12 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: i don’t recall ever having seen that one
    [12:37:20 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: but if it’s true it could still happen, the night is not over
    [12:37:25 AM] Ron Richards says: i’m positive
    [12:37:39 AM] Conor Kilpatrick says: start downloading episodes!
    [12:37:51 AM] Ron Richards says: when i get i home i will
    [12:37:55 AM] Ron Richards says: just to prove you wrong

  26. hrmn…So the bitchy cheerleader died. Not so much a main character, but hey , there’s your death. Thought it was gonna be Peter, but he pulled himself together from a near death situation.

    I akso Like how Ando pretty much accepts his role as sidekick. “Without Hiro I’m not much of anything.”

  27. well in the grand scheme of things Hiro can bend the space time continuum and Ando can drive stick thats pretty much sidekick fair

  28. Ron is, of course, correct. Conor, this painting has been shown several times!:


  29. I agree with Josh, Harry Knowles comments were horrifying, as well as the fact that they seem to be playing an awful lot off of the sexyness of an underage girl. Not all that shocking given today’s climate other than the fact that most of the time high school girls onscreen are portrayed by actresses in their 20s.

    I also agree that I think the blood and such was a bit much for no real reason. As you said Jimski, it is a cultural thing, in some European ones, nudity is no issue, violence is a big deal. The violence tends to bother me a bit less, though as I said, I could definitely do without all of the blood, that scene was way more than was needed, certainly for a network primetime TV show.

  30. Also, am I the only one that was at least moderately let down by this episode?

    I know the whole show is a bit pacey and they have a ton of characters to cover so they can’t hit them all each week, but…

    There was no gathering of heroes…unless you count Peter running into Hiro’s sidekick…

    I dunno, I mean, I guess we should be used to the overhype with stuff, comics, TV shows, movies, etc, but I just expected a little more out of this weeks episode. There was a lot of nada before the action. Do we have to have that much development on Mohinder’s decisions?

    I still love the show overall, and the episode was not bad by any stretch, I mean, cheerleader punching snottier cheerleader is always a win, but I feel a little deflated.

  31. What did Knowles say, anyway?

    That episode was awesome. When she decked that cheerleader–that was hilarious.

  32. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=6250120&blogID=188617677&Mytoken=A2216BA0-A006-487A-A160DEF09770563916035202
    this is what harry knowles said or at least what I think everyone is going on about. Clearly he should be shot. Just kidding, but he is definitely a fucking pervert.
    My name is Fred and I do not endorse this link

  33. couple of things…
    great episode last night i thought. i heard theyve got enough story to last like 5 years. and after episode 11 theres like a two month break between episodes… that sucks.

  34. he looks like a young bruce vilanche(http://imdb.com/name/nm0897358/)

    That is not a compliment

  35. So, since I’ve certainly heard it enough:

    They saved the cheerleader. How did they save the world?

    I sort of assumed that it would become clear what role the cheerleader played in the trashing of the world, whether it was connected to that mushroom cloud 3,000 miles away, etc. I suppose they’ve got to save something for the next arc, but… there are too many theories floating around my household. Closure, por favor.

    For this, I need resolution. “Lost,” they can tell me nothing for a year and I don’t hold it against them.

  36. not sure if anyone has posted it yet, but as far as speculation goes, everyone realizes that radioactive hippie dude who just broke out the car is probably going to be the cause of the huge explosion, right?

    And now that Horn Rimmed Glasses has Sylar, what’s gonna happen? Maybe Sylar cuts open Radioactive dude and cause NY to explode, ala Captain Atom blowing up Kansas after he gets sliced open?

    Oh, and the blood dripping from the cheerleader’s head as she gets lobotomized was some Dario Argento-type sh!t :).

  37. Ron is, of course, correct. Conor, this painting has been shown several times!:

    Ah, yes. But also – as I said – that image could be from later on after the incident. They’re not shown in the midst of a fight with Sylar or anything.

  38. “They saved the cheerleader. How did they save the world?”

    I was thinking that the “save the cheerleader, save the world” are two different stories.

    peter could also be the cause of the huge explosion if he’s around that dude and doesn’t know how to control that power.

  39. Or, Claire will be needed, down the line, to save the world. Therefore her being killed by Sylar would be bad. For the world. That’s how I take it, anyway. I didn’t expect that Peter saving Claire would cause the world to be saved, instantly.

  40. “Ah, yes. But also – as I said – that image could be from later on after the incident. They’re not shown in the midst of a fight with Sylar or anything.”

    oh totally didn’t even think of that. nice conor.

  41. I didn’t expect killing the cheerleader to blow up Texas or anything, but I was sort of hoping that the connection between her life and the world’s peril would be more clear by part 9. Alas, I will just have to stay at the edge of my seat for another week.

    I was thinking that the “save the cheerleader, save the world” are two different stories.

    I really like the idea of Future Hiro coming back again and saying, “No, Peter. It was a list. 1. Save the cheerleader. 2. Save the world. You did #1.”

    “But… what do I do to save the world?”

    “You’ll figure it out. Gotta go. Waffles.”

  42. First of all, Harry Knowles is a turbo-creepy man.

    Second of all, I liked that this story arc is over so I don’t have to hear that tag line anymore. But more importantly, I think this was the first episode where flip-hair didn’t really annoy me. He even hinted at having a bit of a personality. His brother is going to flip out that he’s been arrested.

    I was wondering why Peter didn’t know to use Sylar’s powers against him. I suppose there wasn’t enough time for him to figure it out…

    And for some reason I love the Mohinder character/storyline. He’s just an interesting character trying to come to terms with his pop’s legacy.

    I’m interested in seeing where the show goes from here. They have to kind of identify a new threat now that they’re starting to reveal more about Horn-rimmed glasses. I actually thought that pixie girl was going to betray Glasses when I saw her confronting Sylar at the end.

  43. I am only now getting around to reading noted feminist philosopher Harry Knowles’ insights into the healing factor, and yes, my skin has crawled into an adjoining room. What disturbs me, though, are the comments immediately below the post where people read his windowless-van reverie and say, “Hey, you know…? Harry’s right. That’s awesome! Heroes rules!” All those people need to go on a list, and not a Friends list either.

  44. “I was wondering why Peter didn’t know to use Sylar’s powers against him. I suppose there wasn’t enough time for him to figure it out…”

    hell yea wtf? and same with claire. if i knew i had some sort of power mimicry and when a girl came close to me and i started to heal myself id be all like… hey lets be best friends or at least hang out with me til im all healed up.

  45. Just having powers doesn’t mean you know how to use them, especially if you suddenly get them in the middle of a fist fight. Just a thought.

  46. That fat idiot needs to be in jail. That was some sick/pervertd blogging.

    Another guy giving the comics community a bad name.

  47. Yea, that’s I thought. And I’m not sure that he knew that Claire was invulnerable. I was kinda interested to know how close by she had to be for the power to work.

  48. All those people need to go on a list, and not a Friends list either.

    I had a similar reaction. I was like ok let’s remember where that guy lives so we can keep the kids away on halloween.

    Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you can say well it’s legal in texas you’re probably not doing the right thing. And seriously limber as an adjective to describe a teenager is very slimy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for objectifying women but she’s not a woman. disgusting fuck

    this is great:
    It’s my theory that do to the constant discomfort of virginal sex with men, her character will prefer the kind attention of her fellow sex. MEANING – she’ll be a hot, underage, cheerleading lesbian… for life.

    ALSO – she could have sex with ANYONE. Any disease – unprotected and be perfectly ok.

    I think that he forgot to mention that she’s Santa Claus and the Easter bunny rolled into one. It’s like he’s thinking: ooh hot barely legal in Texas limber cheerleader what could be hotter? ooh hot barely legal in Texas limber lesbian disease-resistant unable to get knocked up and draw attention from the authorities cheerleader.

    It was all very it puts the lotion on

    Then he actually says:

    The people behind this show are sick. Either that or they have singlehandedly created the most deviantly awesome fanboy sex object in the history of SUPERHERO FICTION.

    Huh wha? The people behind the show are sick? They aren’t the ones advocating sex with underage girls on the internet. They’re not the ones masturbating during Sesame Street. OK, so I have no proof that this guy does that, but the truth is out there.

    This quote from the comments is great:
    I don�t even want to picture Harry Knowles hiding under a blanket, let alone picture him rising each morning like a hillock of melting candlewax to pierce the Promethean maidenhead of a 16-year old nymph chained to his radiator.

    hillock of melting candlewax
    ha that’s awesome

  49. if you watch the previews for the next episode you can kinda find out some stuff.

    like in one scene you can see sylar pretty well sitting next to papa suresh. also you see niki and dl sitting next to a grave with the name jessica on it.

    check it yo

  50. Spot 1
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  51. just found this video
    it’s not related to comics or anything but it is pretty funny

  52. Man this was the best episode yet, i loved all the scenes with Peter, Claire and Sylar at the school, i’m still really surprised that they can get away with showing that level of blood and violence, but it does give the show a certain edge.

    And i particularly liked the scene were Peter stands up to Sylar, only for Sylar to wave his hands and hit him with a bunch of locker doors. I thought it was a nice heroic moment for Peter, who i actually quite liked this week, although his hair still annoys me :).

  53. and yes, my skin has crawled into an adjoining room.

    See, that is the kind of imagery a guy can enjoy..very nice Jimski

  54. So…is Claire’s friend is he gay? Or is he just crushing on her and she thinks hes gay…

    Also thank GOD for that dumb cheerleader bitch gets offed…i mean c’mon! “We used to be BFF Claire!” With her gone maybe the dialog wont be so god awful in some episodes.

  55. I’m going to assume that that dialog was in place so we wouldn’t feel so bad when she got her skull ripped off.

    I mean, it must have been ironic. I hope.

  56. In adults 18-49, Heroes ranked No. 7 out of all 100 telecasts for the week of Nov. 13-19. In adults 25-54, Heroes was No. 8 and in adults 18-34, Heroes ranked No. 4. Among all programs in adults 18-34, only ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and CBS’ Sunday NFL post-game show topped Heroes.

  57. yeah that bff thing was rfs, really fucking stupid

    I hate all of those cutesy little abbreiviations(with the exception of btw because that’s just necessary so i’m a hypocrite so what)

    For instance, imho(in my humble opinion) I have no humble opionions. bitch I’m Fred, I’m a national treasure.

  58. ok first off the “gay” kid is sure as hell not working for the good guys….
    think about it he had the book out of no where. he made her go to the school but he couldn’t go for “so many reasons” “he knows who he is and loves who he is ” (i think he has powers)

    he is evil and working with or for sylar end of story. who better then to stab claire in the back then her only friend?

  59. hmm. I just assumed the show was stupid.
    I’ll still assume the show is being stupid until he ‘comes out’ as evil.
    That being said, I love this show.