Heroes – S01E08 – Seven Minutes to Midnight

Chapter 8: Seven Minutes to Midnight

Apparently, tonight the gathering of… well, heroes, begins in earnest. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway

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  1. i think that it is good that so far there have been no sidekicks…that doesnt really work on screen like it does in comics….although i think that more people have the potential to be sidekicks than heroes….josh and ron (no offense) would make great snarky little sidekicks…while conor would probably be some brutal antihero (like the punisher) who needs no sidekicks and may kill them just to simplify things….but does anyone think that its strange how many people seem to have powers??? its almost every 7th person or so is discovering or has discovered their powers…and does that fbi agent have powers since she so easily believes the cop about his powers???

  2. The Show is great so far, but I really do think that they need to start coming together and creating a game plan to “Save the cheerleader, save the planet”. Does anyone think that the explosion will be averted this season, or does it continue into next season. I personally hope that it is averted and that next season we see new heroes surface and another antagonist appear. BTW, where are the Ifanboy screensavers?! haha

  3. Oh, wait, Heroes comes on tonight? I need to stop playing Gears of War and turn to NBC ASAP!

    I love the Tim sale art that Issac has “drawn”, my hope is that a Heroes trade paperback is released collecting all of the online comics and the art that Sale has put together. Heck even if they put it in hardback and charge $20-$30 I’d still probably grab it.

    The new Hero with the super-memory is hot!

  4. Oops, she’s dead.

  5. Just testing.

  6. and does that fbi agent have powers since she so easily believes the cop about his powers???

    she was there in the beginning when he first discovered them. after disbelieving him he convinced her by reading her mind

  7. Are you ready for this? I’m dropping Heroes after tonight!

  8. i think that it is good that so far there have been no sidekicks

    Isn’t the other Japanese guy Hiro’s sidekick?

    And no way am I a sidekick, Josh maybe, but not me. Conor’s definitely a dark antihero, and Josh a sidekick, but I’m more of sarcastic cynic like Hawkeye or Iceman.

    I suspect that the secret power that every main character has is that they give powers to everyone they come into contact with…

  9. Maybe Connor’s the Dark Anti-hero and you’re his sarcastic sidekick. Josh of course is the plucky comic relief.

  10. Are you ready for this? I’m dropping Heroes after tonight!

    Howcome? Next week looks really exciting…

    (It apparently has the plot that my newspaper said would be in tonight’s episode)

  11. glasses guy bad guy or good guy?

    anyone else getting the impression that suresh is some from of psi

  12. Is it just me, or do the people on TV flip through their photo albums in times of crisis a lot more than you and I?

  13. This episode was absolutely amazing. Hiro is gone,Nicky is in pursuit,we know her child has powers,next week they must save the cheerleader

  14. Just so I’m clear, I’m the fucking sidekick?!

    Or comic relief?

    I quit.

  15. Someone’s got to be the sidekick, old chum.

  16. At least your public persona is intimidating.

    From now on, I’m going to aim for gravitas. I’m nobody’s Speedy.

  17. Ha. You’re Conor’s Chris O’Donnell

  18. Cheer up, Josh; if one of you is the Robin, I think that makes any number of us the Batgirl, that person completely unrelated to the team who keeps showing up in full regalia and trying to participate in the action.

  19. I knew that Alan Moore would be responsible for crippling me at some point

  20. Josh, your power can be mimicking Ron’s voice!

    Kidding of course.

    I liked this weeks episode. I don’t know why you’d drop it after tonight. Especially because it focused on all my favorite storylines (the cop and Hiro). The only thing that I think is annoying is the “Save the Cheerleader, save the world”. It’s a fucking horrible phrase. Stop using it. And stop promising that that shit’s going to happen next episode. This is like the third week in a row they’ve said that the heroes will meet and learn what it means to “Save the cheerleader, save the world”. Honestly, I don’t give a shit, I’m enjoying what’s going on with the show. I just want them to stop promising it’s going to happen like it’s some big event.

    The story’s good enough without that bullshit tease.

    In closing, I realized that I cursed a lot.

  21. Chin up, old chum!

    I’d much rather be Dick Grayson than Bruce Wayne – way more well adjusted and has a lot more fun in life.

  22. “Save the cheerleader, save the world”

    I’ve seen this around the net, but I have to disagree. I think this is a brilliant catchphrase.

  23. hahahahaha

    if conor is the punisher i can see ron as his micro… or whoever his tech guy was

    josh… maybe speedball

  24. keep in mind that speedball was never a sidkick

    wasn’t he leader of the new warriors?

  25. How about Ron and Josh as the Wondertwins, oddly similar but wonderfully complementary? Unfortunately, that would make Conor Gleek…

  26. Also, money says that the explosion is caused by Jess from Gilmore Girls and his mimicking powers, along with the crazy nuclear guy from last episode.
    And Glasses-guy ultimately acts good, but for different, not-so-good reasons.

  27. I think that at this point, the only question I have about this show is that everytime we meet someone new, they have powers. Now, I dont’ know where they are going with this (are they possible victims for Sylar? Cannon fodder for the big confrontation?), but if they all team up we are past the JLA and onto The Legion of Superheroes.

    Hiro and the waitress flirting was cute.

  28. I think it’s a great phrase too. It really makes you go ‘huh?’ and get interested in what the hell they mean.

  29. I think I’d start getting annoyed with Hiro’s continual outbursts of joy if I didn’t know he was going to turn the other way and get hardcore eventually.

    So what do you think? Next season, all costumes and codenames?

  30. wafflecat?

  31. Is Hiro going to get hardcore?
    What if the version of Hiro that visited Peter that also knew english and had the sword was the Hiro that went back in time to save the memory girl? And while they are together she teaches him perfect english… and gives him a sword.

  32. TV/Movie pet peeve/nitpick:

    Poor waitress girl says she’s so poor and works in a little diner and only has enough money to travel to Oklahoma City…is wearing $200 designer jeans. I fucking hate when they do that.

    See also: working stiff Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds.

  33. Josh said he’s nobody’s Speedy, which was a perfect comment because that’s exactly right on the button — Not Dick Grayson, not Kid Flash, Josh is Speedy. In a perfect retro, Green Arrow before the beard way – Totally Speedy.

    But back on topic, I’m sorry, but everytime Hiro exercises his mammoth power to bend space and time, he looks like he’s going to squeeze a poop.

    I’m far less impressed by the two Japanese characters (one of which speaks with a definite Korean accent, like Ron speaking French) because …. well I live in Japan and speak the language. The two can’t be called “stereotypical” characters in the usual sense — not stereotypes as in an American’s skewed view of Japan, but stereotypes in that these two are very much the typical stock and trade of Japanese language comic characters. So, to me they seem far more 2D than the other characters. These two types pop in up in Manga stories as much as …. as much as costumed adults used to with their teen side kicks in the US, like Speedy.

    Especially Hiro’s sudden swing from goofy to super serious — very Manga (“Mon-ga,” as in “Mon-ster,” Ron, “Mon-ga”).

    Anyway, even from Tokyo, I agree with many — this show needs major plot movement now and less new characters and less let’s brood for a long time in a scene that doesn’t advance the plot… The mind reader’s wife is going to have how much impact on the overall plot and why are are still brooding about her? We spent all that time on Nicki and where the hell is she now?

    Time to draw the subplots together…. I agree with Conor in that this looks like they’re shooting for Legion rather than JLA, and if that’s the case, they’ll be off the air by the end of the season.

  34. Poor waitress girl says she’s so poor and works in a little diner and only has enough money to travel to Oklahoma City…is wearing $200 designer jeans. I fucking hate when they do that.

    I know it’s your “pet peeve” so by definition it is your little thing, but…

    I didn’t even notice if you hadn’t pointed it out last night and I never would have, and I still don’t. They just looked like jeans. It’s not like she’s driving an $80,000 car.

  35. I’m just saying, if I’m the wardrobe person and I have to get authentic clothes for the cast, why not buy them at Wal-Mart or Target? It takes me out of it.

    Just for the record, Conor hasn’t agreed with anything I’ve said since August of 2005, and that had to do with donuts.

  36. well i think the wardrobe makes more sense than number of commercial breaks…i think that there is 35.32 seconds of show followed by 9 minutes of commercials…i think i only watched 4 minutes of heroes last night….

  37. I am a little confused by everyones expectations for this show. It is not a “comic book”. There will be NO costumes OR codenames, and honestly.. who wants them? I am a huge fanboy (just spent 700$ easy at Wizardworld Texas this last weekend) and I love comics, but what is so great about this show is that it’s set in a more realistic world(like the real world)where people happen to be discovering that they have fantastic powers. They are more likely to go buy those $200.00 jeans than to want to put on a cape or wear long underwear on the outside. The writing has been great and all the sub plots are what make the show work in my opinion (and yes it’s just my opinion.. like the saying goes Opinions are like assholes.. everyone has one). The tension of the Cop and his wife gives his character substance. The writers aren’t rushing right into the “climax” and I applaud them for it. How boring would the show be if it were simply lifted from the comics and everything was just like the Marvel Universe for instance. Thats what the Spiderman movies are for. This is something that although it’s obviously drawing from the comics world, is doing it’s own thing. The last two weeks for me were not very emotionally charged, but last nights episode was a power house. My only complaint on the show is that I have figured out exacally whats going on before hand on almost every plot twist and character reveal, but last night won me back with the waitress and Hiro. Once it was happening and they kept showing Sylar at that table I knew trouble was coming,(and great casting on the waitress.. smoking hot and such a charming vulnerability) but the whole Hiro going back to save her and the deal with him not returning opened up so many new story line possibilities. That last shot of the memo board with the picture of Hiro and the waitress and that pitiful look on Hiros face like he was lost or about to cry…. that just tore me up.. I for one love this show and I love the pacing on it…
    (By the way .. I also think that the radioactive guy is the catalist for the huge explosion as well.. maybe not on purpose but he will be involved)( also I believe that the reason Hiro went back to tell Peter to give him the message to come meet him and save the Cheerleader was in fact so he would accidentally meet the waitress and save her because he will fall in love with her… Time travel being so tricky and all maybe he figured that revealing too much might actually change things to where he never went to the resturant in the first place.. confused?.. good.. but mark my words:P)

  38. There will be NO costumes OR codenames, and honestly.. who wants them?

    Methinks you’ve missed my sarcastic tone. Perhaps I take my notoriety for granted.

    That last part was also sarcastic.

  39. Perhaps I take my notoriety for granted
    iFanboy’s Jason Todd

    just joking
    don’t joke

  40. meant to say don’t jump

  41. A rather in depth interview with Tim Sale about Heroes and (Superman Confidential).

    Newsarama: Staring with your Heroes work, how many pieces have you done so far?

    Tim Sale: I�ve done maybe 20 paintings for the show and 30 comic book panels, not counting the comic that was given away as a promotion in San Diego. I should say right away, that the “paintings” are not actually paintings, they are wash drawings on comic book paper, about 11″x17″, that are then colored by the amazing Dave Stewart on a computer, and then blown up and transferred to canvas — except for the canvas part, just like Catwoman: When In Rome was produced.

    More in the link.


  42. Are you ready for this? I’m dropping Heroes after tonight!
    Howcome? Next week looks really exciting…
    (It apparently has the plot that my newspaper said would be in tonight’s episode)

    I don’t have one definitive answer to this. I have been enjoying it less each episode, while my friends and wife like it more. A big chunk of the story involving Mohinder’s Dad is dragging on way to much for my taste and I’m sick of the mouth breathing cheerleader. I have been tuning in to see what happens to Hiro Nakamura, but after the cliffhanger ending, I just didn’t really care. Bring on the MOON KNIGHT show!

  43. moon knight is marvels bad attempt at batman…he always has been…its like marvel used bendis’ cloning technology on batman…and now there is an illegitimate batman running the streets of wherever being substandard and uncool…im certain conor agrees with me…ron may say so but he willbe holding the newest issue at the same time….if everyone drops it will marvel stop printing it???

  44. if everyone drops it will marvel stop printing it???

    Yes they’ve done their obligitory let’s keep the copyright run already. Seriously though, I just listened earlier today to the Quesada interview on WordBalloon that Ron(I think) had mentioned and he openly admitted that they do that – stick characters into stories just to maintain their public copyright. I had always heard rumors of it and people scoffing at bizarre old characters who just show up out of nowhere in books, I didn’t expect him to come right out and admit it. interesting

  45. they should just have an imprint called “these comics suck dont buy them” to release one issue of that crap every once in awhile…then ron can still buy the one copy that his shop orders and no one else has to even look at it or think about it…what else would go on that imprint??

  46. The other titles on that imprint would include:
    Werewolf by Night
    Brother Voodoo
    Son of Satan
    Basically any of Marvel’s “mystical ” titles
    DC does magic well.. Marvel does not

  47. Bring on the Moon Knight show? Seriously? There’s finally a superhero show on television that’s entertaining and has good enough ratings to survive in the anti-scifi atmosphere that is broadcast television… and there’s somebody out there that would rather wait for the carnage we can all expect out of a Moon Knight series? I mean, even if they do some small justice to Moon Knight, what are the odds that enough people will accept a full-on superhero show for it to stay alive more than thirteen episodes?

  48. I was being sarcastic. I think with the right casting and a GREAT writer the only Marvel character that would work would be the Punisher. I�m guessing Moon Knight wont last more than two or three episodes before being canned, if it airs at all.

  49. I wasn’t going to reply to this, but now that we’re totally off thread… publishing characters to maintain the copyright is not something the comic companies decided, but is tied to one of the most famous court cases involving comic book superheros — Fawcett vs. D.C., Captain Marvel (Shazam) vs. Superman. Proving that a company had every intention of maintaining their copyright by actively publishing the character was not only a key argument in that case, but also the way that Marvel Comics grabbed the “Captain Marvel” name and was able to keep it, while D.C. is forced to publish Captain Marvel (Shazam) under the title of “Shazam” not Captain Marvel, with Marvel Comis STILL sweating them about the use of the name of Billy Batson’s alter ego.

    Factor in that even Todd MacFarlane (sp?) and Neil Gaiman are in court against each other over the rights of a previously obscure character — which can probably be tracked back to the success “The Watchmen” as retconning old characters without having to make up new ones as Moore did yeilded both good comics and good sales. Even the silliest of characters of years gone by can be handled very well in the hands of a good writer, a point already proven many times. “Liberty Bell” has certainly seen no shortage of ink, even if only in flashback scenes…

    It seems silly, but let’s face it — much of what was decided in the Fawcett vs. D.C. case way back when would never be decided in the same way now, but the companies are still bound to a legal system about 20 years behind the times and lawyers that charge tons by the hour.