Heroes – S01E06 – Better Halves

It’s Monday — that must mean it’s time for Heroes!

(In the United States, anyway. I’m curious — when does it air in other parts of the world? Or is it not on yet?)

Here’s something to get the pump primed, an interview at Comic Book Resources with Heroes writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.

When I get new e-mail, my computer now says “Oooh – waffles!”


  1. They’re not showing Studio 60 today.

  2. Yeah… even though this premeption has been on the schedule for a while now, word is that – despite the three new scripts that were just ordered – Studio 60‘s done.

  3. http://www.defamer.com/hollywood/studio-60/studio-60-cancellationwatch-plugpulling-imminent-211133.php

    Now, I’ve forgotten, what is it we’re supposed to be saving, to save the what now?

  4. Save Aaron Sorkin, Save the world.

    Looking forward to Rising s… Heroes tonight.

  5. How’s 30 Rock doing? Isn’t that supossed to be a similar concept? I never saw it but I’ve heard. I’ll be really upset to see Studio 60 go, it’s a really cool show. It’s a smart show in an era when there aren’t many. It seems unfortunately to be the era of Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor, and Temptation Island. And don’t even get me started on Deal Or No Deal. Jesus Christ.
    And it’s actually Lower the Average Sperm Count, Save The World

  6. After seven award winning seasons of the West Wing, Aaron Sorkin won’t be on a bread line anytime soon.

  7. 30 Rock is similar only in that it’s set behind-the-scnes at a fictional sketch show. Other than that, it’s totally different.

    It’s not doing that well in the ratings (nothing on NBC is except Deal or No Deal), but it is getting moved to Thursday nights along with Scrubs. There it will get crushed as it faces off against Grey’s Anatomy AND CSI.

  8. Didn’t Aaron Sorkin leave the West Wing after the third or fourth season?

  9. Yes. He “left” after season four. And by left I mean he was forced out by the network. But as the show’s creator and executive producer, he was paid a whole lot of money for the seasons he wasn’t actively working on the show. Kinda like how Michael Crichton still gets paid for ER.

  10. I saw a commercial for ER the other night and I was shocked that it was still on the air. Damn, that show’s been on the air forever. I don’t know anyone that still watches it but my ex used to be into it in high school…

    That show’s really old.

  11. I still watch it – and it’s gotten good again, honest. so much so, that while NBC only ordered half a season worth of episodes, which lead to speculation of cancellation, they just upped the order to a full season.

  12. I still watch it too. This season has, as Ron says, taken an inexplicable leap in quality. Must be Stamos.

  13. I watched until the middle of last season and then for some reason stopped. I can’t even remember why. NBC used to run these commercials every year that said something along the lines of: this is the best season of er yet. They were usually right. I should get back into it.

  14. My wife is hanging in there with ER, which I’ve never been a big viewer of. I think the fact that the entire original cast has left actually works in its favor; most shows in their 11th season would be impossibly tired and lame, but an entire new cast of characters every few years serves to keep the show invigorated.

    Yet every time I watch it, one of the cast seems to be getting shot or decapitated by a falling helicopter or chased by a tank. They took Becky from “Life Goes On” and cracked her ribcage open like a lobster. I don’t need that in my life.

    I was sure Studio 60 would be saved by the simple fact that all of NBC is in the toilet. Then their president was quoted as saying good– er, scripted shows were too expensive and the end seemed nigh. I’m looking forward to their midseason replacement series, “Wal-Mart Security Camera Footage.”

  15. I have to say, as much as I enjoy ER, those “This is the best season yet!” or “The best episode of ER ever” are embarrasing. You get the feeling that they are really, really trying to convince the viewers that it’s true.

  16. They took Becky from “Life Goes On” and cracked her ribcage open like a lobster. I don’t need that in my life.

    That episode was possibly one of the most harrowing of my life. I was curled up in the fetal position in my bedroom while the episode was on in the living room because I couldn’t watch, but desperately had to hear what was happening…

  17. Those commercials crack me up. I sometimes pester my wife with lines like “This episode of ER is the greatest and most important hour of your entire life”, or “If you miss this episode of ER, you’ll want to commit suicide”. Anyway, neither of us have watched the show for years, but the commercials still get some mileage in our house.

  18. It’s a smart show in an era when there aren’t many.

    There’s more smart TV on the air now than there ever has been. Don’t get me wrong, because I really like Studio 60 (although it’s no West Wing), but there is Battlestar Galactica, Earl, The Office, The Wire, The Shield, Lost, Scrubs, Heroes, Gray’s Anatomy, Colbert and the Daily Show and many more I can’t think of at the moment. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I hear that there’s no smart TV. There’s so much good TV that I don’t have time to watch all of it. And, there are always DVDs of Arrested Development and the West Wing if you need to find more.

    Currently, I’m in the middle of the season 4 dvds of ER, and that was a damn fine show. I don’t know how it can still be going on now.

  19. All excellent choices. Most of those are on my weekly watch list too. A few more I would throw in that list are Sopranos, Rescue Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 24 and Friday Night Lights.

    On the other hand, most of those shows get destroyed in the ratings by the likes of Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and Deal or No Deal. So there is definitely smart TV out there, it’s just that it’s not getting watched…

  20. What about Family Guy on Sundays?
    Anybody watch any good cartoons on Sundays like adultswim? Venture Bros was a really good show, especially if you’re into comics and some of those older action/super hero cartoons.

    Heroes in a few hours!!! YAY!!!

  21. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I hear that there’s no smart TV.

    I am strongly recommending Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson to everyone I know right now. It is, if you will, my Strange Girl.

    Johnson makes a meticulous, well-argued case that television and video games are more complex and demanding than ever, and that in a number of ways they are actually honing our cognitive abilities. He has these serious-yet-hilarious graphs in which he illustrates the number of plot threads and connections audiences are expected to remember in an episode of 24 versus, say, an episode of Dallas; it’s pretty stark. (He also compares a walkthrough for the most recent Zelda game to a walkthrough for Pac-Man.) Heroes would probably illustrate his points quite effectively.

  22. It is, if you will, my Strange Girl.
    Please continue to use this phrase and I will begin to feel as though I’ve expanded the lexicon to a very bizarre place.
    Also, you’re right Josh, my real gripe is with people not watching smart shows in favor of deal or no deal or whatever it’s hottest retarded cousin is at the moment.

  23. when does the new season of the Shield start? I love that shoe

  24. or show

  25. “when does the new season of the Shield start?”


  26. thanks derek

  27. I’m going to uy a season of the Wire, which one is the best and most self-contained?

  28. yes, that is how we roll
    that was great

  29. Wow! Now we’re gettin’ somewhere.

    Dear Bookend Narration: we’ve had some good times, but it is time for you to go now.

    Holy crap!, the little elven pixie girl is in league with the cheerleader’s oh I can’t even pretend to be surprised. I think that one has about an 80% “called it” rate among viewers.

  30. I’m going to uy a season of the Wire, which one is the best and most self-contained?


    As for Heroes it was the weakest one yet. Too much Ali Larter. I never thought I’d ever say that.

    And I have to admit that all of the iFanboys were caught off guard by the Elven girl twist.

  31. ANother good episdoe of heroes.
    Hiro Nakimora is shaping up to be one of the best characters in a show that I can remember. The show shines when he is at the center.

    I foresee a lot of the actors on this show going on to bigger and better things. Althought what could be better than Heroes?

    It’s too bad Studio 60 didn’t follow up. I love that show. I have heard people say its too hectic and fast paced but it is one of the few shows on tv worth watching.

    I also thought the shows rating was deceiving b/c it attracted the affluent watcher which is worth x times more than the regular tv watcher. I hope that rationale still holds true b/c I’d like to see this show go on.

  32. where’s the elvin girl from? its killing me

  33. There’s an elvin girl?

    Nikki’s story sucks. She’s a schizophrenic with a mean streak. Whatever.

    Happy Halloween. Watch the Freaks and Geeks Halloween episode today because it rules.

  34. The idea that Studio 60 could be canned breaks my heart.
    Also I’m sure 30 Rock will be canned, but dammit that show rules.

  35. I really like this show and I think it will take over for Lost with me. Im tired of nothing happening in Lost but more mysteries. The flying scene in episode 4 i think is better looking than the flying in Superman Returns.

  36. Jerome:
    The elvish girl is Nora Zehetner. She played Lanie Hart in Everwood.
    She’s also been in some other really obscure stuff along with playing ‘Girl At Party’ in American Pie 2 and doing one episode of the Gilmore Girls

  37. Haven’t left too many options for you to want to admit knowing her from, have I?
    It’s cool. I know her from Everwood. Lanie Hart was Colin’s(coma boy) sister.

  38. This is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen, despite having nothing to do with this thread:


  39. Chris
    That’s clearly awesome

    By the way, I’m working on a new Heroes clip should have it tonight or tomorrow. Hiro at the card game:
    Random Degenerate: You guys go to the bathroom together?
    Hiro’s friend: Yes That’s the way we roll

    Never intended to have a waffles 2 but broken english makes me laugh really hard every time

  40. Hey Connor,

    You were curious about Heroes being shown in another countries, I live in Mexico and it’s gonna air in early December in Cable (I don’t remember if it’s on Sony or on Universal Channel).

    For what I’ve read on the boards, I´m looking forward to watch it.


  41. I don’t mind Ali Larter stuff. Especially with her Husband having powers too. Kittie Pride is a muscular black man. Neat.

    I really thought his powers was opening locks, clearly much less cool than phasing. I think I missed something. Why was she killing all the people at the card game?

    The girl being the agent of Glasses guy suprised me, I’ll admit. Decent episode. I’m a fan of the show…

  42. Why was she killing all the people at the card game?

    They knew that Ali Larter had killed her husband’s crew. They could identify her.

    I have to admit – as boring as I find her part of the story, I find it interesting that her “power” is evil. It’s a nice twist.

  43. jan
    she killed the people at the card game because the sleazy guy was the guy she laundered the money through. Everyone else was just there and saw too much

  44. (I don’t remember if it’s on Sony or on Universal Channel).

    Most likely Universal since NBC owns them.

  45. Fox Gets It Wrong, NBC Says ‘Studio 60’ Stays Onboard

    by David Goetzl, Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 7:45 AM ET

    A FOX NEWS REPORT THAT NBC’s heavily promoted “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” would be dropped from the schedule created a frisson Monday, but appears to be premature.

    An NBC representative said in an email the show hasn’t been cancelled. The rep wrote: “It is profitable at this point.” In fact, the network has ordered three more episodes of the show.

    “Studio 60” is scheduled to air next Monday in its usual 10 p.m. slot, although a boffo performance by “Friday Night Lights” in the slot last night–where it was placed for a trial run–could potentially change things. But a more likely scenario would be a time-period change for “Studio 60”–not a retirement–a source said.

    “Lights,” a poor performer on Tuesdays, could then be viewed as more compatible with NBC’s freshman hit “Heroes” on Mondays. “Studio 60” has failed to capitalize on the strong lead-in from the top-10 hit at 9 p.m.

    Barring a major meltdown–and last week, ratings were up over the previous week–next week’s performance by “Studio 60” is not considered a make or break. But NBC executives are watching its ratings closely, and are frustrated by their decline.

    Still, the show is averaging a 3.8 for the season in “live plus same day” ratings for the 18-to-49 demo. (Note: advertisers are only paying for the lower “live” ratings.) NBC executives believe that as long as the show stays above a 3.0, it will function, at the very worst, as a loss leader. That barometer gives it a shot of staying on the air.

    One of the reasons NBC might stick with it is the show’s upscale profile, which can make it attractive to advertisers: Through Oct. 8, it ranked fourth among all network shows in median income for the 18-to-49 demo at $66,000. Another is the show’s perceived status as high-brow “West Wing-style” entertainment, a brand image that NBC continues to pursue.

    Barring an unexpected breakout performance from “Lights” last night, executives also believe that even if “Studio 60” were replaced, it would be hard to put a show in the time slot that would outperform CBS’ “CSI” Miami,” which dominates.

    NBC could call on “Crossing Jordan,” which is expected to return on Fridays this fall, if either “Studio” 60″ or “Lights” gets the axe. But “Jordan” finished last year with a 3.3 in the 18-to-49 demo, behind cancelled show “Commander in Chief.” In short, it could be hard-pressed to significantly outperform “Studio 60.”

    Much of “Studio 60’s” fate involves economic decisions by the network as far as the cost benefit of yanking a show when episodes are already shot. Thirteen episodes have been ordered, although the NBC rep wrote that it is unclear how far along production is on the allotment–so there could be a shutdown. As of next Monday, seven episodes will have aired.

    The Fox report received heightened attention via a prominent link on the “Drudge Report” that was later removed.

  46. I figured that was what happened. I mean, I knew that she was the one who killed everyone. I knew it was her before it had happened.

    Doesn’t always have to suprise me to be interesting. And I think that the husband might end up being a cool character.

    I think that her Evil side must have some sort of super strength, like Jekyll and Hyde or Critical Maas.

  47. Hey Fred, watch BRICK. I fell in love with Nora Zetehner there. She’s an amazing femme fatale.

    And yeah. Everwood ruled.

  48. Thanks The Dude, I’ll check it out. Everwood is pretty good. It’s on ABC Family presently from 6-7 weeknights. I think that tonight is episode 17 maybe.

  49. my bad it’s 22

  50. Brick! That’s where I saw her. Thanks, Dude that was driving me crazy. She was cute in that. Not a good movie, though.

  51. yeah… brick… thats where i saw her from…

  52. ok sure

  53. I know it’s not cool or anything but I refuse to believe that I’m the only one here who watches it. Especially with as much soap opera bullshit as there is in comics, i say nay

  54. I don’t really see it as her power being evil, I just think she’s crazy.

    I think her power is super strength and it just so happens that she also has MPD. Her ‘evil’ personality is the only one that knows about the power.

    I think everything she sees in the mirror is just a hallucination.

    But I definitely think it will make it really cool when the ‘good’ one realizes she has the power.

  55. i’ve watched more WB than anyone should. ever.

  56. That’s it. Every thread on this site makes me want to fight. This is what happens when I call in sick from work. HOW WAS BRICK NOT THE BEST MOVIE THIS YEAR?
    The top of this page should read
    “IFANBOY Wrong about everything since 2000.”

  57. Ron, can we get that done?

  58. So I did some audio mixing that you should check out:
    Waffles song: http://www.yousendit.com/download/2gtdXkvGz4M%3D
    How we roll:

  59. my software sucks but the idea is there

  60. Fred,
    I’ll be honest with you – you’re one wacky dude.

  61. Just watched it on Tivo – not as amazing as last week, but still pretty good.

    One request – could people not post spoilers in these threads? Somebody posted the husband’s power in the thread last week without any warning, and I think a big part of my lesser enjoyment of this episonde was the lack of suspense caused by already knowing what his deal was. Thanks, sorry I’m a grump.

  62. Matt, a lot like the podcast, this thread is probably best utilized after watching the show. I don’t think anyone writing here was concerned about spoilers, because they figured most had watched it.

    That being said, people should try to not post the spoiler in the first couple lines, since that can show up on the main page.

    Sorry about that Matt. It’s the cost of the hyper information age I fear.

  63. Spoiler: Fred’s really fucked up.
    The Waffle song is going on every mix cd I make from here on out.

  64. Holy crap. Fred, it’s time to get some different hobbies. Just kidding. That was funny.

    Didn’t mean to spoil anything. From now one I’ll make sure I post some nonsense before spoilers so they don’t show up on the front page…

  65. Matt, a lot like the podcast, this thread is probably best utilized after watching the show. I don’t think anyone writing here was concerned about spoilers, because they figured most had watched it.

    I actually agree with Matt on this. While spoilers from the CURRENT episode are fair game, what he is talking about is that someone posted spoilers from this week’s episode in last week’s thread. That’s not cool.

    On the other hand, the dad’s powers were teased in the post-show scenes after last week’s show.

    Still – no future spoilers.

  66. Post-show scenes should be made illegal.

  67. I love post show scenes! They are often better than the shows themselves. A good example of that would be this last season of The Sopranos.

  68. No way, dude. They give too much away. I didn’t know that any of those dudes on L O S T had survived that crazy implosion at the end of season two until I saw the stupid post show scene and there they all were.
    By the way, I’m not sure if I read it here but Nathan Fillion is gonna be on L O S T next week. Nerd super-gasm

  69. My DVR must agree with you because it cuts off the scenes at least 60% of the time.

  70. FYI

    Post Heroes numbers:

    This week:

    Friday Night Lights – 8.3 million viewers

    Last week:

    Studio 60 – 7.7 million viewers

  71. Dude
    That’s like the furthest thing from a spoiler ever.

    And thanks.

  72. It would’ve been longer but honestly listening to the first 20 seconds of that song 40 or 50 times had me near suicide. By the end I knew that I had either created the largest piece of shit in the history of the world or a work of genius. I’m still not sure but reception seems to be ok. I guess the only thing that has been established is that I’m definitely some kind of mental defective.
    Anyone up for Block Rockin Beats with It is the way we roll cut into it?

  73. Fred,
    I’ll be honest with you – you’re one wacky dude.
    from the grown man with the green lantern tattoo

  74. Nope, that’s Josh with the GL tattoo.

  75. wouldn’t be the first time they got mixed up
    anyhow my bad

  76. Post-show scenes are consistently the cause of the biggest arguments in my marriage, which I hope speaks well of the marriage. My wife loves previews, lives for them, and will not miss them under any circumstances; I hate them with every fiber of my being and rank them up there with the guy who blurts out who died in the Harry Potter book you haven’t read yet. It escalates fairly quickly.

    “Don’t change the channel!”
    “Oh, the previews to entice you to watch next week’s show, which you’re already going to watch anyway, no matter what the preview shows you?”
    “No, honey. It’s an ad for a product you’re already getting, and a misleading ad at that. Remember how upset you were by that one that made it look like the Gilmore Girls were going to sleep together? Did the Gilmore Girls sleep together, honey?”
    “You don’t have to watch it; maybe you can go stand in a different room.”
    “Maybe I can go sleep in a different house.”

    Perhaps I have been too candid. Normally we get along great; it’s those dumb fights that are the most persistent.

  77. Does it make me a bad person that I couldn’t concentrate on anything after the phrase made it look like the Gilmore Girls were going to sleep together? ?

  78. That is not what makes you a bad person, no.

    I kid because I care.

  79. oh good then, it’s still all the existing reasons
    was worried for a second there

  80. It totally ruled on Studio 60 the other day when Matt Albie gave his number to the lady from Gilmore Girls and said “do me a favor and also give a copy of this to the girl that plays your daughter on the show”

  81. Jimski,

    I have a feeling we’ve had similar experiences. Reading when someone else says stuff like that though just makes me think I probably sound like an asshole. I’ve tried to win many an argument that didn’t matter based solely on what seems like obvious logic. It’s THEIR damn fault they don’t understand.

    Alright, I need a hug.

  82. Reading when someone else says stuff like that though just makes me think I probably sound like an asshole.

    So, what are you trying to say? You want a piece of me? Winner takes on whoever wins that Dude/Darrel fight the next thread over?

    Seriously though, I have never related that disagreement to anyone without them looking at me like I was crazy, a douche, or a crazy douche. I have accepted my place in the household.

  83. What I’m saying is that i recognize that you are crazy, but at the same time, I could hear those exact words coming out of my mouth. I read it to my wife, and she actually started to get mad at me, because that’s exactly the kind of shit I’d do.

    I have a feeling that fanboy fighting would involve a lot of slapping, squealing and running.

  84. I have a feeling that fanboy fighting would involve a lot of slapping, squealing and running.

    You shame our brawlin’-right-off-the-boat ancestors.

  85. Conor, you’d win anyhow. You and your thunderously low voice of doom would like, black bolt us out of there.
    Sorry. I can’t sleep, IFanboy pays for it.