Heroes – S01E05 – Hiros

Since the thread about last week’s episode was a hit and a lot of people here seem to be watching the show, I thought we’d have a regular weekly Heroes discussion.

Post here about tonight’s episode!

Save the cheerleader.

Save the world.


  1. My observation from watching tonite:

    Hiro and his buddy are basicaly C-3PO and R2D2 from the beginning of A New Hope: lost in the desert, they argue, split up, have indiviudal adventures and then are reunited.

    everything is derivative 🙂

  2. So after five episodes i think I’m willing to say that this is probably the best show on tv right now. Only 167 hours until episode 6

  3. the love scene with the guy who can read minds was straight out of that mel gibson movie. then again, thats probably one of the first things most guys might do with that power.

  4. I love this show.

    There’s got to be some kind of secret in the background that explains how all these people seem to be connected to each other. We saw in the preview for the next episode that the murderer husband guy can walk through walls. So you know that the kid must have some kind of power too. Maybe it’s just that he’s really smart.

  5. So, I suppose that…Peter’s power ISN’T flying…but rather he can take powers of the people around him, ala Mimic. I mean, he couldn’t fly when his brother wasn’t around, and all of a sudden he can see into the future!

    Pretty awesome, I must say.

  6. Looks like the kid who thought he can fly is a mimic, just like sidermav said. That explains why who couldn’t fly when he was trying too. Thats pretty awesome. This show has that xmen/jla flavor to it.

  7. is anyboy else wondering why saving wolvie-leader = saving the world?

    I’m hooked.

  8. My speculation about the cryptic message is only half-formed, but I’m thinking that unbreakable cheerleader being the daughter of evil Nick Fury can’t be good for anybody.

  9. I need a sound clip of “Oooh!! Waffles!”

  10. Does anybody think that Sylar (don’t know if it is spelled right) is not working with the evil Nick Fury dad? I think that the evil dad’s henchman is not Sylar and somthing else. The group must save the cheerleader first, then they deal with Sylar.

    Also, the cliffhangers at the end of every episode have me screaming for more. I don’t think that I can handle a season finale.

  11. Yeah I keep wondering how saving IndestructiGirl is gonna save the Whole Damn World – and come up with nothing. Then again I’m not always very good at figuring out these types of plots, which makes for more fun. (Except for that movie Derailed, which I had pegged pretty quickly. But it was a really bad movie.)

    One measure of how good the show is: if the show were bad the tagline “Save the cheerleader. Save the world.” would be ripe for ridicule. But since the show is good, the tagline is kick-ass (and smacks of Loeb, he of “Whose side are you on?”, doesn’t it). It’s especially fun to say in a dramatic stage whisper. I’m serious – try it.

  12. I haven’t watched the second half yet (I watched it on my laptop on the train to work, I’ll finish it on the way home) but I have to say the flying effect was totally awesome. I hope there is a ton more of that. I like that it’s real and he’s not invulnerable too, hurting himself when he lands awkwardly.

  13. Hey, does anyone know if they’re re-airing it sometime? Or if there’s someplace on line where I might be able to find last night’s episode. I was too caught up in MNF too watch, but I really don’t want to miss anything…

  14. I am almost positive that they rerun it on Sci-Fi on Fridays, and NBC.com has been randomly making shows available.

  15. Yea, I feel like a bit of a dumbass because it’s right on the NBC site. Thanks though.

  16. Yeah, actually you can watch it online all week for free:

  17. “I need a sound clip of ‘Oooh!! Waffles!'”

    Seconded, thirded, even fourthed. That was hilarious!

  18. I should have it to you tomorrow. Working on it later because I wanted it too.

  19. My theory…
    Save the cheerleader … this Sylar character kills people and takes their brains or whatever and can steal that persons power this way. So if he gets ahold of Claire the cheerleader, he’ll be unstoppable with her power… he won’t be able to die. Also Claires dad the glasses dude isn’t evil. He is working to try and catch this Sylar character which is probably just like an experiment gone wrong. He’s worried that since Claires got this power that Sylar is going to be coming after Claire.

  20. I’ve made my peace with the fast pace of the show. Normally, I like things to happen slowly (like Lost or Twin Peaks), but in this instance, I’m getting into it.

    I just hope there’s enough story to keep up.

    How did Hiro learn english so fast?

  21. Professor X’s telepathic language lessons

  22. Eh, he can pause time, I’ll just pretend he’s been doing it to learn English. Or not . . . 🙂

  23. I’m not totally hung up on it. It’s a tiny detail that’s not really all that important, in the grand sceheme of things. It was just sorta jarring at first.

    Man, all those Heroes talk makes me hungry for waffles.

  24. I think RusMan’s theory will turn out to be pretty close and I hadn’t thought of that.

    I hate to admit that I like this show. I haven’t watched a big three network show in several years. I usually stick with HBO shows. I don’t like commercials and themes being watered down by censors.

    The first 3 shows were moving too slow for me. I don’t like the boredom of waiting for something to happen that never does (I’m thinking of Babylon 5).

    Having said that, this show has taken off (no pun intended). Yes the flying was cool. Now I’m hooked. Hiro from the future was really cool too.

  25. Future Hiro is like future Bill and Ted. They went into the future and learned how to play guitar. Same thing with Hiro.

    Also, I know it’s a network show, but rarely have I watched a show and so frequently wondered how they got away with airing certain images. This show, at a 9PM time slot, is showing more sex than anything I remember. Crazy Mirror girl’s ass in the last episode (and I’m not looking for a drooling fanboy pile-on here) was at least PG-13.

  26. Can someone kinda explain phasing to me? If DL… the black dudes power is phasing how is he able to make people forget things? I was reading… astonishing x-men i think and read that Kitty can phase through computers or whatever and mess them up… does this go with brains too?

  27. I agree. My 8 y/o son, who I have turned into a comic freak is really excited about this show and wants to watch it. I downloaded the first episode and we watched it together. Now I don’t think he will see anymore. There’s a little gore there too.

  28. Future Hiro is like future Bill and Ted. They went into the future and learned how to play guitar. Same thing with Hiro.

    I meant Hiro suddenly knowing english in the diner, not future Hiro.

    If DL… the black dudes power is phasing how is he able to make people forget things? I was reading… astonishing x-men i think and read that Kitty can phase through computers or whatever and mess them up… does this go with brains too?

    The henchman phases? I thought the guy in the preview who was phasing was the stripper’s husband.

  29. This show is getting better with each episode.

    I was a little worried that they might not be able to pull the flying effect off, but i thought it looked great!!. And i know we wont see it for a long time, but i cant wait to see them all in team, all using there powers together. I imagine that’ll be a pretty expensive episode.

    And i’ve been surprised at some of the stuff they’ve got away with to, but it does add a nice edginess to the show.

  30. If by henchman you mean the black guy who follows Claire’s dad(glasses dude) than yea… on wikipedia it says his power is phasing, and after heroes last night in the scenes from next weeks shows him phasing through a wall. Plus they mentioned he got out of his handcuffs somehow at one point.

  31. So the henchman and the husband are the same guy?

  32. Yep

  33. Hmmm…

    I guess he can phase into your brain and F it up.

  34. Ratings: Heroes goes up and away
    By Colin Mahan – TV.com
    October 24, 2006 at 12:00:00 PM

    NBC sci-fi drama becomes highest-rated new fall show; Studio 60 ticks up as well.

    Heroes is showing muscle.

    Last night’s episode of the freshman series matched its highest ratings yet, 6.2 rating/15 share in 18- to 49-year-olds, with 14.3 million total viewers, according to Nielsen overnights. That’s almost 10 percent better than last week’s episode, and it makes Heroes the highest-rated new show of the 2006 fall season.

    Heroes received a full season order from NBC on October 5, and on Sunday the network ran a marathon. The higher numbers could be attributed to viewers who were on the fence about the serialized drama watching the marathon and liking what they saw.

    At 8 p.m., NBC and Deal or No Deal won a 4.4 in 18 to 49s, with CBS earning a combined 3.3 for How I Met Your Mother at a 3.6 and The Class at 2.9. Fox and Prison Break ran away with a 3.2, ABC’s Wife Swap blissed a 2.8, and the CW earned a 1.2 for Everybody Hates Chris and All of Us.

    At 9 p.m., Heroes soared to its 6.2, followed by CBS with a combined 4.3 for Two and a Half Men at 4.7 and The New Adventures of Old Christine at 3.9. The Bachelor romanced a 3.2 on ABC, and Fox earned a 2.0 for delivering Justice. The CW scored a combined 1.2 for Girlfriends and The Game.

    In the 10 p.m. slot, CBS’s CSI: Miami and David Caruso took over with a 5.9, followed by NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip at 3.2–a slight uptick from last week’s 3.1. ABC asked What About Brian and received a 2.7 answer.

    Overall, NBC earned a 4.6 rating/12 share in 18-49s, with 12.5 million average viewers; CBS a 4.5/11, 13.3 million; ABC a 2.9/7, 7.2 million; Fox a 2.6/7, 7.3 million; and the CW a 1.2/3, 2.8 million.

  35. I realy don’t remember my feelings during the set up episodes of Lost but If I recall, they were similar to how I’ve felt about Heroes so far. Has potential but not quite ther. But I think that that’s all about to change, the metas know their powers, they know ther’s a threat and they’re starting to connect.

    How Much Longer Before they Get Matching Spandex?

  36. From our friend wikipedia:

    “The mysterious man is played by Jimmy Jean-Louis.[3] He was first seen in a bar by Officer Matt Parkman in “One Giant Leap”. Matt was using his powers to eavesdrop on other patrons in the bar, and when Matt attempted to read the thoughts of the mysterious man, he experienced total silence”

    “D.L. Hawkins is a fictional character played by Leonard Roberts in the TV series Heroes. He is wanted criminal man with the power to phase through solid objects.”

    So the henchmen and murderer father aren’t the same character. And, although I haven’t been reading the webcomic, wikipedia also said D.L. was framed.

  37. They are the same…

    In last nights episode even, one of the officers showed Nikki a picture of her husband… exhusbad whatever and it was DL… the henchman. Also later in the episode you even see DL/henchman in her house. He had just phased through a wall or something.

  38. ok wait… im wrong.

  39. My bad everyone!

  40. I’m so confused.

    But I really don’t think the henchman and the husband are the same guy.

  41. You were right to think that. You should just ignore my last few posts here.

  42. Nah they are not the same person. Has anyone been reading the web comics? You can get em here:


    I suggest getting the pdf versions (click ‘printable version’) the quality is much better than the flash version.

    They are only a few pages each, but still interesting, if not all that good.

  43. Ron, I agree with you about the sex stuff. It’s very awkward to watch the show on my laptop on the way to work with people all around when there’s all that nudity.

    It’s an awesome show though, I love it.

    I like the pace it’s going, I’ve lost all interest in Lost because after over 2 years we still don’t know what the black smoke/fog stuff is and there is nothing to make me think we’ll find out soon.

    In this, things come together quickly. I think they’ll probably have saved the world by the end of the season, then move onto another storyline for the next.

  44. Man, I even got Ron and Josh mixed up outside of the podcast. I just suck.

  45. Don’t stress over it, I get them mixed up in person sometimes.

  46. ya do not!

  47. At first I got them mixed up, but there was one podcast I was listening to at work with my headphones, and the audio had been weird, and I could hear Ron in one ear and Josh in the other. Now I can totally tell.

  48. That was early in the learning process, and we quickly decided to remain a mono podcast.

  49. I can tell Josh and Ron apart sometimes, but most of the time you both sound just like David Spade.

  50. I used to be able to tell them apart, not with their voices but with what they were saying but with Josh’s newfound love of x-books it’s getting more difficult by the week.

  51. Well, if it helps, I didn’t buy X-Men this week.

    Sorry Carey, I did try…

  52. that helps

  53. I can tell Josh and Ron apart sometimes, but most of the time you both sound just like David Spade.

    Oh, that’s funny.

  54. I can tell them apart because one of them has the laugh of a crazed woman from Cranston RI. Of course I didn’t say who.

  55. I hate this thread.

  56. This is the best show around, but is anybody else getting REALLY sick of the whispering “save the cheerleader, save the world” commercials? I’m over hearing that by now.

  57. “This is the best show around, but is anybody else getting REALLY sick of the whispering “save the cheerleader, save the world” commercials?”

    I hate those damn commercials. Which is weird because I love the show. Although I wouldn’t call it the best show around. Maybe the best new show of the season (along with Studio 60). There’s plenty of other shows that are better than Heroes, at least so far. BSG, The Office, Lost, The Wire, Veronica Mars, Deadwood, Sopranos, Scrubs, just to name a few. However, Heroes has the potential to jump to the top of that list in a year or two…

  58. im sick of my friends saying “save the cheerleader, save the world”

  59. I need a sound clip of “Oooh!! Waffles!”

    I just emailed it over to you guys. If anybody else wants it email me and I’ll send it to you. I don’t think it can be posted here because it’s probably copy-protected. If you are so inclined it makes an awesome ringtone.

  60. Fred that’s awesome. Thanks! I can’t tell you how excited my wife is to make that her new ringtone.

    If anyone else wants it, you can get it here for the next 7 days or 100 downloads. Whichever comes first.


  61. Fred, you rock!

    Josh, thanks for the link!

    That is the greatest clip ever!