‘Heroes’ Here!

The people want their Heroes talk, so I thought we’d dump that old thread and start up a new one.

Did you watch it tonight? What did you think?

Will that one kid learn to act?

Did Hiro learn swordsmanship as well as english?


  1. Holy crap, that was good.

  2. it was. i can’t wait until next week. it seems like all of the setup is finishing and we’re getting to the involved story point.
    and no he will never learn how to act but it won’t matter because the story is so good.

  3. I love this show, but they need to start to start getting more characters with each other so the plot can move a bit faster. I’m syched for next week.

  4. WOW! I love this show, and I am surprised that so many non-comic fans love it as well. I was afraid it was going to appeal to fanboy’s only, but I think Josh’s prediction of 13 episodes is wrong. Future Hiro looked badass!!

  5. I believe this is one of the few new shows to have been picked up for another season.

  6. I’m surprised this show is as popular as it is. I mean, I get that WE all love it, but can you believe that the general poplace enjoys it as much as it does?

    I thought this was the best episode. We finally had some characters interact with one another. I was surprised by the Mohinder/Peter and Nikki/Nathan interaction. And the Hiro thing at the end? AWESOME!

    Why do you gotta bag on Jess… err… I mean Peter? I like Milo Ventimgjlda;fjkl;dlia. really. I do.

    At the end of the day, he’s still better for Rory than the freakin’ putz, Logan. I hate that dude.

  7. Oh man, I love this show. If it keeps up like this I’ll have a new all time favorite tv show by season’s end.

    By the way, doesn’t it seem like the network or the show’s producers or someone want Peter to be the focus but Hiro is consistantly the star of the show (along with Claire)?

    Or maybe it’s just because I love Hiro. Because both present-Hiro and future-Hiro absolutely rule.

  8. didn’t that football player guy watch Vanilla Sky?

    Hiro has stolen the hearts of my household as both a comic book office jockey and a time traveling samurai dude. amazing.

  9. Though it is full of curveballs, every episode of this show ends the same way, namely my wife breaking the silence in our living room by shouting, “I LOVE THIS SHOW!”

    Personally, it hasn’t won my heart (maybe I’m just jealous) but I do like it as much as you can like a show without knowing the names of any of the characters. Is anybody else doing that? You can’t wait to see what happens, but to you they’re Cam Girl, Unbreakable Cheerleader, and That A-Hole’s Brother? Or is that just me?

    Watching Heroes reminds me of JMS’ Supreme Power, in that I like it but I wish everyone would hurry up and get together and began having their various misadventures. I don’t think Supreme Power ever ended up doing that; I’m glad to see Heroes headed in that direction. I must like it if I’m that impatient to see the avengers assemble.

  10. I love this show, but they need to start to start getting more characters with each other so the plot can move a bit faster.

    Geez, man, it’s only the third episode…

    I was afraid it was going to appeal to fanboy’s only, but I think Josh’s prediction of 13 episodes is wrong.

    That was Ron. Similar Voice Syndrome strikes again.

  11. not to be a dick but it’s been four episodes
    and dustin, I completely am not going to admit that I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s just a coincidence that I rarely post between 7 and 8 every night.

  12. Has it been four? I’m not supposed to be doing math and/or thinking this early in the morning.

    Three or four, it’s still way early.

  13. definitely, most dramas are best after several seasons so that fact that this is so exciting so early is awesome. If you look at a show like Prison Break, another good Monday night show, they didn’t even break out until the season finale of season one. It’s the NAME OF THE SHOW. Now they’ve been out like ?6? episodes and they’ve only made it from illinois to utah. I’m not sure but I think that’s like a one day drive. If you compare the pace of the two shows Heroes has done in 4 episodes what Prison Break would do in 22.

  14. Personally, it hasn’t won my heart (maybe I’m just jealous) but I do like it as much as you can like a show without knowing the names of any of the characters. Is anybody else doing that? You can’t wait to see what happens, but to you they’re Cam Girl, Unbreakable Cheerleader, and That A-Hole’s Brother? Or is that just me?

    You just articulated my feelings of the show better than I’m able.

    And no, that Milo kid can’t act. He can’t act at all. He’s trying too hard and I don’t find it natural enough. Perhaps it’s a taste thing. But yes, it feels like they’re trying to pin the series on him. I don’t think that will last.

    To me, the most interesting character is Hiro and fat telepath cop guy. Hiro is the only character name I remember. They need more fat telepath cop guy though, clearly.

  15. I think that people really connect with Hiro because he actually enjoys having his super power. He’s excited about it.

  16. Hiro is the light relief at the moment. Everyone else is far too serious about things.

  17. I don�t wanna get in trouble for always going off-topic, but I just found this Huge comedy series that�s currently playing on BBC, it�s called EXTRAS with Ricky Gervais (the office). Why do I post this here ? Because there�s an episode featuring Patrick Stewart where he talks about his role on X-Men. Hilarious.
    Watch it here

  18. You guys don’t get Extras over in America? That sucks, I’d have thought that with the success of the office it’d have been shown over there already.

  19. We do get it here in America. The first series was aired last year.

  20. I�m from America, but South-America, and we don�t get anything down here … except Itunes Store, youtube, amazon & the latin version of cable channels (which are pretty outdated). So that�s that!.

  21. Yeah, Extras was on HBO a while back. The DVD is taking forever to come out, so I… used technology to pursue alternate viewing opportunities. It had all of the excruciatingly awkward hilarity Ricky Gervais is known for. But absolutely no time-travelling Asians, which was a disappointment.

    I’m not surprised, by the way, that Heroes is a hit. Everybody loves comics; they just don’t know it yet.

    I agree that it’s early in the series, but it seems like before “Lost” most shows didn’t try to string the viewer along to quite this extent. Actually, what came to mind as I watched last night’s episode was the word “decompression,” which made me chuckle to myself for reasons I could not explain to anyone else in the room.

  22. This is one of my favorite shows right now too. The bigger thing though is that my wife is a fan (yes, Hiro is her favorite. Mine too, especially future Hiro) and she is not a comic fan. It’s reaching across the lines and being interesting and relatively fast for an on-going drama. It’s exciting with some fun thrown in, though I’d be curious what exactly they’d do for a second season.

  23. At the San Diego panel Jeph Loeb said that Hiro would be the breakout star and he doesn’t seem to be wrong…

  24. This show is awesome!!! I am really digging the development of the story and the characters. My only nitpick is that they should start uniting the characters and moving forward. I just read yesterday that NBC picked up 22 episodes of the show, the first premiere show of the season to be picked up…Take that brothers and sisters!!!

  25. I guess I’m the only one who thinks that the characters are starting to cross over too quickly already.

  26. I don’t feel like they’re going too fast or too slow, but I’d rather it go slower than go faster. They do such a great job with characterization and tone that if they went full seasons without advancing the over arching story I don’t think I’d mind.

  27. It’s a great show and honestly, there’s so little left to watch (I’m not big a fan of Crime/Medical shows).

    I’m really happy to have another good Sci/Fi show to watch.

  28. Conor, I think they’re crossing over too quickly as well. It’s episode 4 of hopefully 100 or more eps.

    But I guess you have to shoot right out of the gate these days otherwise you get cancelled.

    Also, isn’t New York set to blow up on Nov 7 2006? So they only have a few weeks to resolve this.

    Unless they actually blow NY up. Can you imagine if they actually did that? NYC is destroyed and the “Heroes” have to help for the whole season.

  29. I actually thought the last two episodes were really good. Last night’s was the best one so far–the plots are starting to get really good. I am stoked on the cheerleader and the Japanese dude–both getting really good. The nod to Rain Man was pretty funny…

    i do agree the crossover is happening a bit too fast (and in Vegas??!) but otherwise, I am happy it’s getting better..

  30. I love the show, but thought this story is funny.


  31. NBC is going to edit future airings?!?!


  32. I’m really enjoying the show so far. I’m really happy Peter isn’t just another flier.

    And Future Hiro is the embodiment of badassery.

    The Professor’s son is still my favorite character. I think his name is Mogwai, but then again, that’s the name of the Gremlin…

  33. well what about me? I’ve already stuck my penis in the garbage disposal after seeing that. Who do I sue?

  34. I heard about the InSinkerator a couple weeks ago; like most of the dumbest stories, it is a local story. (see also: Tony Twist vs. Todd McFarlane.) St. Louis: Goofytown, USA.

    At this point, state law requires me to exclaim, “Go Cards!” but given iFanboy’s east coast roots I suspect I’m in for a Conorboo.

  35. Nah, no Conorboo, Ron’s the Mets fan…

    I… I… my team… I don’t even want to talk about it.

    Although I am going with him to the game tomorrow.

  36. I hate Peter’s hair.

  37. Man the ending to this weeks episode totally blew me away. I love time travel stories in my comics, so to see one as cool is this on tv it excellent.

    Hiro is definitely my favourite character, and he’s made even cooler because he might turn into a kick-ass time stopping ninja, with a bloody massive sword!!.
    And Claire is pretty interesting to, crashing the car was a pretty cool move.

  38. Doesn’t that make Claire (is that her name?) a killer? I mean, Batman wouldn’t do that, unless he was sure that the perp would only be hurt superficially, and that no one else would be. Of course, he would be sure, because he’s Batman.

    Still, that’s some vigilante shit right there, and I’m not sure if that is supposed to color her good or bad.

  39. I think the vigilantism is the point, as these people don’t have the same moral code as the heroes we’re used to reading. If you were that age and developed those powers, how would you handle the situation? Batman made a concious choice not to kill, but if you haven’t made the decision when do you decide to draw the line? All that said, yes, she is killer.

  40. What happens if Claire gets decapitated…?

  41. “What happens if Claire gets decapitated…?”

    The show gets 43% better due to lack of Hayden Panettiere.

  42. Well, it seems that something lodged in the brainstem stops her power, so I’d say that probably kills her if it’s through the stem.

  43. unless she was just in a state of suspended harm. Following this theory, decapitation wouldn’t kill her because the trauma wouldn’t continue. Crazy I know but I still get a no prize.

  44. Mohinder was a good band.
    I’m starting to hate how bad music is killing good shows.

  45. Can Claire be affected by disease? Bodily injury heals, and she seems to be able to handle he pain as well, but what if someone injects her with AIDS? Or what if, a la Rising Stars, she is suffocated. I suppose suffocation wouldn’t do it, because she was “dead” for a while, and wasn’t breathing, and therefore wasn’t getting oxygen to her cells, and she came back from that.

    I wish I could read the show bible, and see what they’ve decided about their powers.

  46. I would assume that, like Wolverine, Claire’s healing ability would make her immune to disease.

    Well, standard disease, anyway. I guess a disease bio-engineered for her specifically might do the trick.

  47. Claire should start smoking cigars.
    “Did that hurt?”
    “Like nobody’s business.”
    “Why’d you do it then?”
    “Nobody’s business.”

  48. If she gets claws, I’m not watching anymore.

  49. The more I think about this, the more uncomfortable I get about Claire the Hot Cheerleader It’s Okay to Mutilate. I need to see if any of my feminist friends are watching this show.

    Is anybody reading the webcomic at NBC.com? They did one this week about the immediate aftermath of the car crash that I thought was interesting.

  50. You can mutilate her fine, but if you try to get fresh with her, she kills you. That’s sort of a post-feminst ideal.

  51. I really havn’t been getting into the show, with the exception of Hiro Nakamura, and they made it diffcult for me to like the charicter, now due to the similarities between him and Hiro Protagonist from the novel Snow Crash (I.E. “future Hiro” sporting the Katana)

    I’m sure it’s just a Homage but still if your charicter is going to have the same name as a charicter from some other source try not to give him a similar nationality and weapon as that other charicter please.

    Plus the whole Hiro/Hero wordplay thing just bugs me, it feels to much like “look at me I’m clever.”

  52. I thought it was really clever when I read the name in Snow Crash. Now, not as clever. Did the Snow Crash character have a ponytail too?

    But I don’t really let that bother me. This show is cribbing from all over the place. I’m sort of ignorning that, but for my quips here.

  53. After this week�s episode was over I sat up in bed, looked over at my girlfriend, and exclaimed, “Fuck Lost! This is the greatest show ever!” Of course saying such a thing was really only inspired by seeing future Hiro.

    I’m hoping that the show wont get all wonky after the characters finally get together.

    And Peter being able to mimic the powers of the people around him? Does this mean he’s going to be the most powerful one? I wonder if he can only do it while in proximity to others with powers or if he will be able to develop it to be able to use someone else�s powers at will.

  54. All I took out of that is that you watch it in bed with your girlfriend.

    I’m going to assume that’s at a dorm room.

  55. It was at her house. Her family in the other room. We weren’t doing anything. Just watching Heroes. And eating. That’s all I’m saying.

  56. Whatever man…

  57. I like to imagine that they were being filthy. And that Dominic is actually a nubile young woman, as is her girlfriend. And by ‘Heroes’ Dom meant ‘each other writhe around naked’. But that might just be me.

  58. Dominic was trying to run the old Alias move on her.

  59. Hey Josh, I think we need another thread up so that Chris can continue on imagining me as a nubile young woman with my girlfriend writhing around naked doing naughty things to one another while Heroes plays softly in the background.

  60. I’m starting to regret making the joke in the first place.

    So yeah, Peter has the ability to be the most powerful among them. Unless he’s dumb, like Freedom Ring.

    Stupid Freedom Ring.

  61. or the ultiate super skrull
    he killed everyone on earth but The Thing but this was a dimension where everyone but the thing had powers so he had nobody’s powers left to steal and he got owned.

  62. If a guy who can duplicate powers and a guy who can turn others’ powers on and off meet, what happens?

    Kirkman recently offered an explanation for the lameness that was Freedom Ring, by the way:

  63. Good find Jimski. Man, I love that guy.

  64. a little late but:
    The Dude Abides said:
    Mohinder was a good band.
    I’m starting to hate how bad music is killing good shows.

    Mohinder WAS a good band

    I agree about the bad music, Josh and Conor can attest (and complain) about how I’ve been bitching about the first episode since it aired. The sequence where Hiro is doing exercise at work, and the montage of the other characters, when we saw the pilot in San Diego, used a Bright Eyes song that was PERFECT and then when the first episode aired, it was a different song. I’m sure they had rights issues or what not, but man, with shows like The OC getting kick ass music on it, you’d think HEROES would follow suit

  65. Where are you all getting Hiro as a Samurai?

  66. Where are you all getting Hiro as a Samurai?

    From the big honkin’ sword he had on his back as future Hiro, and the long hair mixed with his future self’s general badassness.

  67. I don’t even understand why Hiro would need a sword anyway… and I see him as the most powerful being able to stop time, rewind it… etc…

  68. If you are ever given the choice of sword or no sword, you always choose sword.

  69. What if the choice is like, gun or sword, or, tank or sword?

    I mean, if I’ve learned anything from Halo, the sword is badass, but the tank…

  70. Well, that’s a different scenerio. I didn’t say if the choice is between sword and X, I said sword or no sword. If someone offers a sword you should take it.

  71. How’s this? You need to kill someone and you’ve stopped time. Bare hands? Seems difficult and messy. Gun? What happens when the bullet leaves the chamber? Is it frozen like everything that’s not you? Match ballistics back to you? Gotta stick with the sword in this case, I think.

  72. a tank is a little hard to carry around with you

  73. It was a “what if!”

    Also, that’s it, I challenge you all to my tank vs. your sword.

    (can’t make jokes around comics readers. They get all literal)

  74. Hey, I left the tank out of it . . . 🙂

  75. What about a tank with a giant sword attatched to the front. That would be badass.

  76. what about a tank that fires swords?

  77. You know who else doesn’t need a sword? Wolverine. goddamn daniel way

  78. Alright. Swords are cool.

  79. eh they’re alright

  80. RusMan, you can’t see it, but I’m giving you the stinkeye.

  81. ewww

  82. The only sword I favor is the Blade of the Phoenix, which smites your foes, gives you a magnificent upper body workout, and can be used to paddle the small boat that doubles as its sheath.

  83. LOL – way to bring it back to the comics there Jimski. nice work.

  84. Does the stripper actually have powers? I mean there are real people in the world that have these split personalities and they are called psychotic. Unless she is super strong or a super fighter when she is the other person, but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet. Anyone have a theory?

    Is everyone as pumped as I am to see Nathan (asshole brother) fly!!

  85. I don’t know, she totally took apart that guy in the elevator after the personality switch, and being hired muscle he probably was not push over. I have a theory that there’s someone else in there, but even then, is that really a power?

  86. It certainly appears that when she switches personalities she is at the very least super strong.

  87. I just thought that her alternate personality was just a bad ass version of herself… who maybe took a couple of fighting classes.

  88. as well as some lapdancing lessons.

  89. Think pulp fiction for the Hierarchy of coolness.
    Bat… Chainsaw… Sword. It�s not about swordmanship, it�s about showmanship