Here Comes Silver Surfer: Leaked Pics From Fantastic Four Sequel

Two pictures of Silver Surfer all rigged up for motion capture (probably at WETA) for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer have shown up on Flickr.

WETA will do a great job making Silver Surfer look awesome, but I am dreading this movie.

Well.. not dreading. That’s too harsh. There were just so many missed opportunities in that first movie. It was not as bad as I was expecting, but it was so disappointing.

I am very curious to see how Galactus is handled. That’s a great built in cliffhanger they’ve got right there.


  1. Can’t say I’m looking forward to this one. Ever since X2 it seems like Marvels done worse and worse with movies. The special effects will be pretty, but I doubt there’ll be much more to the film.

  2. OMG This is going to be awful. I didn’t see the first one in the theatre, no way will I see this one. I’ll wait for the DVD, or HBO.

    I really hated Doom’s voice in the first movie. It was so strange to hear him speak perfectly and clearly through a metal mask. What was up with that?

    I did like the fan favorite Johnny Storm. He was perfectly calibrated to appeal to a mass audience. The rebel without an agenda. He just wants to have fun. How rebellious!

  3. Why is it that Fantastic Four is probably one of the most disinteresting comics around, but they have the two best super villains in all of Marvel? Namely, Dr. Doom and Galactus (although, Galactus is more of a cosmic force of nature than a villain). I suppose it is the hand of Kirby we can thank for those characters.

    I liked the first movie. It may have had the least amount of realism than any of the current crop of superhero movies, but it made that a strength. It embraced the superhero fantasy, where the X-Men, Hulk, Daredevil, and even Spider-man spend so much time dreading being a hero. Even Thing comes around to embracing his super-self at the end of the movie. He does to an extent.

    I went into the first movie expecting them to drop the ball with Dr. Doom. And they did, so I wasn�t disappointed. He needs the Marvel universe at his back to appear as large as he does. In a world where your neighbor can be born with lasers shooting out of his eyes, a fifteen year old kid swings around town on webs, and a solider from WW2 commands a group consisting of a man who is three stories tall, another who wears metal armor, and another who is the god of Thunder; Doom’s ego overshadows all of that. He doesn�t have powers given to him. He makes his own. In a real world setting, he just seems like a prick. Doom is so much more than that. His name is Doom for God’s sake. How can you not have an ego larger than Galactus when you sign your rent check �Doom.� Yes, he does pay rent, he has an apartment in Minnesota or someplace, its in his blog.

    I hadn’t even considered that Galactus would appear in this movie, but since Silver Surfer is in it, I guess the big guy will at the very least make an appearance. What version do you think we will get? Ultimate or Kirby? How cool would it be to see a giant man looming over New York City in Kirby-style armor? C’mon, you know that would be sweet.

    Rant ends here. So says Dave!

  4. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the F4 movie. I always saw them as a group that fought themselves as much as they fought the villian. That being said…

    How much can you berate the film for seeing two images of a guy in motion capture?

    The movie is bound to be better than X3. Even Hulk and Daredevil were better than that monstrousity…

  5. Silver Surfer rides a short board? How new school of him.

    And as for his appearance � and I know the film is (tentatively?) titled Rise of the Silver Surfer � I wonder if it’s going to be something near the end to indicate another sequel. Or something. Like his space-surfs in near the end and all the fanboys are like “HOLY SHIT!” and everyone else is like “WTF?”

    But I would love to see a movie dominated by Galactus. Planet eaters are some scary stuff.

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  7. You know, I didn’t hate the first movie, and I’m pretty excited for this one…WETA can’t be a bad choice for the FX…I think Galactus is a pretty ehady concept, but maybe he’s the 3rd movie?

  8. Yeah, Ron, that’s what I’m thinking. Silver Surfer shows up sometime in the movie and then right before the credits roll (or afterwards, ala X3?), neo-samuri-head Galactus hovers in, looming over the planet. AWESOME!

    And I was less than impressed with the first F4, but I thought it was fun � which I guess was the point.

  9. I can’t believe i’m all alone in liking the Hulk. Sure the Hulk did’nt look extremely real and they had giant poodles as villains, but overall it had a very good dramatic construction and had very original narration. Also,I enjoyed pretty much the desert chase sequence, and I wouldn’t imagine that movie with a lou ferrigno-type hulk.

    The only thing that really bothered me was the ending, when they put banner to talk in spanish, they couldn’t teach him the right pronunciation of words?. He was like: Please, you not want to angry me, you not like me when angry. Like they didn’t imagine that this blockbuster would be seen in other (spanish-speaking) countries.

    I liked it a lot better than Daredevil and made me think more than FF (as a movie). I’m looking forward to FF2, though

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  11. I can’t believe i’m all alone in liking the Hulk.

    You’re not. It’s my third favorite Marvel movie.

  12. He’s Gumby, dammit.