Help Steve Rude Save His House!

Steve Rude, veteran comic book illustrator has long been known for his smooth lines and swanky designs, but things haven't been going so well for Steve.  As posted on The Comics Reporter, The Dude has fallen behind on his mortgage. He'd been working on new issues of Nexus, but had to put it on the backburner to produce more art he could actually make money from.  He's also auctioning off lots of original pages and smaller pieces, both on eBay, and on his site's store.

If you've ever been in the market, or thought about getting some Steve Rude art, now is the time.  You'll be doing him a good turn, and probably getting a great deal.  Plus, his talent is classic, smoth, and undeniable.

If you're not sure who Rude is, I highly recommend this podcast Around Comics did with him a while ago.  Clearly, the man takes his work seriously, and never had a problem speaking his mind.

You can follow Steve's updates on his Facebook page.


  1. Literally just had the first nexus tpb in my hands when I read this. Lot of respect for rude, but thanks to Tory government in Uk I have no cash to spare. Best of luck Steve.

  2. I just picked up a sketchbook (over 60 pages, 8 of them in color!) for $15.00 with free shipping.  None too shabby of a deal if I do say so.  There are plenty left!

  3. I passed this on to an original art collector friend, who gave me a Steve Rude page as a Christmas gift a year or two ago. It’s obvious from reading books he’s drawn that he’s an incredible artist, but on the page, his lines are so crisp and clean. One of modern masters, IMHO.

  4. I’ve actually never read Nexus, but I bought the origin issue. $5 isn’t much, but hopefully it all adds up. Threw a link up on Twitter as well.

  5. It sounds like he is very far along and needs help quick.  The day I go on ifanboy and see my work and comics mixing is a somber day.  I don’t mind the mixing, but it is just very representative of our economy today.

  6. Love the Dude!!!

  7. If only I had the money. I love Nexus and Steve Rude’s artwork. 🙁  I really hope that he pulls through everything.