Heath Ledger is a very blurry Joker (UPDATE)

Superherohype has posted some blurry photographs that someone snapped of Heath Ledger in full (?) Joker garb walking around the set of The Dark Knight.

Please be terrifying, please be terrifying, please be terrifying.

UPDATE! Aint It Cool News has what it is calling a very initial proof of concept still which I think is pretty kick ass all on its own.

UPDATE! They’ve got another image, this time a make-up test.

UPDATE! The two new images (the non-blurry set pics) are fakes!

I can’t wait to see this movie. Honestly, I can’t. If I was dying and there was only one more movie I could see before shuffling off this mortal coil it would be The Dark Knight.

I have a feeling, though, that some people are going to harp and moan about The Joker in this movie. I don’t base this on anything other than a gut feeling and a slight bit of psychic premonition. I’m not so concerned with them keeping The Joker true to the comic book character so much as making him fucking terrifying on a Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs level.


  1. That last photo looks like they’re carting Jack Skellington’s remains around the set. I KNEW they’d find a way to bring Tim Burton into this movie!

  2. I know the pictures are blurry, but it looks like his hair is really off center and kind of bald on the left side. Anyone else think this?

    If this is so, it might be a cool design choice, like his physical looks show the demented, scarred psychosis on the inside.

    I’m confident in Ledger. I think he’ll portray him with a terrifying presence but with that sort of silliness that sets him apart from other psychos. I can definitely picture him doing a Dini-esque Joker.

    I agree with Connor though. The anticipation for this movie is HUGE in my book.

    On another note, has anyone see the new pcitures for the Iron Man movie? Those have got me extremely intrigued as well…

  3. I read on another board that this is actually him before he becomes the Joker.
    Don’t know if that true or not though.

  4. I’m not sure he’s even wearing make-up. The grease in his hair might just be reflecting back green.

  5. Im not gonna complain one bit, it’s blurry and you can’t really tell what he looks like. Nolan built up enough cred with me that i have complete confidence in his vision of the Joker and this entire movie in general

  6. The Joker is one of the toughest characters if not the toughest characters to portray in real life. He psychotic like Hanibal Lector but hes also a complete maniac who acts like a clown, I can’t see Ledger doing the voice but I can’t think of a better choicefor the Joker so I’m gonna have faith that he gets this right.
    I am really looking foward to this movie its my second most anticipated movie (Spidey 3 is number one) and I hope that it rocks.

  7. Too blurry, too far. Can’t say anything other than I’m damn freakin’ excited about this film! There is one pic that shows various clown masks. The Clown Gang? Sweet!

  8. Midget clowns are scary! (Killing Joke)

  9. Yea, I can see Heathe as a totally psychotic clown. And there is little doubt that Nolan had him read Moore’s The killing joke. The only problem is the voice, Heathe doesn’t really have a wide range when it comes to this department. Its going to be hard not hearing Mark Hammel’s voice when watching this.

    I don’t know if its been released or not but his Harley Quinn in this? I hope she is!

  10. I still think Crispin Glover was born to play the Joker…

    However, I’m really looking forward to this movie. I’m still not convince that Ledger is the right choice, but he is a damn fine actor and I hope he’ll surprise us all.

  11. Crispin Glover is that Daddy LL from Smallville? I can kinda see him as the Joker. I always thought Willam Dafoe would make a great Joker because he can do scary crazy so well, but then again he was also the perfict choice for GG in spiderman and if they went with him in Dark Knight it would be too hard to tell the two characters apart.

  12. Crispin Glover is that Daddy LL from Smallville?

    No, that’s John Glover.

    This is Crispin Glover:

  13. “The only problem is the voice, Heathe doesn’t really have a wide range when it comes to this department. Its going to be hard not hearing Mark Hammel’s voice when watching this.”

    I really had my doubts about about Ledger when I found out the guy who spoke in an inaudible mumble and barely moved in Brokeback Mountain was playing the Joker. Then I saw the Brother’s Grimm, and didn’t find out until much later that Ledger played Matt Damon’s brother, completely 180 degrees different from his role in Brokeback Mountain. I had no idea — I didn’t recognize him. When I found out that was him, that he had a pretty broad acting range, I breathed a little better.

    I’m in the “determined to be pleased, trusting Nolan, but I’ll probably find something to bitch and moan about” camp. I’m a total impossible Joker fanboy. Absolutely impossible. Guity, guilty, guilty, now somebody shoot a hostage and tell a joke.

    Actually, I have more “script based” fears. I really hope they don’t crack open ye olde “poison the water supply of Gotham” chestnut. They did that in the first movie, so maybe that’s not an option. I would much prefer a really homicidal stick up man to a homicidal killer. A stick up man that does it for the thrill and “oops, I shot a hostage again, silly me” would be refreshing. Serial killer stories are done to death. Doing something just to tick off Batman and get away with it would make for an excellent story (like Gotham Central, the Killing Joke). Homidical but game playing with Batman, that’s really a big trait that’s key. I think that was missing in the very first movie. More style, less mass homicide. A few awful murders in detail can be more terrifying than tons of anonymous people you don’t know getting gassed and shot.

    I have a feeling that Nolan, Ledger, and everyone involved know they just can’t BS something and feel entirely good about themselves.

    That’s a good thing. But we’ll see. So why can’t this movie come out NOW?? Who do I have to kill???? (Just Joking)


  14. Oh man I totally see Maggie Gylenhal playin Harley Quin, I don’t know who she’s playin in this movie but she would be the perfect choice for Harley Quinn

  15. Note to Ledger, MUST READ THE KILLING JOKE!!!!!

  16. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/32386

    GO NOW! Before it’s taken down!!!

  17. Hey it is Brandon Lee!

  18. Oh man I totally see Maggie Gylenhal playin Harley Quin, I don’t know who she’s playin in this movie but she would be the perfect choice for Harley Quinn

    She’s playing Rachel Dawes, the role Katie Holmes played in the first one.

  19. The concept photos look pretty cool. Again, all this does is add fuel to my burning desire for this movie. I watched Batman Begins for the bagillionth time last night, and the whole time, all I could think about was the sequel and how awesome The Joker is going to be in the style of Gotham that they’ve created.

  20. Has it been mentioned that Harley Quinn will appear in this movie?

  21. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I like the idea of “smile-slits” ala Morrison’s Joker from Batman #663.

  22. P.S. The thing I’m worried of most about most, is if Ledger can nail some sort of good Joker laugh. There’s tons of videos of fanboys being the Joker on Youtube who can’t pull it off because they all try to do the Mark Hamill Joker, and fail.

  23. Has it been mentioned that Harley Quinn will appear in this movie?

    I don’t believe so. I hope not.

  24. I really like the character of Harley Quinn, but I just don’t think that she fits in the tone of these movies so far.

  25. I have a hard time imagining Harley Quinn in any form other than her animated self. I think it is the voice of Arleen Sorkin that puts the most character into her. However that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see a real life version.

  26. …Well that is certainly something to consider…

  27. So, he’s the the star of the next Crow movie?