Heads Up: Dark Horse Comics Previews – August 2012

Being a comic fan can be tough. With so many publishers printing more and more books, canceling titles and starting new ones, it can be daunting when you head to the comic book shop on a Wednesday to know exactly what’s coming out.

The current system of presenting and ordering comics three months ahead of their release as set forth by the sole comics distributor, Diamond Comics, doesn’t make it any easier either. We’re not a fan of that system, we think it’s slowly strangling comics to death, but we realize it’s a harsh reality of how the industry works and we definitely don’t want you to miss out on any of the cool comics being published.

And so, as opposed to regurgitating the list of comics solicited in Previews each month, we present to you some of the highlights of things you probably won’t want to miss out on.

SPOILER WARNING – In order to get people to order comics, the publishers have a funny habit of revealing what’s happening in the books. If you don’t want anything at all to be spoiled, then you’ll probably want to skip this post and take your chances with your pre-orders and/or your shopping.

These are the people who let the dogs out.

The sentient animals of Beasts of Burden have returned, and if you’re into that kind of thing, then this is your thing right here.


Evan Dorkin (W) and Jill Thompson (A/Cover)

On sale Aug 1
FC, 32 pages

Adventure, mystery, horror, and humor thrive on every page of the Eisner Award–winning Beasts of Burden. The four-legged occult-investigating team—a heroic gang of dogs and one cat—are doing their best to protect their home, Burden Hill, from a chicken-stealing goblin, a frightful basilisk, and a strange lost herd of sheep!

Joss’s tentacles reach far indeed.


I haven’t watched ever Buffy, but I know people dig Buffy, and those people dig Spike, so here’s your #1 issue by the wonderful writer, Victor Gischler. I just didn’t want you to miss it. I care.


Victor Gischler (W), Paul Lee (P), Andy Owens (I), Jenny Frison (Cover), and Steve Morris (Variant cover)

On sale Aug 22
FC, 32 pages

Having fought to regain his soul after falling in love with the Slayer Buffy, the once-terrifying vampire villain Spike has been a bit less fearsome (to humans, at least). On his own adventure, Spike is forced to examine the man he once was, the man he is now, and the man he still hopes to become.

As master of a steampunk ship filled with loyal, oversized alien cockroaches, Spike embarks on a journey to the dark side of the moon, setting into motion an adventure filled with demons, witches, and others who brew new evil in the world without magic!

Law and Order: Pearly Gates

All I saw was Bryan Talbot. That was enough. Also, the shadow on that cover makes it look like that girl has Wolverine hair.


Bryan Talbot (W) and Mark Stafford (A/Cover)

On sale Oct 17
b&w, 192 pages
HC, 6″ x 9″

Falsely accused of heaven’s first homicide, five churlish cherubim escape to New York in pursuit of the renegade archangel Abbadon on the eve of the Apocalypse! Befriended by exotic-dancer Mary and chased by unstoppable Seraphim terminators, the Cherubs alone stand against hell’s hordes as Satan prepares to make war, not love!

There’s gonna be something in here you want. There has to be.

Me? I like the Michael Oeming cover, just for starters. But then there’s also all this other stuff.


John Layman (W), Kelly Sue DeConnick (W), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Mike Baron (W), Tony Puryear (W/A), Nate Cosby (W), Michael Avon Oeming (W/A/Cover), Bo Hampton (W/A), Neal Adams (W/A), Arvid Nelson (W), Sam Kieth (A), Phil Noto (A), Steve Rude (A), Evan Shaner (A), Robert Tinnell (W), and Juan Ferreyra (A)

On sale Aug 22
FC, 80 pages

Arvid Nelson’s critically acclaimed Rex Mundi returns with artist Juan Ferreyra, and Neal Adams kicks off a new chapter of Blood in another jam-packed issue of DHP!

Plus, Mike Baron and Steve Rude continue delivering new Nexus material!

• A creator-owned comics celebration with Bo Hampton’s Riven, Cosby and Shaner’s Buddy Cops, Oeming’s The Wild Rover, McNeil’s Finder, and Tony Puryear’s Concrete Park!

• New installments of Layman’s Aliens and DeConnick’s Ghost reboot!

This is literally the entire reason I’m doing this post.

Still, what’s with the sunglasses, Heath?


Rick Remender (W), Tony Moore (P), Jerome Opeña (P), Francesco Francavilla (P), Kieron Dwyer (P), Sean Parsons (I), Mike Manley (I), Hilary Barta (I), Ande Parks (I), Lee Loughridge (C), John Rauch (C), and Michelle Madsen (C)

On sale Oct 31
FC, 480 pages
HC, 8″ x 12 3/16″

When down-and-out alien exterminator Heath Huston stumbles upon an extraterrestrial plot to commit genocide against the human species, he must put down the bottle and resume his role as a peacekeeper . . . as The Last Fear Agent.

This deluxe hardcover omnibus, the first of two, collects issues #1-#15 of the acclaimed Fear Agent comics, along with half of the Tales of the Fear Agent side stories, covers, pinups, and artists’ sketch galleries!

Orange eyes haunt my dreams

The thing is, I enjoyed the last Lobster Johnson mini, The Burning Hand, so much that I’m both excited and nervous that this won’t live up to it. These are the thrills and pitfalls I live with daily.


Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), Wilfredo Torres (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Tonci Zonjic (Cover)

On sale Aug 22
FC, 32 pages

The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra hold a Victorian themed party complete with the unrolling of a mummy, with decidedly unexpected results, including a gun-blazing vigilante promising justice!

We know Oeming has a history with “raunchy”.

I’m pretty sure it’s not Batman.


Michael Avon Oeming (W/A/Cover) and Nick Filardi (C)

On sale Aug 15
FC, 32 pages

Not long from now, all that will stand between you and evil are the Victories—six heroes sworn to protect us from crime, corruption, and the dark. As one member cracks down on the violence, he discovers himself touched by a painful past through the psychic powers of Link. Will this trauma cause him to self-destruct or continue the fight?

You want more? Check out Dark Horse’s full list of August solicitations.


  1. Fear Agent is one of the coolest character designs ever. If you argue with me, you’re wrong.

  2. Nope, definitely not Batman. This guy has a scarf. Totally different dude.

  3. Fear Agent is literally the only reason I clicked on this post

  4. So happy for more Beasts of Burden! I know its only a one-shot – but I’ll take what I can get.

  5. Is that Beast of Burden one-shot just a collection of the DHP stories that ran a few months ago? I’m mildly interested in that Fear Agent HC. But I recall I started reading the title when it was new and it didn’t do anything for me. So… probably won’t preorder it.

    Dark Horse Presents is looking hot as always!

  6. Even though I own all of the Fear Agent trades, I still want to own the hardcovers. Also, Lobster Johnson always looks awesome but I’ve yet to get into it. I definitely need to hit up amazon for that.

  7. I really want that Fear Agent book. I’ve yet to get into it so now looks like a great time!

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t feature the Amano Final Fantasy Art Box Set and his new book Deva Zan in this article. The art set is a little pricey but man does it looks amazing!

    Dark Horse is bringin it this month!

  8. The world needs as much beasts of Burden as possible!

  9. I had heard that Hellboy in Hell would be starting in August, but judging by this, that’s not the case. Does anyone have any word on when that is happening. I am looking forward to the Beasts of Burden one shot, I wish there were more Beasts of Burden than just I think the four or five issues that they have