Having Trouble Getting A Room in San Diego Yesterday?

Yeah? Well so was Paul Dini, so you’re in good company.

Our advice: Bypass the Con sponsored reservation system and go direct to the hotels, I hear the Westin and W Hotels, while pricey, are quite nice…

San Diego is the greatest con out there, even better that its not a Wizard Con, but the travel arrangements thing is quickly becoming a huge issue — I may or may not know something about the travel industry and I just know there’s a better way to do this… hopefully this year causes enough of a stir (like New York Comic Con’s space woes last year) that they will make some changes… I mean, what kind of a con is it when PAUL FREAKIN’ DINI CAN’T GET A ROOM?

Good luck getting your rooms.


  1. If you’re new there, the parties happen at the Hyatt. I stayed there once, and it was nice.

  2. The party also happens in a ten foot radius around me.

  3. parties???

    TJ anyone?


    i kid, i kid

  4. And now I will comment – just so that all those related to iFanboy can post on this…and actually be the only ones that post on this subject.

  5. I’m going to miss San Diego this year. But I didn’t miss that hotel frenzy yesterday. Have fun, guys!

  6. *grumble* augie *grumble*
    won’t be the same without ya….

  7. Augie – you have to go. It won’t be the same without you!!!

    And I barely know you.

  8. Did you ever think that it’s so hard to find a room because of all the people already in line to punch Mark Millar in the stomach?

  9. I’m down for some of that action–from turning Cap into a jerk in Ultimates and Civil War, that Scot has earned some loathing. when you get there, I’m going to predict Marvel has a summer event that will change the Marvel Universe for years to come–because they seem to have that every year now.

  10. Sorry, guys. Can’t do it this year. You’ll have to bump elbows with a massive sea of geek humanity without me this year. I haven’t ruled out 2008, though, yet.

    But I’ll see you all in just a few weeks for NYCC, right?

  11. But..but..who will have our back in the podcasters rumble? I fear the three of us and Siuntres will be overwhelmed… 🙂

  12. CRAP! I was gonna bring my trident!

  13. Okay, I had a thought of someone showing up to the ifanboy meet and greet at the dive bar in costume. That would be awesome. Sheer, outrageous awkwardness!

    Ron and Josh, if that happens, hide behind Conor when the regulars start to kick ass–and get it on tape.

  14. and I mean bar regulars, not Jimski and Fred…

  15. Where did the idea proliferate that Ron and I were a couple of pansies, and Conor was the big WB bulldog who walks around being tough?

    Ooh, that was pride talking…and pride is ugly.

  16. They’ve got eyes! 🙂

  17. Though I’m not a regular at this bar I still may be forced to kick ass

  18. I don’t know if it comes across on the shows or not, but I really don’t like Conor. Not at all.

  19. Mommy Daddy stop fighting

    guess which one that makes you josh?

  20. Ok.. I need help.. I’m trying to find a hotel. Last year, I had a friend who lived there. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live there anymore. 🙁 Any recommendations? Am I looking in Hotel Circle or Gaslamp district? Help!

  21. Takes me an hour to drive there. For once it’s nice to live where I live.

  22. You’re looking in the gaslamp district.

    DarrOn, if you’re only going one day, you’ll be good driving down, but to do it over and over and try to find and pay for parking over several days is almost worst than just getting a hotel room. I say this, as I’ve been there.

  23. I’m not calling you two pansies, if regular ‘dive bar guys’ ever start beating up the comic geeks and I am there, I’m getting behind Conor, too. As I said after last week’s video, he can give off that Full Metal jacket tough/crazy vibe. His bio says he was ‘the jock’ at his high school. I was kind of ‘a jock’, he was ‘the jock’.

    If you guys have secret ninja moves that only the government knows about, that’s cool, too.

    I just really want to see some guy show up to the bar in a Wolverine costume and for you guys to film what happens.

  24. If there is a throw down at the New York meet and greet, I will stand next to any iFanboy who is in the fight. It is time to find out what years of Wolverine fight scenes has taught me.

  25. Josh, I went last year, just on Saturday (my first convention day, ever), and it was fine. I actually didn’t even pay for parking….it was just a fifteen minute walk to the Con.

    My buddy and I were absolutely AMAZED at the amount of people. It was like all the parts I hate about going to concerts (the amount of people) minus the stuff I like (the music), with random bits of randomness thrown in seemingly at random. And a comic or two.

    I think I may go two days this year, I dunno, I gotta see what work will be like then.

  26. You’re looking in the gaslamp district.

    Thanks Josh. 🙂

    I think I may go two days this year, I dunno, I gotta see what work will be like then.

    DarrOn, You have to do more than one day… This is THE CON to go to… 😀