Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all! Happy Thanksgiving! Or if you’re not in the United States, happy Thursday!

Seriously, I wanted to take a chance to thank all of the listeners and users on the site who come here and participate, and give us compliments and make us feel good about the show and the site. You’ve all meant more to the three of us than you could ever know.

The site is now what we had in mind when we started it all the way back in 2000, and we’re really excited going forward, and making it even better.

Let us know what you’re thankful for. Me, I’m thankful for Ed Brubaker, Civil War to be over with soon, and Invincible comics, among other things.


  1. I, too, am thankful for Ed Brubaker – it was his work on Gotham Central and Captain America that really kept me coming back to the LCS and renewing my love of comics. And Daredevil and Criminal make me that much more thankful I’ve stuck with it. I am also thankful that I can read Swamp Thing twenty years later, thanks to trade paperbacks.

    Let me be the first to say I’m thankful for iFanboy – for enhancing the comics experience with the podcast and the online community.

    This is my first post in over a week, due to the thing I am most thankful for this year: my first son, Cayden, was born last Saturday. Can’t wait to read comics to him when he’s older.

  2. I’m thankful for lots of serious stuff and also this week’s atm, er i mean asm, my bad. The NJ Negative Zone comparison made me laugh really hard

  3. I’m also thankful for porn, midgets, and of course midget porn.

    Additionally, comics in general, specifically those not produced in any capacity by Rob Liefeld, Daniel Way, Humberto Ramos.

    I’m also thankful for this link:

    and of course this one too:

    I’m also thankful for my kids, who love Morrison’s new x-men and ultimate spider-man by the way pv, my job most days and my wife once in a while too.

    Oh yeah and nipples. Definitely thankful for nipples. Not sure why, but I am.

    That’s the list for tonight, but I’m sure I’ll shoot straight out of bed at 3am though because I forgot doritos or something

    like oj. doing it already. What would I spend my time thinking about other than comics if he weren’t a dirty filthy murderer. thanks oj

  4. Congrats PV! And Hello Cayden!

    She didn’t let you go with a comic name hunh? Wise move probably.

  5. once i killed a hobo

  6. I’m thankful for being born when I was. 21st century geopolitical craziness notwithstanding. Just from a hobby standpoint.

    You understand, thanks to technology, you can buy every single Avengers comic printed over the span of forty years for like $30 on a disc that fits in your coat pocket. And in two years, paying that much for something that big will seem ridiculously antiquated. When I started reading these things, you jumped onto a title with issue 17 and weren’t sure you were ever gonna see 16. Or 18, for that matter.

    And don’t even get me started on Bittorrent. Or Amazon. Or Ebay. Sheesh, I was collecting Star Wars figures in college just a few years ago, and even that recently getting rarer figures involved reading Usenet postings all day and agreeing to bizarre money order transactions with some guy without even seeing a picture of what you were buying. We have come really far really, really fast.

    Your kids will never, ever miss a show or a movie. Some days I can barely wrap my mind around that; I can still remember having to run home to see “The Incredible Hulk.” I can remember not having a VCR and getting up at 6:00 a.m. because HBO was showing one of my favorite movies. Now, even if the Tivo craps out, the hardest part is choosing which of the six other available ways I’m going to watch the show.

  7. i am thankful ro live in a country where it is legal to publish whatever comics (or other media for that matter) that you want…albeit there are some crappy things out there…its the freedom to publish crap that im thankful for….besides, how else could ron keep reading moon knight…

    and im thankful for adventures of quint…when it gets published…

  8. Great thread! I’m thankful for a girlfriend and family who, at worst, tolerates me reading comics and at best ocassionally helps support the habbit. I’m thankful that the internet has made it so easy to publish your thoughts on anything, especially comics, and also that there is a significant amount of people out there that want to hear what we have to say. I’m also thankful that my hometown (Canton, OH), a town of maybe 60,000 people has 4 comic shops. That’s one for every 15,000 people. Not bad.

  9. adventures of quint…

    Fuckin’ A!

  10. happy thanksgiving/thursday to everyone!

  11. same from me
    also I remember hearing on the podcast or on the boards here about soldiers having a hard time getting comics overseas. There’s an article here: http://www.newsarama.com/general/OCR/OCR.html
    about an organization called Operation Comics Relief that apparently you can write to and they’ll send you stuff in iraq, afghanistan, or whereever

  12. Happy T day Ifanboy!

    I’m thankful to family friends food and football, or the Four F’s of Thanksgiving as my students call it, thankfully leaving out their favorite F.

    Catching up on my podcasts (alas Ifanboy comes out but once a week) and Alan Moore of all people does Fanboy Radio. And he doesn’t sound like he looks. Very down to earth and thoughtful.

    Fanboy is often just that, more rah rah than thoughtful, but they’ve brought their game up a notch lately with gets like Garth Ennis. I still wish such guests’d go to Wordballoon, but ah well.

    65 here in Charlotte. The hammock calls between courses.

  13. Lets see…what am I thankful for…

    This site and the podcast (of course).
    The awesome group of people that I get to post with on here.
    comics, comic related movies, comic related cartoons, and comic related video games
    my faimly
    my friends
    and Jimsk’s posts, because they are usually very very funny.

    Serisouly, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving

  14. Thankful for:

  15. Let’s take a minute and all be thankful for Alan Moore.

  16. That Fanboy radio interview was great. I am definitely thankful

  17. I’m thankful for getting a lazy day with nothing to do but read, my upcoming vacations where I’m planning nothing but staying at home and reading.

    Also thankful for Brubaker, Rucka, Grant Morrison, Bendis, et al for the recent comic renaissance. Especially Rucka’s brilliant Q and C comics and the entertaining novels.

    As always, thankful for Watchmen.

    Mostly, though, I am thankful for finding this site, which has introduced me to lots of entertaining things I would have otherwise missed out on. And I’m really thankful for having a comics community such as this, where we get to talk about comics in positive and intelligent fashion. So, yeah, I’m thankful for the Dude, Jimski, Fred, Matt, and all the regular posters.

  18. Hey, Andy, you from Charlotte too? Even though I mention Canton in my post, I’m actually living in Charlotte.

  19. Yep! Moved down here from NYC about five years ago.

  20. Ya know, I’m just thankful that iFanboy, as a whole, exists as a site where people can talk about comics WITHOUT the stereotypical “n00b bashing” that some other places are prone too.

    At 1:05am Californian time, Thanksgiving is already over. However, I hope everyone had a good day with their families and friends.

  21. Where do you buy your books, Andy? I go to Heroes myself.

  22. Hey Matt and Andy

    I’m in Chesapeake Va now but lived in Charlotte for 5 years in the early 90’s and grew up just a little north of there. In fact the first time I went to ‘heroes aren’t hard to find’ there was an Empire Strikes Back movie poster on the wall tht said Coming Soon at the bottom. That had to be around 1980. It was in a differrent and much smaller location at that time.

  23. I buy at Heroes or a store on Sharon Amity, the name of which escapes me. I don’t buy that much, on a school teacher’s salary the prices add up quickly, which is why I love my vicarious reading on IFANBOY.

  24. I am thankful for Daniel Craig and brisket.

    And everyone who comes here and listens to the show, of course.

  25. Everyday I think how thankful (even though we don�t celebrate thanksgiving here) for Internet, comic podcasting & Youtube.

    And Thank you for letting us post our thoughts

  26. I’m thankful for my wife who is supportive in so many ways, but especially when it comes to my comic collecting.

    I’m thankful for you guys – Ron, Conor, and Josh – and all the hard work you put into this site and the podcast. iFanboy has become an essential part of my week. It’s so I now look forward to certain days because of iFanboy – Mondays – the list and Heroes discussion; Wednesdays – the POW; Sundays – the podcast. I’m personally appreciative for all that you are doing.

    And, as others have mentioned, I’m grateful for an online community where comics can be discussed intelligently without fear (and with a big dose of humor).

  27. I, too, have listened to some other comic book podcasts – Around Comics and Fanboy Radio – to mention two. While they have their own particular strengths – writer/artist interviews; comic news; and the like – in my opinion, they still don’t measure up to what you guys are doing.

    So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, things I’m grateful for on the iFanboy podcast:

    1) the irreverant humor;
    2) your focus on comic books not as a hobby or as an industry, but from the point of view of the sheer joy of reading good stories;
    3) the rotating points of view – I’m really glad that you share the responsibilities of the POW so that we get to hear from each of you (I love it that you all disagree and do so openly and unabashidly);
    4) recommending books that you have actually read and found interesting (I’ve added several titles to my list because one of you said I needed to pick them up and give them a try); and finally…
    5) making it both cool and fun to consider ourselves comic fanboys.

  28. Hulking: Wow, that’s old school. I’ve only been in C-lot since last January.

    Andy: Rebel Base is the one you’re thinking of. If you ever stop in at Heroes between 10 and 3:30 on a Wednesday, I’ll be behind the counter. However, you’re probably in school then so that won’t work.

  29. Hey Matt: I’m actually taking my kids to see their grandmother who lives in Charlotte the week end of the 8th. I think I’ll take my son to heroes like my dad did me so long ago. Might run into ya.

  30. Sweet! If it’s a Wednesday I should be there. I’ll be the one trying to read Front Line there so I won’t have to buy it 😉