Happy Holidays 2010 from iFanboy! (Plus the holiday schedule)

Happy Holidays from iFanboy!
Thanks to Tad Stones for the holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays to everyone in the iFanbase from the iFanboy staff!

In the spirit of the holidays we're going to give our hard working staff some time off. That means we're going to be a little light on content on iFanboy.com until the first Monday of 2011.

You can still come here on Monday to check out the new comics and make your pull list and on Wednesday for the last episode of the year of our video show, iFanboy, and for the final Pick of the Week of 2010. As we said on last week's Pick of the Week Podcast, this weekend will be the 2010 All Media Year End Wrap Up in place of the Pick of the Week Podcast. It's something we've done at the end of every year and we enjoy it immensely. The Pick of the Week Podcast will return on January 9, 2011. Also, there should be a special edition podcast that will hit the first week of January that we hope will be a lot of fun.

That should be it for holiday schedule changes. The staff here at iFanboy might try to get some other random stuff posted, but for the most part it's holiday time.


  1. Another exceptional year boys and girls, thanks for everything you do.  All the best for the holidays and the coming year.  Cheers!

  2. I really like the All Media Year End Wrap Ups, and look forward to the new one greatly.

    Thanks for all the great content guys, it’s been a good year for iFanboy!

    All the best for the holidays and here’s to an amazing 2011!


  3. Thanks for a great year guys. You made my venture back into comic collecting much more enjoyable!! Keep up he good (hard) work.

  4. Thanks for all the content guys. Have a merry christmas and a posperous new year.

  5. Merry Christmas to the Three Wise iFanboys and all their little helper elves! And to my fellow commenters too!

  6. Happy Saturnalia to you all, iFanboy and iFanbase!

  7. Happy holidays, everybody! Thanks for a great year!

  8. Happy Holidays to every one at ifanboy amazing year !!!!!

  9. Happy Christmas to all the ifanbase and ifanboy staff. Thanks for all the work during the year.

  10. Happy holidays, looking forwaard to another great year!

  11. happy christmas guys enjoy yourselfs

  12. Happy holidays to you, too.

  13. Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thanks iFanboy team, enjoy your time off.  Happy Holidays and great New Years to the entire iFanboy community.

  15. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!  Here’s to an amazing 2011!

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for a great year of content, iFanboy, and thanks for a great year of comments, iFanbase.

    Tad Stones’ picture is fantastic! I love the expression on Ron’s face, and all the lantern rings on his thin little twig fingers. 

  17. Merry Christmas to all!

  18. Thanks to everyone at iFanboy for keeping comics fresh and exciting for me, even after 30 yrs of collecting!

  19. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to ALL!
    Thanks for all the great content & the wonderful forums! May 2011 brings us all a better tommorrow

  20. Merry Christmas to Ron, Conor, Josh and the iFanboy community.

  21. merry christmas to all the ifanboy staff and the ifanbase!!!

    PS: I love that holiday sketch up of the ifanboys

  22. I like how the Josh Snowman looks so alternative 😉

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  23. Merry Christmas, fellas ( and gals ) of iFanboy. thank you.

  24. iFanboys, thanks for the best and most entertaining site/podcast around. You are truly class acts, all!

    iFanbase, thanks for being the most intelligent, insightful and respectful humans on the internet. Your acts are also extremely classy!

    Merry Holidays, gang! Read your favorite comic on New Years!

  25. Thanks iFanboy for keeping the comic spirit alive year-round. And for helping me rediscover my love of the medium that keeps on giving.

  26. Thanks iFanboy!!!!!

  27. thanks for my first official yr on ifanboy!  on a more serious note, in the past year, you guys have helped refine my taste in comics and provided me with a safehaven to share those tastes, for that i thank you.  I look forward to another great year of comic news, discussions, and sillyness.  Happy hollidays!!!

  28. Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas to you all – Josh, Conor and Ron – and to everyone in the iFanboy community.  Thanks for all you do all year long!

  29. Happy Holidays iFanboy! Without you guys & your generous & insightful input into comics I honestly don’t know what I would do! Thank you all so so much & have a Happy New Year!!!

  30. Happy Holidays to the Trinity!  Through good times (2009 and before) and through bad (2010 and forward), iFanboy is something I’ve leaned on>  Thick and thin, you guys are there, never changing, always directed in providing an enthusiams and objective voice in the greatest medium ever appreciated. 

    Thanks goes beyond the trinity, to all that work to provide consistent, critical and entertaining content day and day on a daily basis.

    I really appreciate.  I really do.

  31. Happy Holidays iFanboys.  Thanks to a certain iPad gifting, it is time to enter the world of digital comics and I think I’ll be starting with Graphicly this morning. 
    Thanks for the great year guys.

  32. merry christmas 2011 should be better


  34. nadolig llawen o Cymru

  35. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for the 2010 fun. 

  36. I like how Josh has been replaced by Mark Cohen from RENT. 🙂

  37. Love the snowmen… very cartoony 

  38. Merry Christmas ifanboys – love the pick of the week (and also John/Word Balloon!) – looking forward to 2011 with both podcasts.

  39. Happy holidays ifanboys!

  40. Happy Holidays and a happy new year!

  41. Happy Holidays iFanboy! Keep up the great work!

    The snow has arrived! My LCS is closed – time to reduce the stack. 

  42. Thanks for another great year guys, all the best to you and your loved ones