Happy Halloween! Stan Lee Reads The Raven

Whenever I think of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, I think of the version The Simpsons did back in the 1990s. But now I think I’m going to have Stan stuck in my head whenever I read the poem after watching this.

Watch Stan Lee read Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven


  1. thats really cool Ron. i have a mp3 of Christopher Walken reading the raven thats pretty good. but, in my opinion nothing tops Lou Reed’s 2003 Poe concept album "The Raven" with an amazing and chilling reading of the poem by Willem Defoe. but this comes close, kinda like having your granddad reading the raven for you.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    He needs to do "Oh, the Places You’ll Go."  

  3. Blocked at work so I’ll have to catch this at home.

  4. That was amazing after he got warmed up a bit. Thanks for sharing, Ron.

  5. That sentence has so many sexual connotations for me…

  6. Top stuff. WinTheWonderboy have the Christopher Walken  version as well – it’s brilliant asn’t it.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this Ron. That was kinda a revaltion for me, for the poem and for Stan. This was the first time I ‘got’ this poem. Goddamn, how many words can that man rhyme! Paul mentioned Dr. Seuss, and that’s really apt. These words have such an inherant musicality- a rhythm that forces itself on the reader. That’s how I look at Stan- silver age dialogue could be it’s own poetry genre and Stan’s its laureate.

  8. @rooney: Yeah its very good. you should try to find the Defoe reading, its stunning. or just buy Lou Reed’s "The Raven" its magnificent!