Happy Fourth of July 2013!

As those of you in the United States know, today is the Fourth of July, the national holiday celebrating United States independence from the United Kingdom. We’re taking today off, so if you came here looking for comics news and our regular features, come back tomorrow!

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For those of you in the U.S., happy Fourth of July! Be safe out there and don’t get hurt blowing things up.  For those of you outside of the U.S., enjoy your Thursday!

4th of July Bonus! Enjoy some old BBQ videos!


  1. But … what will I do at work all day?

    Kidding. Happy Fourth everybody!

  2. Just think of all the tea and repressed emotion you’ve missed out on over the last 237 years.
    Happy Birthday, Yanks!

  3. I’m going to take this time to search for my favorite Ron,Josh and Conor BBQ VIDEO episode!!!
    Comics and cooking tips ,’tis the season.
    Happy grilling everyone!!

  4. Enjoy the long weekend gang!

  5. Celebrating Independence and reading some Independents!

    Happy Independence Day.

  6. Currently raining in my state, and no plans have been made and there’s a fireworks crackdown here (ironically there was an armed robbery and triple kidnapping here in my city 2 days ago. TRUE STORY). Anyway, I wish others lots of sunshine, big helpings of cookout food, and lots of inspiring and retina burning fireworks.

    • Sounds like your state is still governed by the Brits. Might wanna look into that.

    • Things happen that are out of our control and it does no good to dwell on them. Enjoy what is there for you. Life is often good.

      If I didn’t have any plans for today I’d stay home and finish watching Apocalypse Now and other movies and be happy I have this.

  7. i miss your barbecue shows…

  8. I remember that toy war soldiers set. It was the early sixties, and a kid on my block ordered it. What could go wrong? Two hundred and four pieces for only a dollar ninety eight! It HAD to be better than those lousy Sea Monkeys he got last time…

    When the package arrived, we all marveled at how flat it was. Someone made a crack about maybe needing to soak them in water to make them look like they did in the illustration. He opened the package and dumped the contents on his dresser… 204 of the flattest red and blue brittle plastic toys you ever saw.

    We pushed past the disappointment and assembled the the pieces as close as we could in the formations we learned in school. Not an easy task as many of the soldiers, standing, riding or crouching had bent bases and any attempt to straighten resulted in a sharp SNAP!

    Hours of fun indeed. We gave up by suppertime and hoped for better results with the next shipment. Four pair of X-Ray glasses were on their way, and we were prepared to rule the world.

    P.S. Even at twelve years old, we all knew better than to go down the rabbit hole of trying to get a refund.

    • I always wondered what quality would arrive.As a kid in the mid 70’s the Roman Army caught my fancy with the chariots and all, but just decided to use my$2 on like another 3 comics (.50-.60 at the time!!)