Halloween Is Coming

Are you prepared? If not, we’ve gone to the trouble of helping you out!

Batman Robin Superman Supergirl Wonder WomanCatwoman

How can any DC fan not be happy!??!

All those to choose from!!


  1. Junior year of college my roommate, his girlfriend and I made a Superman, Batman, and Robin costume for Halloween. It was a lot of fun.

  2. wow
    i’d love if my girlfriend dressed up like supergirl.
    more than wonder woman i think.
    in fact i want to date the supergirl model but only if shes dressed as supergirl. she can have her regular work outfit, but when she comes home i want her to change into supergirl. yes i think that would be great!

  3. looking around on this site
    daredevil is awful. red shirt and black pants.

    i’d go with the space ghost one. that would rock, to bad they are out of stock

  4. I’m thinking I could wear that Superman one and play up my tremendous beer belly. In fact, I can carry around a beer. how utterly clever of me

  5. Who doesn’t like Drunken Superman?

    You could flick beernuts into bar mirrors at supersonic speed.

  6. Can Superman get drunk? On earth liquor?

  7. He did in SUPERMAN III.

  8. I move to have Superman III struck from the record.

    And IV as well.

  9. There are enough good things about SUPERMAN III to make it tolerable.

  10. …like Richard Pryor?

  11. The Smallville/Lana Lang stuff was quite good.

    Yes, even Little Rickey.