Halloween Costumes with Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The anticipation builds for what looks to be one of the more fun takes on super hero characters in a long time, The Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, the massively multiplayer online coming in 2011.  The game is based off the already successful take on Marvel characters in the Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoons and on paper is designed for kids, but after seeing the game in various stages of development this year, this is going to be game that potentially all fans of Marvel will want to play around with.

And as we get closer to the launch of the game, they folks behind the game are already having some fun with the features of the game, which include various looks for characters.  So how better to show that off than to get into the Halloween spirit with some examples of different looks for characters, including Red Hulk, the Scarlet Spider and Logan!



You know that you'd totally play this game if you could be the Scarlet Spider, am I right?  You can find out more about the game and get details on the launch of the game over at the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online website


  1. Who excerises in the middle of a party?

  2. Ron you know me too well, I will totally play this game so i can be the Scarlet Spider

  3. i border on shame for wanting to play this game..

  4. Can’t wait to run on that treadmill.

  5. nailed it. I’m a sucker for Scarlet Spider.