Gwen Stacy is in ‘Spider-Man 3’!

She’s in Spider-Man 3.

This is all quite screwy. In the comics Gwen was the first girlfriend. The one who allowed Peter to be ready for Mary Jane. In the movies Peter goes right to Mary Jane, with no discernible female companionship of any kind beforehand. Well, except for the Russian neighbor girl. But even then I doubt Peter was getting any Russian neighbor girl love.

Kirsten Dunst is a blonde playing a red head.

Bryce Howard is a red head playing a blonde.

We’ll see how this plays out.


  1. ick – and she’s an ugly one to boot

  2. You’re nuts.

  3. I really didn’t like the Village. But Ron has a point in that you wouldn’t leave MJ for her.

    Now Betty Brant, that one I’d consider. She also played the freaky bookstore girl in 40 year old Virgin.

  4. oh man
    shes hot!

    i fell hard for her in the village…

  5. I’d leave MJ for her.

  6. She’s a Opie-Lady!

  7. Hot.

    Patrick is right, she was quite good in THE VILLAGE.

  8. And we begin to see the first cracks in the breakdown of iFanboy.

    It was fun while it lasted…

  9. look she is on myspace…

    i would also leave MJ for her

  10. I love her. Brice Dallas Howard RULES. The Village SUCKED.

  11. Okay, okay, okay… let’s not start stalking her here…


  12. So, she’s in the Napolean Dynamite group.


  13. If you believe that’s really her.

    No more myspace talk!

    She’s hot, let’s move on.

  14. NOT hot

  15. The fire was almost out there wasn’t it?


    Actually, I do trust Raimi’s casting almost implicitly, so I guess we’ll see.

  16. I think it will be really interesting if Raimi pulls a MJ/Gwen switcheroo.

    The fallout from that would be delicious.

  17. thats exactly what i was thinking (MJ/gwen switcheroo)… but we have already had MJ fall off the bridge and peter saved her…

    though MJ dying would add a nice twist for the third movie

    i’m hoping he does the switcheroo

    also bryce is so hot, and i’m totally going to cyber stalk her 😉

  18. Okay, guys, putting a female’s picture on this site may not be a good idea anymore.

    So, I do think it would be interesting if the whole Gwen thing was a way out for Kirsten, seeing as how she doesn’t wanna stick around.

    And then, in Spider-Man 6, Ben Riley pops up, says MJ didn’t really die, Gwen’s a clone, the dead MJ’s a clone and the real MJ was off in LA acting after her smash Broadway hit!

    Can’t you see it now?! The Clone Saga in all it’s celluloid glory!


    Okay. I need to go have a lie down.

  19. I think we’re all mature enough adults (or adult type people) to handle pictures of females. Especially since we have regular female visitors to the site.

    That having been said, if MJ dies and she is replaced with Gwen, would the resulting fanboy furor be more or less than when they announced the organic webshooters?

  20. send her a friend request

  21. I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to insult the maturity of anyone here. I just thought all the “she’s so hot” posts were a little funny.

  22. Well, (a) she is hot, and (b) I think the “arguing” was mostly in jest.

  23. she’s still not hot

  24. What’s it gonna take to get this to end?

  25. [David Brent]Racist.[/David Brent]

    What do people think? If they bump off MJ and replace her with Gwen, will people freak out?

  26. some people freak out about the shade of blue on the tights, so yes, people will freak out. Will it matter if they do? No. Not at all.

  27. And speaking of the organic web shooters . . .

    Was there an instance in the comics where Spidey HAD organic web shooters? Well, before “The Other.”

    I mean, running out of web fluid at inopportune times was a staple of Spidey comics for a long time.

  28. They gave Spidey the organic web-shooters like 2 years ago – god my memory is getting bad – I have the issues though – I’d have to dig to find them – let me see if I can find any info about it and i’ll post it here.

    she’s still not hot.

  29. Ok found it.
    vaguely linked to the Avengers: Disassembled story line 1.5/2 years ago-ish – in Spectacular Spider-Man #17-#20, there was a story arc called “Changes” where Spider-Man went through, well “changes” and got an “Enhanced Spider-Sense” (which seems to have been all but abandoned) and the organic web-shooters

    From Wikipedia:

    “Recently, Spider-Man and Captain America crossed paths with a villain called the Queen. During this encounter, the Queen transformed Spider-Man into a human-sized spider. The end of the situation saw the Queen presumably dead and Spider-Man reverting back to human form. The transformation, however, seemed to give Spider-Man organic web glands in his wrists. For now (until Marvel decides to change this), Spider-Man is able to produce webbing without the aid of his web-shooters.”

  30. Okay. Is it sad that you guys can go on and on about whether this woman is hot:

    and you didn’t load the porn program in the holodeck?

  31. 1. Ron is a red headist.

    2. Who says we didn’t? 🙂

  32. 1. I’m hardly a red headist – Jean Grey is a long-time fave 🙂

    2. Toga provided a way better pic of her than in the original link, you can’t tell me she doesn’t look annoying in that pic…

  33. Jean Grey is not a real person. She’s a cartoon image. So that’s got its own issues there.

    There’s theoretically something interesting about the children of very powerful people taking part in photoshoots where they’re appearing as sex objects. It calls into question why someone would do something like that. If it’s to get your foot in the door, I understand that, but her foot is firmly in the door, so it must be something else.


  34. People like to feel sexy and attractive.

    I’m not even going to touch Ron’s point #2, that makes absolutely no sense to me.

  35. Do I, as a site admin have the power to erase this thread?

    From the minds of everyone involved?

  36. *giggles* I love you guys.

    She doesn’t look annoying. Frankly, as a straight het woman, I would contemplate taking her to bed.

    Only if Angeline joined us.

  37. Oh! And what porn would you load into the holodeck? That should be the next topic question. *grins*

  38. I’m not going to touch THAT question, but I will ask this: We all know that if they really invented the holodeck, 90% of its useage would be sex-related, just like the internet. So at what point do you get bored with the holodeck sex so much that you say “To hell with Lindsay Lohan (circa 2003), I want to be Robin Hood!”

  39. Ooooo. Robin Hood circa Erroll Flynn would be good.

    I read an article this week decrying the improvement in technology due to porn. It was porn that drove the streaming video that Google and the networks use today.

  40. Conor and I were just discussing today how porn will help resolve the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray war over the next gen DVD format.

  41. Porn drives almost every technological revolution!

  42. It will be interesting to see what comes next, that’s for sure. And with Pirate Porn being shot and garnering so much word-of-mouth press – it’s still amazing how much pornography drives.

  43. Pirate Porn?
    dare I ask?

  44. Arrr.


    It’s to the Tampa Times, not a porn site. So, you’re safe.


    Now, if your wives or girlfriends find you looking at this, tell them a woman sent you here so it’s okay.


  46. OMG, I actually heard about this…

  47. I think I’ve got hubby talked into getting it for Valentine’s Day. 😀

  48. my friend has that Pirates movie. it’s really stupid (the acting, plot, costumes.) But anyway… I thought this was about Gwen Stacy.

    According to the wiki page about Sam’s 2002 Spider-Man flick (and also on the wiki page for Gwen) Gwen is already dead. Or at least a girl with the same name is.

    quotation: “During the funeral sequence at the end of the film a tombstone reads Gwen Stacy.”

    Now, i don’t have my Spider-Man DVD with me, so i can’t corroborate this claim.
    Does anyone else have it?

    And if the claim is true, does that mean the character in Spider-Man 3 is a cloned Gwen, or that the tombstone purposely put into the funeral set was just a hidden joke?

    i did a little searching and found some guy’s forum post. in it, he says:
    “As for the story, my real complaint is no Gwen Stacy. I love Gwen Stacy. She is one-half of the equation of guilt and burden that equates Spider-Man. Her death, and the building of the relationship that leads to it, would have been ripe for drama. But she has been totally written out of these movies. In the first film, at Norman’s funeral, there’s an easter egg: Gwen Stacy’s tombstone. I felt this was symbolic of the series’ demise, its ultimate shortcoming with regards to telling a story of emotional investment or consequence.”


  49. Man. I would tell that guy to cry me a river.

    Anyway, I think it was just a small little sight gag, Seeing as how it doesn’t really jump out to anybody.

  50. Nice sequeu back to the topic, George. *grins*

    You know, you’d think someone would have an image up on the Internet of the tombstone by now. I’m doubting very much of its existance….and how is it an “Easter egg” in the movie? I understand Easter Eggs in the menus, but not in the movie itself.

  51. Well Dunst has wanted out for a while now, so maybe Gwen is a way to do that.

  52. Sounds to me like that kind of thing was a joke without a lot of thought to the long term consequences. And really, only fanboys will make a big deal out of that. That tombstones existance wouldn’t invalidate any story choices they’d make. Hell, it could be an entirely different Gwen Stacy.


    here she is, looks good

    soooooo hot

  54. Still hot.

  55. patrick and the dude…no two guys I admire more…but I disagree – still not hot.

  56. Wrong.


  58. I sent her a friend request. She ignored me 🙁

  59. Maybe because myspace is the epitome of all evil in the western world. Well that and Cap’n Krunch. I’ve actually lost friends into the depths of myspace! I don’t know if she will play a good Gwen. For some reaso, she seems too nice for me.

  60. You’re not wrong about myspace, it blows.

    Was Gwen mean, or did I miss something?

  61. No, but I always remember her with a certain Felicia Hardy likeness

  62. You remember Gwen Stacy being like the Black Cat?

    Is it the platinum blonde-ish thing?

  63. pre-Black Cat

  64. Hmmm… I’ll take your word for it. My Spider-Knowledge is spotty!

  65. Allow me!

    Felicia Hardy is not a white-haired girl. Her natural hair color is a plantinum blonde, much like Gwen Stacys. Seeing as how this was early 60’s, 70’s, it was at points hard to tell the difference, thus ThunderBird2’s (Oh man, who could it be?!) recollection of Felicia can be confused with Gwen.

    The White Hair is a wig!

  66. At this point, is it still a wig? I mean, Black Canary has long blonde hair, but that used to be a wig to cover her short cropped brunette mane. Somewhere along the line, someone said “fuck it, she’s a blonde now.”

    I think this might have happened with The Black Cat.

    I, of course, have no evidence of this.

  67. Alas, I believe the Black Cat has undergone that change as well. Upon reviewing my *ahem* “Digitally Stored” copies of Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, it appears that Ms.Hardy now has permanently white hair.