Greg Capullo’s Advertising Artwork

Greg Capullo is enjoying a high point in his career these days with his much lauded work on Batman with Scott Snyder. He was also well known for his comics work on Spawn and The Creech, but perhaps not so much for his advertising work. It’s not secret that a lot of comic artists either make ends meet or bring in some extra dosh by doing advertising and industrial work. You can turn your favorite works of art into marketing collaterals as vehicle & fleet wraps even. Most of the time, fans never see that work, but Capullo went and threw a bunch of it up on Twitter, and now I’m showing it to you.

Quite a style change, hunh?

I find it fascinating how strong this straight up illustration work is, and how much it contrasts with the cartoon style of his comic book work. How cool would it be for Capullo to come out with a sequential story in the style of the drawing above? Not for good, mind you, but just to mess people’s preconceived notions.



  1. I would love to see him do some comics in the style this style

  2. How does he have time to work on those guns?

  3. Clearly this guy is a hack 😉

  4. The fish! For Chrissakes, look at those fish!

  5. The backhoe illustration looks like a photograph. The man has mad skills.

  6. I think a comic in this style would look awesome

  7. Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    And this man is built like a pro wrestler and is a true metal head. Who would have guessed?

  8. Definitely interesting range. It would be cool to see a backup talking about how the Court of Owls has been manipulating the people of Gotham through advertising…then adapt different ads to historical styles. That would be fun and time consuming!