‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E26 – ‘Dark Matter’


Nothing green can stay.

Here’s how ‘Dark Matter’ is described:

The Green Lantern Corps makes their final stand.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. OMG. That just left me an emotional wreck. *sniffle* *sob*

  2. Perfect wrap up. A sacrifice for love, but still hope lives on. Damn you Cartoon Network for cancelling this.

  3. this will be missed

  4. A great ending to what turned out to be the final episode. I loved seeing Razer and Kilowog hug at the end and for second thought Razer would get a green lantern ring since he is longer powered by hate. This episode had everything I’ve loved about the series from the writing, acting, directing, score, and, of course, cool geeky references. This show grew into something spectacular. I’m glad to have gotten the season at all and, like the other Timmverse shows, it’ll be one that I revisit often (just give me a bluray please!) My thanks to the writers, actors, animators, and everyone else involved for putting this great show together. Yes, it’s a shame this was the end but, as we saw at the end of the episode, there is always hope.

  5. Trivia: Tomar Re’s sector is the former home of Krypton so the uninhabited system Aiya raided might’ve been there

  6. Great in so many ways!

  7. Oh yeah: Ch’p!!!!

  8. Great episode, fitting ending. I hate to nitpick tho, but where were the Red Lanterns? They didn’t want to fight any of the manhunters that destroyed their sector? I know it would’ve blown the tension if the finale fight had a bunch of guest stars but the fabric of reality and all life was at stake, it should have rivaled Helm’s Deep and the assault on the Death Star as one of the biggest underdog fights in history. That said, the animation was fantastic. Hopefully Bruce Timm and company will give us another show to love that’s not Batman related.

  9. Wow. What a great series finale – – I literally cried my eyes out. When this show first aired, I was skeptical that it could match Geoff John’s comic and disliked the whole star trek/team aspect of the series…now I desperately wish that CN would give the show 5 seasons and a movie. Great stories, Great Voice Actors, it’s really a shame to see this show go. Bruce Timm has the midas touch.

  10. Well I can reset my DVR now 🙁

  11. I left this same comment on the Young Justice thread but it bares repeating especially if anyone can offer input. With the recent success of Veronica Mars on Kickstarter is there any possibility of a similar campaign taking root for Young Justice or Green Lantern? Even direct to dvd would be a huge win at this point. Both series were so good that it’s a real shame to see them end on such short runs.

  12. Excellent finish. Shame to see it go so soon and with so much left to explore. But we can hope my friends. No matter what the networks do, we’ll always have hope (and maybe even a blue ring to go with it).

  13. I hated the idea of Aya dying in episode #20 only to be brought back and then die again in the finale. Other than that, it was cool to see all the GL’s kick ass.

  14. This series was so great. Literally broke my heart twice. Hopefully the new writer of GL can capture some of this magic. Johns is reason I started reading GL but feel the series has been lacking since blackest night. This cartoon actually may be my favorite incarnation of GL. Hopefully we will get a nice bluray of the full series.

  15. Firstly – I’m sad that Conor couldn’t join us here, as he’s been the loyal iPointGuy for these wonderful GL and YJ shows! (pours some scotch on the ground for him) I’m looking forward to hearing what Conor has to say eventually, maybe even in a special podcast?? 🙂

    As for my take on the GL finale – I liked it well enough, even though two things bugged me:

    1) We’ve seen Aya die before, so building the series friggin’ finale around seeing her die yet again – only to imply that there’s a chance she may yet again be alive somewhere – that was a bit anticlimactic for me. Had we never seen her die before? then THAT really would’ve left me in awestruck tears. That being said, I did like the beat with the blue ring following Razer; and

    2) I was amazed at how the entire series friggin’ finale was ALL about Aya and Razer. Do I love those characters? Yes – but for a show called “Green Lantern, The Animated Series” not to so much as offer *one second of series resolution* for Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog… or even a nice nod to these versions we’ll never see again… that was just sloppy. I get that their respective romantic arcs didn’t compare to the importance of Razer’s and Aya’s, but… jeez, thanks for saving the universe Hal and Kil, your check’s in the mail. :-/

  16. This was a great, so sad this show is gone now 🙁