Green Lantern Movie? Don’t get TOO excited

With all this fervor over superhero movies, it’s just a matter of time before every sacred character is “in development.” Here’s the latest that could possibly go in the “Catwoman” file: Jack Black has been pegged to play the Green Lantern in a “zany comedy version a la The Mask.” This news comes via Ain’t It Cool News.

I don’t know how everyone else feels but Green Lantern is one of those sacred characters that doesn’t really scream “zany comedy” to me. All I have to say is that he better not be Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner, maybe… but if they’re smart, he’ll just be some random new guy.

It’s interesting to see how Time-Warner is raiding the DC characters…


  1. yeah, so that’s not funny….

  2. ugh

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa…

    I know I’ve been gone deep into the hinterlands of East Texas for the last few days… but when did Bryan Singer become attached to Superman??

  4. Bryan Singer is poised to become the uber comic book movie maker. I have complete faith that he will make a perfect Superman. However, it is disapointing that he probably won’t make X-Men 3.

  5. I was listening to Singer’s commentary on X2 yesterday, and he really is a big ol’ comic nerd. He’s yapping about Wars and Trek and Frank Miller and so on and so forth.

    Also, his favorite movie is Jaws. This is good.

    The mold is set for X-Men, it just takes an excited to noob to come in and finish it. The worst thing we get is a movie that’s akin to Jurassic Park 3. But Superman must be done correctly from the start.

  6. Is there a link for the Superman info?

  7. Nevermind, I found it:

    That really sucks about X3, though. A lot.

  8. it’s just gonna delay X3…it’s just gonna delay X3…

    I really can’t imagine a reality where Hugh isn’t Wolverine…

  9. I dunno… I think they’ll probably have to go with another director… you think they’ll wait 3-4, maybe even 5 years to make X3?

  10. I will wait as long as I have to – I don’t want anyone to TOUCH the Phoenix story and botch it – and now I trust Singer to do it…I can wait 3 years

  11. 3 years till pre production starts. Then another 2 before you see a movie. At least.

    You’ll be well into your 30’s when you see this movie.

    I’m betting that Singer doesn’t do X3.

    And I’ll have to have my tattoo removed if this GL thing really happens, which it appears is a reality.

  12. Is Schumacher available?


    hey josh –

  14. Hopefully, like the early attempts at Superman, eventually someone will realize that a funny GL played by Jack Black is as bad if not worse than Supes and polar bears. It’s like stupid monkeys are calling shots over at WB. You would think that all they have to do is take a look at Spiderman, Xmen and the excitement for the new Batman to see that you should not fuck with what is good.

  15. Josh, maybe you could get a tattoo of Ganthet to cover the GL sign. Then you could still have your GL but then people would think you had a Santa Yoda tat or some such.

    Sometime in the Future

    Idiotic Bystander: Why is yoda wearing a santa claus costume?
    Josh: It’s not Yoda it’s Ganthet. He gave Green Lantern his powers.
    IB: I love Green Lantern, he’s so funny. Remember when Jack Black made someone’s pants fall down with a green monkey? And then sang a song about the ring?
    Josh: Shut up.

  16. hahahahahahahahahaha

  17. NOW:

    Josh: Shut up.
    *shuffles feet and hangs head*


    dying over here

  19. You won’t be laughing when Joel Schumacher puts nipples on Cyclops’s suit.

  20. ok that’s just not funny

  21. yeah, it’s all funny till someone takes a shot at the fat kid.

    Well, HA!

  22. unghhh, i thought this was a joke this morning when i read it.

    i can’t stand jack black movies, and making him green lantern?
    he could be G’Nort… not guy
    thats the only lantern black could play

    no way is this really going to happen after catwoman bombs

    funny strip i read this morning (which now i know it could be true isn’t so funny)

  23. “have a go at ol’ rusty here.”

    The terror.

  24. it’s so true. I’m not going to be able to see Catwoman without fear of ol rusty. I don have to mention that anybody who bough the Batman TAS has a free ticket to see Catwoman.

  25. There’s a Catwoman movie coming out?

  26. yeah,who knew? Apparently Catwoman is more popular than Batman.

    I like the idea of Jack Black playing G’nort. Lets start a petition.

  27. Can Kyle play Kilawog?

  28. There’s actually a town near Ithaca, NY named Kilawog

  29. KG will have to play that whale one. And Lee will play Tomar Re.

    That’s some in depth Tenacious D talk.

  30. 30th post!

  31. That was so lame.

    but..31 PwN3d!