The next DC Universe Animated Original Movie is Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, an anthology movie about the Green Lantern Corps. The first trailer for the film is out!

Time for release near the live action Green Lantern movie, you can expect this one in June. In the meantime, we will have a special edition podcast on the current DC Universe Animated Original Movie, All-Star Superman, tomorrow.


  1. If the movie is even 1/10th of how kic-ass this looks it will be awesome !!! I’m preorderinf it now

  2. Well I would if I could, but I can’t….

  3. Yippee Kai Yay

  4. Commence drooling…

  5. Sinestro corps!

  6. it looks like that first green lantern cartoon that everyone was luke warm on.

  7. netflix

  8. kind of throws me off, looks like they’re using the same animation company of “Green Lantern: First Flight”, but Sinestro is Green Lantern and they’re using a different voice actor…. albiet a cool voice actor, but just a little wierd, is this a sequel or a whole new piece….

    still looking forward to it mega big big 

  9. @LukeB  It’s a whole new piece. Not a sequel.

  10. I believe it has a Mogo story in it. How sweet is that?

  11. I am more excited about seeing this than the live-action movie.

  12. Not going to use the M word…. but ‘yawn’.

  13. Granted that this is just based on two trailers, but it looks better than the live action.

  14. I am looking forward to this. The premise of this already makes it seem that this is going to be better than First Flight (a dvd I borrowed, I just couldn’t convince myself to buy).

  15. wow

  16. DC is KILLING Marvel in this area! The All-Star Superman was awesome, as was New Frontier. Marvel has just as deep a trove of source material, but they come out with two Ultmiate Avengers DVD’s? How about the Korvac Saga? They have the material so why not use it? DC is miles ahead in this area.

  17. @conor Cheers, still wierd about the animation company (even though they are really good), but awesome, can’t wait

  18. this voice cast is fucking ridiculous.

  19. Haven’t I already seen this?  Oh well, sign me up anyway…

  20. It looks like it could be pretty cool.  I was hoping more for one cohesive story, but we’ll see how it plays out.  Nathan Fillion as Hal is going to be pretty rad though.

  21. hrmm…says video is no longer available.
    Well, I did see the featurette on All*Star Superman…probably the ONLY entertaining part of that DVD. The Superman thing was so BORING it wasn’t funny.

    But from what I saw of this in the featurette it looks alright, Kilowag’s voice is off though. They really need to start using real cartoon voice actors and not celebrities for these. SOME celebs can do this but to many of them can’t.
    Not really feeling Fillion as Hal but it’s still early and it looks WAY better than that stupid live action car wreck.

  22. Is this the Green Lantern animated show with Nathan Fillion on voice?

  23. @origamikid  This a feature length direct to video movie with Fillion as Hal. There is also a separate CG animated series in the works.