Green Lantern + Alcohol = Fisticuffs

Not even the mighty Green Lantern is immune to the ravages of alcohol.

So the 37 year old was dressed as Green Lantern? Maybe that’s a typo because he doesn’t look 37. I’m also betting that somewhere there are mug shots of these two guys in full costume.


  1. So who’s he supposed to be? He’s no Guy Gardner, but he’s the closest to getting in a drunken brawl.

  2. Kilowog

  3. That skinny guy? He, sir, is no Kilowog.

  4. Junior Lifeguard Association

  5. LOL – good one Dude.

  6. Did Roger Stern create Kilawog? Because it’s a town in Upstate New York.

  7. Roger Stern never created anything good!! It’s a lie!

    (Did he do Doomsday?)

  8. I don’t think so.

  9. From Wikipedia:

    In 1982, he co-created Marvel’s second Captain Marvel and the Hobgoblin, both with artist John Romita Jr.. In 1984, Stern co-created the Avengers spin-off West Coast Avengers, with artist Bob Hall.