Green Lantern #9 Won’t Get Me!


The pull is strong, but…


Still not buying it.

I swear.

I swear.

I swear.

(Be strong, Conor! Be strong.)


  1. Okay. It’s confession time. I buy Green Lantern on a monthly basis.

    GL was my first comic. I picked up GL# 1 vol. 3. I got hooked on the arc “The Road Back.” I got caught up in the universe, and that began my spiral into comic fanboydom.

    I have picked up all of the GL books since the Rebirth hardcover.

    I know the first arc of the new series isn’t Johns’ greatest Hour, (Zero?) but it’s still GL.

    I’m hanging on. I know I shouldn’t, but I have faith. I didin’t think they could figure out how to bring Hal back as a hero convincingly, but Johns did.

    I’m hoping OYL will redeem the book.

    I’m ready for the firing squad now.

  2. Wow. Um. Okay.

    I don’t know if I want to know or if I want to walk away.

  3. You let me know when it gets good again. Before then, it’s all yours.

  4. I won’t shut up about how bad GREEN LANTERN is, it’s true. But that just comes from the deep, deep disappointment I feel from the book. I wanted it to be great. I love almost everything else Geiff Johns writes. His GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH mini-series was excellent. And as Ron and Josh can tell you, I am a staunch Hal Jordan fan who never accepted Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern of sector 2814.

    But, I’m sorry, GREEN LANTERN is boring with a capital “B”. It’s also bad. That’s another “B”.

    That makes me sad.

  5. What I am truly hoping is that, to really get things going for OYL, Johns is planting little seeds or excitement here and there, and then when they come to fruition in later issues, everyone will run, not walk, to thier local comic shop and scramble for the trade of these issues.

    Okay, I know that’s totally unrealistic thinking, but hey, there could be some lemonade that comes out of this.

    Hopefully, the beginning of a new story arc this next issue may help redeem it. Who knows.

    Hopefully, I’ll find out tomorrow.

  6. I seem to recall there being an Elseworlds prestige format book where Abin Sur picked Bruce Wayne to give the ring to instead of Hal Jordan. That was good.

  7. Batman: In Darkest Night.

  8. I honestly think that “Rebirth” was the best thing I read last year and belive it or not it was the first GL title I ever read. Shark men, now this loe how the mighty have fallen.

  9. Well, I picked up GL #7. Son of Mongul is the villan. It’s actually a lot better, in my opinion. I don’t really wan’t to spoil anything, but this book has some ties to Alan Moore’s Superman Annual #11.

    And it seems that a GL/GA team up did the book some good, too.

  10. I too enjoyed Rebirth, and while I wouldn’t say it was the best thing I read last year, it did get me excited about future GL.

    There was a 2 issue prestige GL book a year or 2 ago written by Chuck Dixon, where Kyle went out to find the Corps again. Does anyone remember that? There were some great uses of the ring in that book, and it was my favorite GL stories in the past few years.

  11. I caught the first issue of “recharge” and the art bothered the hell out of me, Guy Gardner’s head looked like a ham sandwich, regardless has anyone followed up on the mini is it worh picking up.

  12. Wll, again, I most definitely have a GL bias, but I think Recharge is pretty good. They’re in the Vega system, home of the Omega Men and a lot of the races from the Rann-Thanagar War, so I’d say there will be some sort of connection. The first couple of books were kinda slow, though, so I’d say, if anything happens, it will be in the last two books.

    And, of course, this book is the seed for the upcoming GL Corps monthly book, which I’m looking forward to.

  13. You want to see a Green Lantern bias?! Check out my right shoulder!

    There was a picture on here somewhere. I’m sure someone will find it and show you.

    But that’s precisely the reason I don’t buy bad GL books.

  14. That is perfectly understandable. So on that note, what are some of your favorite GL stories?

    On my list, Rebirth is right up near the top, with The Road Back (the vol 3 reboot) and the Road Trip (with Ollie) story arcs up there. I’m also a big fan of the Abin Sur story found in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (Alan Moore).

  15. old ass picture.

  16. I do love my old road trip hard cover. God that’s a beautiful book, and inside are some good comics. I was also a big fan of the early Kyle stories. I really liked most of Marz’ run on Green Lantern. I’m actually not a long time fan, and I didn’t start reading DC books until I read Morrison’s JLA. Actually, come to think of it, I really didn’t mind Judd Winnick’s take on Green Lantern for a while either.

    Alright, I was a Kyle fan, but I like Hal Jordan too. He was just a bit before my time. God I loved that t-shirt though.

    I’m such a poser.

  17. Ah, the Green Lantern/Green Arrow Hardcover…

    The hadcover that the iFanboys basically trash-talked each other into buying.

    So good.

  18. We’re terrible. That’s exactly what happened.

    I remember my comic shop guy showing it to me. Then lowering his price until I said OK. It didn’t take too long.

  19. Didn’t Ron and I buy it that time all three of us got locked inside Jim Hanley’s Universe?

  20. I don’t remember what we bought when got locked in there, but I got the GL/GA hardcover from my comic store, same thing as Josh, got the price lowered until it was affordable

  21. Well then, that was the day you trash-talked me into buying it.

    Okay, enough navel gazing.

  22. there was a lot of peer pressure around that hardcover..,%20beater.jpg

  23. Josh looks like a dwarf in that picture. Like his arms are too short for his body.

  24. You all got locked in a comic shop?

  25. Briefly, yes. It was a dicey scenerio because it could have led to lots of impulse shopping.

    Basically what happened was, a screw came loose in the doorframe and wedged in the door, jamming it shut. After about five minutes of trying to unjam it, we had to exit via a labrynth of maintenance hallways. We ended up coming out of the building way down the block.

  26. I’m going to have to take a new picture of it so I don’t have to see that thing again. That guy looks like he’s opening for Blink 182. In 1998.

  27. Or DJ Green Lantern’s bodyguard.

    So, did the tatoo artist know who GL was? And when you told him it was a comic character, did he as you why you wren’t getting Superman instead?

  28. No, he didn’t really ask me anything. I had a photocopy of the logo from my old t-shirt, and he shrunk it down and made the temp tat template on my arm. It was in a college town, so I don’t think it was the stupidest thing he ever did.

  29. Is it bad that I have been reduced to not just being a fanboy, but a fanboy of a site where fanboys talk about other fanboys… and being completly entertained.

  30. You’re probably asking the wrong crowd….

    That being said, there are a lot nerdier places to be in the recesses of comic book websites.