Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here are some GREEN Heroes and Villains

While, I’m fairly certain that this is the cheesiest thing I’ve posted in a while, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a list of some green heroes and villains.

It’s damn near a crime that Green Lantern and Green Arrow end up so low on the list, but to their credit, they used the best cover ever!

Hal is being such a huge asshole on that cover. You can almost hear Bill O’Reilly reading that line.


  1. That’s a fun website – especially “Why we didn’t include the Hulk.”

  2. The fact that the Hulk is an asshole is often overlooked in discussions of his character. He’s just a jerk.

  3. Plus, IMHO Hulk is not true green. Recall that he was originally grey and only changed because of printing technology. Green Lantern? Green Arrow? They have been true green all along. Hulk is a green poser.