First Look: Green Arrow on ‘Smallville’!

Here’s our first look at Oliver Queen on next season’s Smallville.

And yes, that’s Justin Hartley the actor who played Aquaman in the infamous pilot.

My first reaction: Seriously, they couldn’t have thrown some facial hair on the guy?
My second reaction: Oh, wait — when he first started out he was clean shaven.
My third reaction: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. When I first heard he was going to be Ollie I thought he was too pretty. But seeing it now my only complaint is that I wish he at least had a hood or something. Still, it looks cool.

  2. I think the boy band look doesn’t sit too well with the outfit. Or the character. But the costume looks kinda cool, from what you can see.

  3. I just can’t wait to see how they fit him into their “Petty thief/miscreant with a heart of gold who’s misunderstood/not trusted by Clark in at least the first two acts” guest star(TM) mold. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing any trick arrows.

  4. Hmm the suit makes him look really out of place. I think maybe they should have used a more realistic look to him… I mean if clark can run around in a shirt and jeans why would this guy have to run around in spandex?

  5. Two possiblilites here, I think.

    1. He’s not all in spandex, all we can really see his his arms and chest.
    2. They’re nearing the point where these heroes are going to start putting on the costumes. We already had it last year with the Metropolis vigilante chick with the Accuvue contact lenses.

  6. Ahh yes “Accuvue Girl”. Not one of the highpoints of last season.

    I guess maybe it doesn’t fit, but I’d like to see a mask on GA.

  7. Watch this:
    and listen to the sound when he fires the arrow, anyone else think it sounds a little weak?

  8. “Kneel before Zod”!