Great Pages: THE FLASH #96

Flash (Vol. 2) #96 (1994)

From The Flash (Vol. 2) #96 (1994)

For decades, more than one Flash raced across the landscape of the DCU. Barry Allen was on Earth-1 alongside his teen partner Wally West and Jay Garrick ran solo on Earth-2. Barry and Jay’s paths crossed once a year or so, but they generally remained apart. They couldn’t be described as being a family. When Wally West took over the role of the Flash in the late 1980s, that slowly began to change. When Mark Waid took over as Wally’s writer in the mid-1990s, that change went into overdrive.

Soon after Bart Allen, teenage speedster, showed up in Wally’s life, Wally realized he was in over his head. Unable to get through his protege’s thick skull, Wally called upon his mentors, colleagues, and fellow speedsters to help train the young man. After being slammed onto his backside, Bart found himself staring up at Max Mercury, Wally West, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, and Jesse’s father Johnny Quick. Penciled by a young Salvador Larroca, the chosen camera angle makes these characters look more like iconic idols rather then a loose conglomerate of like-powered individuals.

Though I knew nothing about these characters when I first read this story in 1994, this line-up, with its focus on legacy and commitment, quickly resonated when me and captured my attention in a way few other pages had before. This was the introduction of the Flash Family, a group that would see its membership ebb and flow over the years, but whose commitment to each other lasted long afterwards. I as a young reader was vicariously let into this group along with Bart and it thrilled me. Truth be told, it still does.


  1. … And now most of them are nowhere to be found.

  2. its a shame dc choose to give this up for…whatever it is they are doing now i dunno i cant describe what they are doing

  3. Still one of my absolute favourite superhero runs. I hate to be an old man and all but man, those were the days!

  4. This page is so wonderful. I like New 52 Flash a lot, but Wally’s still missed.

  5. Oh sigh and sigh some more. Great memories.

  6. My wish list just keeps getting longer and longer… Thanks Jeff.

  7. You know what I miss in the New 52? Flash being a great book. The Waid run is in my top 3 runs ever in comics. So damn good. Now? Meh.

  8. Yeah! This was the book that got me into DC Comics. Prior to this run, I was a strictly X-Books and Extreme/Wildstorm reader.

    I liked Larocca’s art, as well as Carlos Pacheco’s, on this book. Oscar Jimenez took over after they left and was even better, IMO — does anyone know if he still does comics? He did some of Warren Ellis’ Stormwatch in the late 90s, but then I lost track of him.

  9. Didn’t read that issue, but I know Bart’s and Wally’s rocky relationship. It took awhile but Bart really matured thanks to Max and Jay. It’s funny how he liked those three more than Barry when he came back. I’m curious why Geoff Johns brought back Max Mercury and Johnny Quick when Flashpoint was just around the corner. Still, Mark Waid’s Flash is special. Johns is great, and I like the current run (except for last issue), but Waid’s had alot of heart. Actually got some issues of his run I haven’t read in any TPBs so I’m excited to get to those.