Great Pages: SUPERMAN #145

Superman (Vol. 1) #145 (1961)

From Superman (Vol. 1) #145 (1961)

During an eight page backup tale in Superman #145, everything seemed to go haywire. Titled “The Night of March 31st,” continuity of all kinds was thrown out the window. From the mermaid Lori Lemaris having legs to Superman randomly wearing slacks, this story was all over the place. Our hero seemed as much at a loss as the readers. He was constantly questioning why odd things were happening.

At the end of a story, a short explanation was given. While the tale’s beginning had taken place on March 31st, as the title says, the majority of the action took place the next day – on April Fools’ Day. The entire story was a game with the readers. The person who wrote in naming the most amount of errors in the story got a piece of original art. The top runners up also got something while most would just get an honorable mention. A piece of original Superman artwork was a great prize and over 30,000 responses were sent to the Superman offices.

This page, written by Superman creator Jerry Siegel and penciled by legendary Superman artist Curt Swan, shows the tale building to its zany, incomprehensible ending. Along with characters acting strangely, a number of goofs and errors were placed in the props and backgrounds of each panel. It’s still a fun April Fools game to play. How many errors can you spot on just this one page?

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  1. Think of the possiblities if the New 52 was an All Fools’ Day joke. Talk about a Holy shit moment 🙂
    Superman even has on a pants in the first panel 😉

  2. In the first panel Superman’s wearing the costume from Grant Morrison’s Action Comics #1 and he was only one at the time.

  3. 1. Superman is wearing Pants in the first panel.
    2. weird phone outside the window.
    3. Lois Lane’s backward initials.
    4. Jimmy Olsens outfit keeps changing.
    5. Clark Kent in a tux.

    • Good eye. Other errors include Supergirl’s long hair, Krypto’s short tail, Streaky and Krypto swapping word balloons, and Clark not wearing his glasses in the final panel. And Jimmy’s signal watch giving off the wrong sound, though DC’s letter column gave that one away.

    • I don’t know if these are errors or true inconsistencies in the art, but Krypto’s collar appears to change and Clark’s desk appears to switch directions (his right side is toward a window in the second panel, but not in any other panel).

  4. God I really want that original art

  5. How about, “They’re wrecking the office with… X-ray vision? “