Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #62

Superman (Vol. 1) #62 (1950)


Clark Kent, having never been fully accepted by his colleagues at The Daily Planet, is always forced to sit on a footstool whenever the group decides to listen to the radio.


  1. This being the Golden Age of Radio, Orson Welles could become hugely famous without an illustrator ever learning the first thing about how he might look.

  2. Maybe Lois is sitting on his lap?

    And why doesn’t that Martian do anything to stop Welles?

    “Oh shit! He warned Earth! Fuck it. I’m setting fire to the entire planet. You’ll never take me alive Superman!”

    And thus, J’onn J’onzz comes home to find his family reduced to a pile of ashes.

  3. They just didn’t care back then, did they? I remember reading once that when asked what he did for a living, Joe Schuster told people that he worked in “commercial art”…

  4. Why did they even include art in the comics of the ’50’s? It just got in the way of the word balloons.

    • Seriously. It’s like somewhere along the line, somebody came along and took an axe to redundancy and they realized they had more room for the artwork.

      Apparently Scott Snyder never got that memo.