Great Moments in Comics History: Moon Knight #21

Who knew that Moon Knight would grow up to be a comic book publisher?

(Thanks to Mitch Romig for the submission!)



  1. I love how he narrates it, just to make sure we’re up on the complexities of the zombie men and their zombie snakes.

  2. I read it in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. Was he also in a plane?

  3. Sometimes comics make my everyday problems look small in comparison…

  4. @s1lentslayer – It sounded this way in my head "These muthafuckin’ zombie snakes up on they muthafuckin’ zombie alligators."

    I think my question would be: How is a zombie alligator any worse than a regular alligator?  Would we even notice a change in behavior?

  5. BTW,  this is a great drawing. Who did it?

  6. @stuclach: That may indeed be the greatest philosophical question of our time. 

  7. Whoa! You just blew my mind! How does a zombiefied zombie act? Chatty and intellectual?

  8. @HailScott – It’s a dissertation waiting to be written.

  9. BTW, this panel is from the Essential Moon Knight Vol. 2. I SUGGEST you pick it up if you like beautiful art. You can really apperciate Sienkiewicz’s art when it’s in black and white. Just awesome…

  10. So this is "another" fine mess – what the hell were the other messes?

  11. @stuclach & @HailScott: I think I may have an answer to your question. I’d say a zombie-gator is worse than a normal alligator. Think about it, you can manage to survive a alligator attack if it bit you and you get away. If it was a zombie-gator, then even if you get away alive you would turn into a zombie.

  12. would you still have to zig zag away from a zombie alligator? how would its land speed be? and wouldn’t zombie alligators just want the brains of regular aligators? and how does a zombie tame a zombie alligator so that he can ride it? what’s that? my nose is bleeding…?

  13. @JesTr – Agreed. However, my second question remains unanswered.  Would we even notice its zombie-ness?  Slow, angry, bitey.

  14. monkey-fightin’ snakes on a monda-to-friday plane.

  15. Conor, thank you for curating this space every week. You make contact with the ball each time.

  16. Uh oh, what’d Stan Laurel do this time? 

  17. I love it when characters acknowledge that what they’re going through is completely insane. 🙂



  18. they just don’t make em’ like they used to…