Great Moments in Comics History: Batman Family #9

Soy sauce? That’s the best thing Dick can come up with? And they BOUGHT IT.


  1. Coming out of the men’s room and claiming that a brown stain on your clothing is soy sauce is never going to play.

  2. In the next panel, Lt. Tatem immediately followed up his question about the mask with, “And seriously: the briefs? You’re a grown man, for Pete’s sake.”

  3. No room in the utility belt for a spare mask?

  4. the real question is, what kind of soy sauce shenanigans was REALLY going on? Bobbing for Apples (or sushi)?

  5. Maybe someone is up for a good game of grab ass or nightcrawlers??


  6. “What is that on your mask? Blood?”
    “Nope. Soy sauce. I just defeated General Tso and his Chicken Men.”

  7. Does anyone else’s eyes disappear when they put on a domino mask?

    Sub question: why are you wearing a domino mask?

  8. This guy’s got nothing on the Amazing Bagman. Now there was a makeshift disguise!

  9. “Great mask, kid – goes well with the boots.”