Great Moments in Comics History: Marvel Team-Up #23

Sometimes, after a few years, a guy’s relationship with his powers gets a little stale so he tries to “spice things up” on the battlefield.



  1. *rolleyes*

  2. Loved the nuttiness that was Marvel Team-Up and Two-in-One. Great stories, but every now and then…

    Favorite kooky scene: Team up with Spiderman and Hercules. A villain causes earthquakes in NYC, so Hercules grabs some chains and literally pulls the island of Manhattan back into place. Well, he IS a god, isn’t he?

  3. Pretty sure fire can’t form lassos. But what do I know?

  4. it’s kind of amazing that Bobby can make a pair of “Ice Scissors” that actually work

  5. Bobby : “and by flaming lasso I mean effiminate”
    Johnny : “Bitch please”

  6. I saw Erasure play at The Flaming Lasso in ’92.

  7. I love the knot on the flaming lasso.
    That’s a kind of dedication to detail that so many superheroes are missing these days.

  8. In my mind I tend to associate this brand of silliness with DC but I guess Marvel was not exempt from it.

  9. Haven’t you been reading Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine and..? He’s an Omega-level mutant. And an accountant. You’re gonna tell me he CAN’T make ice scissors?

  10. It’s a cheeseball move you’d expect from green lantern, not from an ace accountant.