Golden Age Comic Covers

As I try and get my life back together after the con, I’m trying to catch up on all my online reading, podcasts and vidcasts and its taking hours!

I did see this, which went up while we were in San Diego: Wired randomly put up a collection of Golden Age Comic Covers. Why put this up here? I dunno, because I find them cool. Out of all the dealers at the con, I stopped to look at the Golden and Silver age books the most. I just love the innocence of the look of them I guess.

I think BOY Comics is my favorite.


  1. I’ve been getting more into the golden age style of drawing myself… like you said, it’s a throwback to a more “innocent” time ( though this is just wistful nostalgia, I think). There also something about how single-minded and unambiguous the style of the art was. The lines are really heavy and inked super dark… it’s really an iconic style ( in the symoblic sense of the word).

    BTW, anyone here watch “MinoriTeam” on Adult Swim? It’s a twisted superhero team of, well, minorities that combat hilariously themed villains (The White Shadow, The Standardized Test, Racist Frankenstein). The art style, according to the creators, is heavily influenced by Jack Kirby and it shows. The voice acting is a perfect complement to this satirical cartoon… check it out sometime

  2. WOW! The human torch and submariner in 1948! I didn’t realize they were that old….